More than 600 Circumstitions
(Reasons Given for Circumcising a Male)

How many?

   The lady doth protest too much, methinks   

- Hamlet III ii, 242


   Several excuses are always less convincing than one   

- Aldous Huxley


The variety of reasons given for male genital cutting (and the irrationality of many of them) is amazing. List them all together and your mind will boggle.

(All of these reasons have been seriously offered, or even led to circumcisions. All spelling and punctuation is sic.)

Any time

Sex & Marriage
Old age

(Yes, there are also some good reasons.)


  1. For no reason at all / Cuz / Because he just should be / She's not even clear on [it]. She just wants it, you know. / Because "it had just never occurred to them not to" 
    Rosie O'Donnell, in Redbook, October 1997/Responses to a survey conducted by Paul Baker <pbaker[AT-sign]nermal.santarosa.edu>/Joe Crummey KABC AM 790, Los Angeles Dec 5 1999 / big_giant_head on Chronicle of Higher Education, June 18, 2010 

    stitions- "she had no idea"

    stitions-''...my parents ...told me didn't know [why he was cut]]''
    - a comment on Styxhexenhammer666's video, September 10, 2019
    Austin0205 Message #1148 03/31/07 05:19 PM Want to know Why I circed my sons. Ummmmm, let me think for a sec....OH yeah I know, cause I wanted to, thats why. None of you anti-circ, people bashing, assh*les know ANYTHING you just know what you read and hear. You think ONLY you are right and EVERYBODY else is wrong. But guess what, You don't get to tell us what we can do to our own children because their OUR children not yours. If you want your son to look like a freak and feel bad about himself thats fine ,what-ever-floats-your -boat. But when it come to MY child, he is under MY control till he is 18. I say what goes, not him. When we ALL become parents, we have to make a decision right or wrong but it is ours to make. Not yours or Joe Shmo down the steet. I gave birth to my beautiful sons and I am the one to make that choice for him because he can't. So stop making parents that have circed their sons feel bad about because they shouldn't, its their child so keep you big fat fuukin noses out of our(their) buisness....To each their own.

    Posted in MSN message boar

    We had our son circumcised. Just because. I wish I had a better reason than that.

    aggiemeg on The Bump, December 29, 2010


    ''I've never really thought about it just did it''

    Ceara Houston on Badass Mothers and Fathers Uncensored, Facebook, March 17, 2014

    stitions: ''It don't matter why''
    - Twitter, September 27, 2017
    stitions ''just thought it was a right decision''
    - a regretful mother on Twitter, August 9, 2018
  2. Because there has to be a reason
    stitions - there must be a good one
    - Twitter, May 8, 2022
  3. Because I'm his mother / Because my husband and I wanted him to be and nothing anyone else says can convince me that it was the wrong thing to do.
    / badunkadunk13 on babynbump forum, May 6, 2009

    Tiffany Lilahsma I'm with OP,I'm 32 weeks pregnant with a little boy and plan on circumsicing,and guess what??I don't need a reason,other than,I'm his mother!

    Facebook, June 3, 2013

  4.            stitions - ''because he's my son and I'm his mother''
    - Facebook, December 9, 2015
    Cora Marie opened the discussion by writing:
    stitions- cora marie ''Don't write circumcision''
    and in an extensive correspondence  
    she gave "a pretty clean pee pee lolol" as a substantive reason to cut,
    and called someone  a "fuckn idiot" for saying the Plastibell method involves cutting.
  5. Because "my intuition told me to do so:
    Because my intuition told me to do so - Facebook

    ''We both just knew we wanted it done''

  6. because "we couldn't decide. WHAT A STUPID REASON!! It was more a..."Oh, I guess do it, I don't know.." attitude. If only I knew then what I know now."
    Midwesternmomma on a page for regreful parents (560 messages in May 2010) at mothering.com, Februay 7, 2004

  7. Because "[I] thought [he] might as well be circ'd." / "just in case" / Because "we just do it. It's better this way."
    Actor Tony Randall on the Late Late Show, Oct 6, 1998 / said to a man being operated on for kidney stones / Told by a doctor to T--, now a restoring father

  8. Because "that's all we've ever known".

    Emily Arnold-Hudson Agree. I want my boys to not feel ashamed or embarrassed because they look different than most boys. Cleaner. Plus that's all we've ever known.

    Facebook, January 15, 2013


    ''I just thought you were supposed to and I've never seen one that wasn't.''


  9. Because it's better and it has to be done
    Said to the source's mother-in-law in 1971 at Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg VA - <japg[AT-sign]mindspring.com>

  10. "Manuel Neto, MD, regarding his opinion on surgery for hypospadias: Neto said a male infant did not need corrective surgery to his urinary opening, but should be circumcised so he "Doesn't get picked on by other boys because he won't be urinating straight," ...
  11. In order to win #$%$ contests - whatever they are:
    stitions-being intact is a disadvantage in "#$%$" contests

  12. because "He won't learn as well in school if he doesn't get circumcised".
    Centennial Medical Center in Minot, August 22, 1994, Complaint to ND Board of Medical Examiners." http://www.boystoo.com/quotes.htm
    "without it being done his son would not achieve the high grades needed at school."
    Said to the doctor by the father of a schoolmate of hoodyh1(AT)yahoo.co.nz, posting to Circumsexual(AT)yahoogroups.com on Aug 14, 2007
    This may have been true: hoodyh1 was told "it was expected by the college that a circumcision would take place regardless of the students wishes."

  13. Because "These things must be done for boys and the time had come"
    Told to a schoolmate of matelot923(AT)yahoo.com, posting to Circumsexual(AT)yahoogroups.com on Aug 14, 2007

  14. Because it only seems natural / It seemed like the natural thing to do / Because it's normal.
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398 / Sara, writing to Chatelaine / Mother in law of the host of Parents Against Routine Infant Circumcision on Facebook, December 6, 2011

  15. Because "I thought you were just supposed to"
    stitions - ''I thought you were just supposed to''
    - on the Advocate's Facebook page, about the  film "American Circumcision"

  16. Because it is a sin not to
    According to a patient of Phil Nguyen, Indiana U School of Medicine

  17. beacuse it is the only decent thing to do
    feedback from M Hogan

  18. Because "A circumcised male has the optimized penis of youth forever"
    R commenting on the TruthOut blog, March 18, 2012

  19. The main reason to circumcise is possession of a foreskin
    Theodore Spearman, Judge in the case of McLain vs Biedel, 2005


  20. Because "that's what we do here".
    stitions: "that's what we do here"

  21. Because "He doesn't choose to be born, either."
    - response by an expectant mother, having been told that circumcision is torturous and denies his right to choose.

  22. To impress the poor
    "Until the Second World War it was regarded as a class symbol in many parts of western European society [False - only the UK]: in the eyes of the poor, circumcision was evidence that a boy's parents were affluent enough to afford some medical treatment." - Dr Thomas Stuttaford in The Times Online

  23. Because it's a lot more easy for the baby
    Response to a survey conducted by Paul Baker <pbaker[AT-sign]nermal.santarosa.edu>

  24. Because "They're my kids and I'll do any god-damned thing I want to them, so you lost this argument, Asshole."
    posted to <Glharryman[AT-sign]aol.com>

  25. Because of an "accident on medical records..." According to the "paperwork guidelines, I was not supposed to be Circ."
    Told by (ERWI2)<erwi2[AT-sign]aol.com>

  26. "Because any child with a foreskin is a pedafile"
    A woman on the circumcision board at Parentsoup quoting a female friend

  27. "Because NOT circumsizing your child is just...well WARPED!"
    According to (JL) <merilin[AT-sign]winternet.com>

  28. I am not sure why, but my family has done it for a long time. You could call it tradition, I guess / because my family has always had circumcisions / Because of custom / Because it's habit and the way the society works / Because "it was simply a common social custom which we took more or less for granted" / "mostly because everyone in our family has, more of a tradition. Not really sure how I feel about it one way or another."
    Response to a survey conducted by Paul Baker <pbaker[AT-sign]nermal.santarosa.edu> / Shannon M. Corn of Knightdale, North Carolina, quoted in the Raleigh News and Observer, 31 Oct 2001 / Response to a survey conducted by Paul Baker <pbaker[AT-sign]nermal.santarosa.edu> / Bryce Courtenay in April Fool's Day. His son was haemophilic and nearly died. / Karijoy writing in the SheKnows blog, March 2008.

  29. "Because I was circumcised and so was my dad. It’s about being part of our tribe."
    Darrell at Art of Manliness February 22, 2009

  30. Because it's a "religious practice that has been going on for thousands of years"
    feedback from <ALibLaiR18[AT-sign]aol.com>

  31. Because "to NOT BE CIRCUMCISED ... [is] ... old-fashioned"
    feedback from <ALibLaiR18[AT-sign]aol.com>

  32. Because it makes the penis look more modern
    Told in Guadalajara to Dr Sergio Aquilar, who told Gary Harryman<Glharryman[AT-sign]aol.com>

  33. Because it is a good and proper thing to do/Because all the nice families are having it done
    Reported in Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581/Said to the mother of Neal Smith <neal_smith[AT-sign]rocketmail.com> North Carolina, 1940

  34. Because his mother had an episiotomy ("I was cut, why shouldn't he be?") / "I had no intentions of getting my sons circumsized, until I delivered both with unmedicated episiotomies. Paybacks."
    / Noneya on The Stir, September 17, 2011

  35. Because it serves as “payback” for “centuries of oppression of women.”
    TruthInAdvertising on A Voice for Men, December 10, 2011

  36. "Let's just say it's payback for the c-section scar
  37. .... n chewing my nipples"
    Swiftly _____ on Soggy Mamas on Facebook, March 28, 2013

  38. Because his mother suffered much greater pain during childbirth / Because the father "just didn't want to argue with her after she'd been through all that suffering." / Because "women have to go through a bunch just because we are women. I personally think that a male child should have to suffer a little." / "Women have to go through the Pain of Birth anyway, Its Only Fair that men go through the Pain of Circumcision"
    / According to <JJMaloneJr[AT-sign]aol.com> / Comment by MizMoxie at this isby.us on April 25, 2008 / Omor Faruk on Facebook, December 15, 2014

  39. Because "women get their period and that hurts so boys deserve to feel the pain of being circumcised."
    'stition - ''because women get their period and that hurts so boys deserve to feel the pain of being circumcised''

    Facebook, November 21, 2014

  40. Because women prefer it.
    stitions: ''American chicks don't dig that''
    Because his mother and her friends prefer circumcised men for sexual pleasure
    Letter to Suzanne Cook <nocircofmaine[AT-sign]juno.com>

  41. Because his mother had sex with an intact man once and it was "dirty"

  42. Because women don't like performing oral sex on intact men / Because prostitutes prefer circumcised penises
    / Attributed to an Australian medical journal

    ... this is no joke, ... I insisted on my son's being cut, my reason having been stated as,

    "I want to make sure the poor kid gets a b*** j**!"

    - Gregory Stringer on ViewsHound, November 27, 2011

  43. Because women think it looks "more natural"
    Said by Edgar Schoen, Today Show, 11/11/98 apprently in refernce to Williamson & Williamson's survey of Iowa women

  44. Because women "deserve getting the kind of dick they want "
    ''American women go to great lenghts to look good for us men ... Don't you think they deserve getting the kind of dick they want? 
    Keith Sattesahn in Masterdebaters on Facebook, June 5, 2015

  45. Because both sexes have to suffer, "girls" in childbirth, boys through genital cutting,  as Jesus reportedly did (on the cross at Calvary):
    hahahaha... that's their Calvary to girls during childbirth

    Beverley_Romoc (briefly) on Bubblenews (Philippines), April 21, 2014

  46. Because the woman is the one to change the diapers
    Mother of Kerri W. on AOL MomsOnline

  47. Because it is God's will that man should suffer to tame the ego.
    stitions-''god's will...man should suffer...tame the ego''
    - comment on  "Is Male Circumcision Child Abuse in Ozy.com, May 21, 2017

  48. To teach him that the world is a painful place / that life hurts / To toughen 'em up for real life / Because "It teaches them that pain doesn't matter. / I'm giving him more tolerance to pain n shit."
    /Told to Susan Peer <susan[AT-sign]noln.com>/Told to Curt Geiler <curt[AT-sign]null.net> / Kay on Facebook, June 18, 2013


    April 5th,
    7:10 pm


    a little pain right after birth to innoculate the boy against the pains of life

    a little tough love right off the bat

    — Posted by face it to the NY Times

     stitions: Priest Vallon ''the sooner you learn of pain the better prepared you'll be for life''

  49. - Twitter, January 29, 2019
  50. Because it is "... the poetry of God allowing man to put the finishing touch on His male creation and the survival lesson of an infant being exposed to pain and learning to cry and trigger all the life-preserving alerting mechanisms."
    The appropriately named SubZeroIQ on Fitsnews, June 19, 2012

  51. Because "I'm not messing around with this guy [God] right now."
    The baby had been born premature, and was in an incubator. Shalom Auslander in his book Foreskin's Lament

  52. Because "his little peepee is so small"
    Said by a doctor to a mother who tells her story on blOUCH!: the circumcision was botched, the baby haemorrhaged, almost died, and will need more surgery.

  53. Because infant circumcision is much less complicated, painful, and heals faster than adult circumcision.
    According to Gwen A Orel <gaost3+[AT-sign]pitt.edu> 5 October 1996

  54. Because it will have to be done sooner or later

  55. To prevent "psychological trauma due to castration anxiety"
    ( ! )

  56. Because it's just part of being born / Because all males are circumcised/Because it is hospital policy / Because it was pretty much mandatory / Because "they just do it automatically" / Because when his mother said "What's circumcision?" they said, "Don't worry dear, we'll look after it."/Because it's a law / Because "in Tennessee, it was required"/Because "it was THE LAW and they could NOT take their sons home unless they were circumcised."/"when i was born in Massachusetts it was law for males to get cut "
    / Told to John Chastain//According to Tom H. <workhard[AT-sign]home.com> of Oshawa, Southern Ontario / / T.G.'s mother, told to Ken Drabik/Reported by John M Foley MD in FACT magazine, July - August 1966 / Told to Amber Craig <jcraig2[AT-sign]ibm.net> at the Charlotte, N.C., Baby Show, 6 Nov 99/Told to neighbors of "mattdog" <mattdog[AT-sign]goldrush.com>, now in their 70's, by both Kaiser Hospital and San Jose Memorial Hospital, now part of Stanford University medical school. /Ducky on Facebook, October 27, 2013
    ''Here in Petosk michigan your not aloud to leave until your boy is circumcised''

  57. Because the Child Protective Services will throw parents who do not circumcise in jail for negect

    ... when we lived in [Misssissippi], and MY children were born it was a state REQUIREMENT!... pardon me for not wanting to go to JAIL, I wanted it to be my boys decision. but was told by the hospital that CPS would throw me in jail for neglect.

    -a mother to Guggie Daly on Facebook, April 27, 2011

  58. Because  his mother had to be on state healthcare (in order to get state-assisted housing) and the doctor ordered it:
    ''in order for his mom to get state assisted housing he had to be on state healthcare, and the state healthcare doctors said he had to be circumcised''
  59. Because I was born in the US
    Told by his mother to Mike Giamo <mgiamo [at-sign] michaelgiamo . com>

  60. Because he lives on a farm
    Told, as a general rule, to Aleisha in New Zealand

  61. Because we live in the country
    ...the midwife told me that 20 % city people circumcise, and 50% country do it. We are from a country town, so i guess we fit into that. Jennifer05 at Bub Hub

  62. Because "only country hicks don't get c*rc*mc*sed".
    stitions ''only country hicks don't''
    Twitter, Deceber 14, 2019

  63. To protect him from being kidnapped and sacrificed
    "In Uganda, the increase [in the circumcision rate] is due not only to HIV risk prevention -- but also because some parents believe that a circumcised child is less likely to be kidnapped, and then offered as a sacrifice." CBC Jan 3, 2007 (Kidnappers consider a circumcised child unsuitable for sacrificing, and check first - but pricking his ears also works; Ugandan kidnappers apparently take "intact" very literally.)

  64. Because the doctor "circed all babys, for their own good" / Because the doctor just did it
    Chris Oehler <COehler[AT-sign]wow.com> had this happen to his sons - contrary to his instructions / John M Foley MD in FACT magazine, July - August 1966

  65. Because the doctor just likes doing it
    I've known of doctors in clinic type settings that gladly circumcise every baby they can just because it's something that they like to do, even when they don't get paid. - Rosemary Romberg, author of Circumcision: the painful dilemma

  66. Because "they were kind of pressuring me at the hospital to do so."
    Told by a friend to mamarama on YouTube

  67. Because they told his mother at the hospital if she didn't have him circumcised he wouldn't be able to father children / “Isn’t it true a boy needs to be circumcised if he is going to have children?”/"Cuz men who have eliphent trunks lol not cercumsized its hard to get a girl pregnat"
    Told by Susan Peer to Al Field <albfie[AT-sign]worldlynx.net> / Sarah at In Mala Fide, June 23, 2010 / Amber on Facebook, November 4, 2012
    stitions -"wouldn't be able to reproduce"
  68. Facebook, July 11, 2021
  69. Because circumcision is insignificant compared to the truly important issues that come with raising a child
    According to Len Denzo

  70. Because the foreskin is a mistake of nature/Because the foreskin is a mutation that only appears on some males and must be removed
    According to Dr Thomas Wiswell/Told by a woman doctor to an intact man, as reported in a newspaper read by Chuck Kappenman <chazbsweet[AT-sign]hotmail.com>

  71. "Because of genetic health issues my boys are circumcised."
    Sarah Elisabeth Bede-Morrell on Facebook, June 15, 2013

  72. Because his mother had never seen an intact penis and thought it was deformed/To make it look "more like a penis"
    It was "Derek Townsend"'s mother / Said by <notw[AT-sign]my-deja.com>'s girlfriend, told on alt.circumcision

  73. So his penis would not look like something else (which no penis ever looks like): "I don't want him to look like he has a dog dick." / "We did not want our son to have to go through life with his penis looking like a pig in a blanket." [So instead it'll look like a pig that's had its blanket stolen...
    A mother to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com> / Kim Zolkiak on Bravo!, December 2, 2011
    stitions ''I don't want my baby growing up and asking me why his penis looks like a Christmas tree''
    See also the analogy (foreskin) page.

  74. Because it is rooted in our culture
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah vice-president W. Knox Fitzpatrick

  75. Because it is culturally significant / culturally necessary / a cultural norm
    //According to <prhagen[AT-sign]bitstream.net> (Paul Hagen

  76. Because "When you see a penis on TV, is it uncircumcised? No, it's not."
    Teen Mom DearTaylerTragedy on YouTube , September 16, 2012 (since removed)

  77. Because they have a device to do it, so it must be okay
    According to Michael Lines' <linesm[AT-sign]gnn.com> sister in law

  78. Because the opposition to it is too shrill / bizarre / On principle / To spite its opponents/To spite his absent/divorced father/Because his (gay) uncle recommended against it
    So said Bob Cohen in Living Marxism, May 1996 ////Given by Don Morgan/the case of a guest on an aborted Dr Laura show Sept 18, 2000/The uncle was Fred Bradford <avpower[AT-sign]pacbell.net>
    stitions-''because you told me not to''
    - comment on Riley J. Dennis's video "5 Reasons Not to Circumcise Your Child'', December 2016

  79. Because to oppose it would give away that he liked foreskins

    I'm clipped, as were almost all boys in my generation. When I was in grade school there was only one boy in my gym classes who wasn't (as I'd spied in the locker room) and I felt so sorry for him because he had this horrifically deformed dick! Then, in 8th grade a slutty girlfriend told me about circumcision and I was absolutely shocked that my parents had volunteered part of my dick to be cut off??? WTF!!!

    Nonetheless, when I got married and had a son my wife was insistent on him being clipped, and since I'm bi (as wifey knows) I didn't want to advocate not clipping him just because I find playing with foreskins wildly hot and hours of extra entertainment.

    ArtIsDead on Gawker, August 17, 2010

  80. To get even for having been raped as a teenager
    A British nanny, Angela, cited by "The Cutter" <cutter[AT-sign]circum.demon.co.uk>

  81. To punish his mother for supposed infidelity
    stitions ''to punish my mother because he thought she had an affair to have me''
    - On Rosemary Romberg's Facebook page, August 13, 2018

  82. Because "I don't want to piss off my mother-in-law." / Because "My mother won't babysit him if he's not circumcised."
    A father to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com> / A mother to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com>

  83. In exchange for not having to change his diapers
    Joe Crummey KABC AM 790, Los Angeles Dec 5 1999

  84. As a birthday present to his father.
    "Taffy really didn't want to go "European" with this decision and therefore I granted his wish and Gio got circumcised. Because it was Taffy's wish to circumcise our precious son, I consider my approval of it, my early Birthday gift for my dear Husband. Dear Husband, Happy early Birthday, I got you a circumcision!!"
    blog: Life with two Kids and one Taffy, October 30, 2008

  85. To honour his late father's memory.
    "He lost his father at a young age and wanted to honour his memory by circumcising their son."
    Husband of Danae Elon in "Documentary deals with circumcision debate", CTV, August 19, 2010

  86. Because his intact brother, aged 10, wished he had been.

    Mom of two sons, ages 7 and 17: "One is circumcised, and the other is not. When my youngest was born, I asked my then 10-year-old if he thought his brother should be circumcised, and he said yes, that he wished he was."

    quoted by Gina Chen in the Post-Standard, Syracuse, April 23, 2009

  87. Because if he isn't circumcised at birth he won't want to be circumcised later
    [Well, Duh! And why should he be circumcised later?]

  88. Because "a grown man who wants to get cut will have to take days off work to get it done"
    Heard by CobTheSpiderMage and retold on IMDb, June 12, 2012

  89. Because his mother doesn't want to have to explain why his penis looks different from his father's. / "I didn't want him to question why daddy looked different" / his father didnt wanna explain to him when he got into the asking stage why their weewees looked different. (...so now he can question why they look the same...)
    / A (former?) friend of Rockett <dropforged[AT-sign]sprintmail.com> / Robin Oliver on Facebook, September 2, 2013

  90. To avoid the trouble of having to explain why he looks different from his twin brother.
    stitions - to avoid the trouble of having to explain why he looks different from his twin brother
    Brother K's Facebook Page, July 2, 2015
  91. To stop the bickering about it
    To stop the bickering about it
    Brandon Worley's Facebook page, January 3, 2014

  92. To prevent any discussion about it later

  93. To "outmanoeuvre the cultural police later on!"
    Opstoker on Dispatch Now 24/1 (South Africa), June 15, 2010

  94. Because "It hard enough to talk about "parts" without having to explain other parts."
    tryoneve... in Oh Yahoo! Answers June 28, 2008

  95. Because the decision was made for me, so I'll make the decision for my sons / Because I had no choice

  96. Because "for me, a circumcised penis is what a penis looks like"
    Scott Colby in the Star (Canada) July 22, 2012

  97. To make it look more professional:

    So is it purely for sexual improvement?
    Well it’s for hygienic reasons, too. I’ve been speaking to a few girls about it and it’s a preferred look. A more professional look.

    Jason Duncan on VICE, June 29. 2012

  98. Because it's part of his father's identity
    Mrs Ines Ford-Bruins in the NZ Sunday Star-Times (Nov 9, 2003), New Zealand, where routine circumcision is almost obsolete

  99. If I had to, he has to.
    Husband of  mattdog[AT-sign]pacific.net 's niece

  100. Because his father had been circumcised as an adult and had been traumatised by it.
    (The father's foreskin "had torn during intercourse" - it was probably his frenulum, but in any case circumcision was not required. Wasn't the son lucky his father never had his arm amputated!)
    "Tilly" <climbaboard[AT-sign]hotmail.com> on alt.circumcision, 12 August 2003

  101. Because a friend of a friend of a... "had to be" circumcised later in life.

  102. Because it saves him from the embarassment of having to ask for it

  103. Because " I did some research myself and was told by a family friend who chose against it that if I didn't get it done my son would never forgive me, as hers still doesn't forgive her for leaving it intact."
    Jennifer Mariee on Facebook, January 14, 2013

  104. To keep peace in the family

  105. "To save our marriage"
    (Her second husband wanted the boy cut and she didn't want to have a big argument. )
    She'd had the first son cut because she missed her dead husband's penis! Sent by remdog <remdog[AT-sign]earthlink.net>

  106. Because the foreskin will fall off if a baby is put into a hot tub of water for a bath.
    "His perception was that the foreskin was something like the umbilical cord, and that it needed to be removed shortly after birth, lest it become the site for infection."
    (Babies shouldn't be put in hot water, of course.)
    Believed by a 20 y o friend of Art Boy (Jeff Borg) <artboyz[AT-sign]worldnet.att.net>

  107. Because the foreskin would fall off by itself if it wasn't cut off by the doctor, just like the umbilical cord.
    Believed for 24 years by Steve Wilder <wilder[AT-sign]ksl.stanford.edu>

  108. Because "[the foreskin's] purpose is to protect the developing child in the womb from being aroused sexually and skewing his/her hormonal balance. That after birth this kind of protection is no long necessary and, like the umbilical cord, be severed."
    Abdulkhaliq Alemao on Facebook, June 10, 2013

  109. Because "If not, the boy will end up with a mis-shapen penis, bent at the end."
    According to len orwill on MSNBC Newsvine, January 12, 2020

  110. To cure diaper rash
    "A child ... was circumcised for diaper rash, and he lost his whole penis." (3:17)
    Dr James L. Snyder MD FACS at an Intactivist demonstration in Denver, Colorado, July 27, 2014.

  111. Because he has a family history of diabetes

    ... Some of us with family medical histories of diabetes/peripheral vascular disease feel it's kinder to circumcise prophylactically during infancy (which has a much easier recovery & has considerably less rick thus significantly increasing the risk:benefit ration than having our children or adult sons have to go under a general for a pretty significant operation that is made even risker if they already have a co-morbidity like diabetes)

    SAICS on MSNBC, March 29, 2012

  112. Because it serves as a marker of a rare blood condition (that makes circumcision nearly fatal).

    One hour after the procedure I went to the nursery and found my son's diaper red with blood.

    ... Eight hours later, Curtis was still bleeding and was being given a blood transfusion. A soft tourniquet had been put on his penis to try to stop the flow of blood. Things were not looking good.

    The next day, after 24 hours of continuous bleeding, we were still hoping for a miracle. They had to remove the tourniquet as his little penis was engorged.

    ... Curtis was born with an abnormally low platelet count. When the circumcision was done, it used up the platelets and because I had developed antibodies during my pregnancy, the platelets were being destroyed before they could go to the wound.

    After three rounds of blood transfusion and three of packed platelet transfusion, Curtis was on the road to recovery.

    Now the problem was his penis. Would it be all right? The doctors were worried that he might at the very worst lose it, or surgery would be needed and then plastic surgery.

    A top plastic surgeon was brought in who, after a few days, gave us the best news yet: the blood flow to the penis was coming back. In that time Curtis had lost a lot of weight and was very weak, but he was a little fighter.

    ...Dr Rigg let us know that if we had brought Curtis home and had bumped him or had anything happened, Curtis would have bled internally without our knowing and would have died. Call it fate or whatever, but it was because we chose to curcumsize that my boy is here today. If I had Curtis today would I have done it yes

    - Dolorese McLennan in Canada.com, June 20, 2012

  113. Because it serves as a marker of a clotting disorder(!) / bacterial infection

    "In fact the Dr at [hospital] in his own words stated "if it was not for the circumcision, we would have never known that there was anything wrong and would not have been able to try our best to help him. He would have passed in his sleep." - [mother]
    "The circumcision discovered that B------ had a bacteria infection in his blood." - [a relation]

    - both on Facebook, March 9, 2013

    (The baby had just been taken to the doctor for persistent bleeding, and died two days after his circumcision.)

    [So why not roll babies downstairs to check for brittle bones, too?]

  114. To eradicate haemophilia (by eugenic infanticide):
    stitions - ''the person will die from non-clotting of blood and ... the upcoming generation will be protected''
    {Haemophilia is transmitted on an X chromosome, so women are carriers, but it is only expressed in males where the gene goes uncontested (or rarely when a female gets the gene on both her X chromosomes, i.e. from both parents). Male genital cutting has, of course, utterly failed to eradicate haemophilia in cutting countries, after thousands of years.
    And he contradicts himself:

    stitions-haemophilia ''no case in which a baby...died''
    - inaccurately: many have died.]
    - Twitter, October 19, 2018

  115. Because it would have revealed a penile deformity earlier.

    at my 3rd sons birth I did not have the money to get it done. All the docs and nurses say "don't pull the skin back to clean" so no one ever did. It wasn't untill he was 3yo with an infection that we found out about his deformity. so instead of a quick cut at birth, he had to spend time in the hospital with weeks of recovery and pain at the age of 3! doc said it all could have been fixed much easier if we got the C done at birth. they would have caught the problem early and it wouldn't have gotten infected.

    Gina Odle onFacebook, March 23, 2013

  116. Because it serves as a marker of spinal meningitis

    I firmly believe that if i had not had my son circumcised the day after he was born i would have taken him home as normal (@ 2-3 days old) without knowing he was sick with spinal menangitis. i think the circumcision caused the illness to speed up which the doctors caught in the hospital and he was able to go into a neonatal facility for the best pediatric care available that night. had i taken him home he would not have been admitted where he was and not received the specialized care he got. After being circumcised his body temp dropped below 90, he wouldn't eat nor cry. He went from 7 lbs down to just under 6 lbs. A spinal tap showed extreme high white blood cell count, which the doctors suggest was highly probable of spinal menangitis. They could not 100% say so because he was on anti-biotics immediately which started working immediately. But as i stated previously I firmly believe his circumcision saved his life....

    anonymous on Newsanchormom, April 17, 2011

    [Sounds more like the circumcision caused the meningitis and nearly killed the baby!]

  117. To avoid further pressure on the kidneys
    stitions -''to avoid further pressure on their kidneys''
    - Daily Mail (Australia) following the death of a 2-year-old
    and serious illness of his baby brother from cutting.
    The commonest complication of cutting,
    narrowing of the pee-hole (meatal stenosis,)
    may increase pressure on the kidneys.
  118. "...since he had heard of some intact baby boy who had gotten a hair wrapped around his glans and strangled his penis!!!"
    A first-year medical student at the U of Chicago to Dan Strandjord" <danstrandjord[AT-sign]att.net>

  119. To stop blanket lint from sticking to it
    stitions ''...blanket lint stuck on his dick? Fuck that''
    - Twitter July 14, 2018

  120. To prevent tears later in life (in the skin, not the eyes)
    This is quite false: the circumcision wound may tear.

    Given on Medline: http://www.medscape.com/HomeExamRoom/spotlight/05.97-spotlight.html

  121. "[B]ecause his cousin one year older had had a deformity in his foreskin causing many trips to hospital due to inability to urinate and swelling and pain and eventual circumcism at 10 months old which WAS a big and painful issue. Very off putting, we just said to hell with the whole pros and cons issue, we're doing it."
    [If a cousin had had a deformity in their earlobe requiring surgery, would they have cut off their child's earlobes?]
    LMB on Stuff.com, November 21, 2011

  122. Because a neighbouring year old was born "naturally circumcised" and needed it
    Told to vuckovic[AT-sign]interaccess.com (G. Vuckovic)

  123. Because it's covered by Medicare / National Health / Social Security / Health Insurance / State insurance
    ////At Charity Hospital, New Orleans, told to John Erickson

  124. Because doctors make money from it / Because if he didn't some other doctor would get the money. / Because the hospital charges a circumcision fee whether he's cut or not
    / Said by a retired OBGYN to Patricia Robinett<patricia[AT-sign]efn.org> / Said to the source's mother-in-law in 1971 at Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg VA

  125. Because a military surgeon "wanted to get back into practice because she could get $100 apiece for them in private practice." / To provide practice for house-surgeons (interns) / To provide practice for Navy surgeons waiting for action / "... circumcision also benefits the future health workers of the country. It is through circumcision that they hone their surgery skills before they perform that risky procedure to save someone else’s life."
    The surgeon spoke to Darillyn Starr <sstar[AT-sign]vii.com> / Jason Ashley / Aboard USS Peleliu in the Arabian Sea, 2 Nov 2001, Reuters / PreMEDitated by John D Cruz MD

  126. "In order [for the doctor] to be granted privileges in neonatal circumcision"
    Practice guidelines of the University of Manitoba medical school

  127. Because they're fun to do.
    '"I like doing circumcisions. They're fun procedures because they're one of the few procedures I can do on a healthy kid." Then she immediately said something like, "Why are you looking at me like that? I knew you wouldn't understand!" She made this comment in a roomful of other students which had two other doctors in it and they were nodding in agreement.' - a midwife posting on the Midwifery Today forum

  128. To get sterile urine samples, to see if he has a urinary tract infection.
    Letter to Pediatr. Ann. 1997: 26(5): 278 from S A Bailis

    When you see a young baby that has a very high fever, one thing you immediately think of is a UTI. To rule it out, you need a sterile urine sample. A circumcised penis gives sterile urine naturally, but because of bacteria under the foreskin, an uncircumcised penis doesn't. So, for a proper workup, you need to tranquilize the baby and pass a tube in, and it becomes an invasive procedure just to get a sample.

    Dr Edgar Schoen, in The Nest Baby

    Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! It was the unsterile urine samples of the intact boys that formed the basis of Tom Wiswell's (false) claim that they are more susceptible to UTIs!

  129. Because [doctors] would not be able to pull the foreskin back to see if anything is wrong. The circumcision would be free now, but if she went out the door, when she returned it will cost her. [$25 off if you call in the next ten minutes!]
    Told by doctors at Kaiser Permanente to a pregnant woman who visited David Bradt's Intactivist stand at Venice Beach, Los Angeles. He succeeded in savng the baby.
  130. To make it easier for a doctor to examine:
    stitions ''easier to examine''
    - Twitter, September 18, 2018

  131. Because "he is already going to be different because he is going to be raised by two moms why put him at a further disadvantage"
    Mom T on Momssquared

  132. Because "there is a probability that sometime in the near future that it will be recommended that all boys will be required to have it done after birth"
    Mom T on Momssquared

  133. Because doctors know best


  134. To make the penis look like that of a kangaroo
    John Cawte, cited in The Universality of Incest

  135. To symbolise humanity's unique essence as more than animal
    Ben David <b_david2[AT-sign]netvision.net.il>

  136. Because "It's what distinguishes them from animals. ... There are few to no circumcised animals in the world. Ritualistic circumcision separates men from animals. If you find an ancient corpse and it's impossible to tell what it is, if it's circumcised, you can be fairly certain it's a man and not an orangutuan.
    Allie Baba on US Message Board, July 2, 2009

  137. To prevent the Fall of Man:
    stitions ''maybe if Adam was cut...Eve wouldn't have listened to another snake..."
    As far as this makes any sense at all, the idea is apparently that Adam's penis could talk, and an intact one is more snake-like...
    - Twitter, September 27, 2017

  138. Because God said to (and that's it.)

    Why is circumcision so important to God? The plain fact of the matter is that we do not know. While numerous explanations for the ritual have been suggested by different sages throughout the generations, circumcision is a chok, a law that is performed as God's decree, and according to traditional Judaism, no further explanation is needed.

    S.R. Hewitt, "The Importance of Circumcision in Jewish Law"
    Huffington Post, October 10, 2011

  139. To keep a bargain Abraham made with G*d
    (Gen. 17:10-14)

  140. Because we are Christian Israelites

  141. Because it is a union with G*d
    'Explained Mr. Katz, “Socializing and speaking with other Jews at the synagogue and the family of our rabbi influenced my worldview, and I realized that I was ready to undergo a Brit Mila – a union with G-d!”' - "Three Undergo Brit Mila in Volgograd", Federation of Jewish Communities in the CIS, November 25,2010

  142. As "a reminder that God will bless them.
  143. Also a commitment to God."
    Wilma Kulkowski on Facebook, July 1, 2013

  144. As "the physical sign in every male Jew that he is a son of Abraham, a member of the Jewish people."
    Living Torah by Rabbi Ari Enkin
  145. So that God will recognise his people (Americans must confuse Him no end.).
    stitions- ''the way God would know them''
    -Twitter, May 22,2020

  146. He put the foreskin there so man removes it and becomes a co-creator with man! By doing that, man becomes a co-creator with G-d.
    Reyn1 on the Huffington Post, September 20, 2012

  147. Because "The Orlah, the foreskin, represents a barrier between a Jew and his connections both to Torah, to his fellow human beings and to G-d ... Removing the foreskin reveals the inner levels of the soul and therefore opens the channels to a holy relationship with all three."
    Morah Yehudis Fishman on Daily Camera, November 16, 2011

  148. To remove "a barrier between the baby and his faith, people and future."

    Our covenant mandates us to work to repair the faults of an imperfect world--tikkun olam. This little piece of skin is symbolic of imperfection. It is a barrier between the baby and his faith, people, and future. We--the adults--at the brit are being tested to see if we will remove that obstacle. We are the ones being tested. But he is only a week old, he is not being tested.

    Dr. Dorothy Greenbaum (a Board certified Pediatrician, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a certified Mohel)
    on My Jewish Learning, November 22, 1999

  149. Because “A man who is not circumcised cannot understand the context of the Bible ... It is very, very important.”
    Rabbi David Goldberg of Hof, Bavaria, in the New York Times, September 19, 2012

  150. Because “Baby boys are born without a soul. When we cut off the foreskin, a hole is created in the body for God’s soul to enter into them. This is why circumcision is a divine mandate.”
    Told to Matthew Taylor by an Orthodox woman at the Wailing Wall.

  151. As a prophylactic measure against demons
    Jacob Gallagher-Ross reviewing Mosheh in the Village Voice, February 2, 2011, referencing Exodus 4:24-6, which does not mention demons

  152. To protect from Satan:

    Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Spira of Dinov explains that sandak [who holds the baby still] is an acronym of "sanegor na'aseh din kategor - the defense emerges victorious vis-à-vis the prosecutor," referring to the brit's function as a protection from Satan. [This sounds like a backronym]

    Rabbi Yaakov Klass in the Jewish Press, December 27, 2012


  153. To add a dimension of spirituality to the physical body

    When Abraham circumcised himself at age 99, God added the letter "heh" to his name. "Heh" is part of God's own name, signifying that through Bris Milah, the human being adds a dimension of spirituality to the physical body.

    - Justmythoughts quoting Rabbi Shraga Simmons on MSNBC Health May 11, 2011


  154. As a spiritual stepping stone towards adulthood.

    Most religions have created rituals — circumcision, baptism, confirmation, bar/bat mitzvahs — to serve as spiritual stepping stones toward adulthood.

    - James Rudin in the Washington Post, December 2, 2011


  155. Because "the circumcision of boys [is] a constitutive path [whatever that may mean] to join a community of faith"
    Social Democrat Burkhard Lischka in Business Week, July 18, 2012

  156. To serve the purpose of the child's introduction into the social order. [Whatever that may mean.]
    According to a Jewish psychoanalyst, to Iris of NORM-UK

  157. It shows that you hate this flesh ... it's a blood sacrifice for the fact that you are a fallen seed.
    Chase Jester on YouTube (1:25), December 21, 2014.

  158. To control our animal desires

    It is a foundation of Judaism that we are to control our animal desires and direct them into spiritual pursuits. Nowhere does a person have more potential for expressing "barbaric" behavior than in the sex drive. That's why the Bris is done on this specific organ.

    - Justmythoughts quoting Rabbi Shraga Simmons on MSNBC Health May 11, 2011

    And yet people repeatedly say "female genital cutting is done to control women's sexuality (unlike male circumcision)", and that's a bad thing.

    ... one of circumcision’s central aims is to curb male barbarism. Men are supposed to be reminded of God and, one could argue, moral behavior, in the very place they are most likely to betray religious ideals.

    “Circumcision is the indelible symbol that a man can be more than just an animal,” Rabbi Ed Feinstein, senior rabbi at Valley Beth Shalom, said. “The fact that you [sic] seal your [sic] connection with God and with tradition into that organ makes it incredibly difficult for that organ to be used as a weapon of manipulation or destruction....

    - Jewish Journal, June 15, 2011


  159. To make (male) Jews more "vulnerable and exposed ... sensitive and responsive"

    The taint of Original Sin: God has been trying to get us to trust Him, to reveal ourselves to Him and to be vulnerable and open to Him ever since.

    Perhaps this explains the command by God for the Jews to circumcise the men. The foreskin of the penis affords some protection for the organ—a bit of shelter, a place to hide. When God chose the Jews as His own, he required this symbolic (and real) acquiescence, this willingness to be completely vulnerable and exposed to whatever may come. The unsheathed penis is extraordinarily sensitive and responsive—precisely the qualities God wanted of the Jews. He made a covenant with them; He would be their God, they would be His people, and the deal was sealed in blood. At its shedding, man and God are bonded.

    Elizabeth Scalia onPatheos, March 22, 2011


  160. Because "In the Jewish tradition, it's considered beautification. Some have referred to it as like removing the stem from the apple or an imperfection."
    Dr. Jonathan Berkoff, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Columbia St. Mary's, Milwaukee in WISN, May 13, 2011

  161. To look like every other Jewish male in the family

    Through this all-important rite, my son would become part of our religious covenant and, more importantly, he would look like every other Jewish male in my family, including my husband.

    - Renee Moilanen on the Daily Breeze, June 24, 2011


  162. "... because Jewish men should be able to feel the pain of others more easily."
    Dr Aaron Jesin, quoted in the Toronto eye, 7/99

  163. To confer a tendency for caring, reasoning and spiritual experience.

    Explicit neonatal micro-traumas can bias gene expression and neural development. Routine hospital circumcision is usually performed too early and can have unpredictable effects, some of which might be detrimental. (Perhaps autism spectrum disorders?) But Jewish ritual circumcision is performed at the right time to (on average) bias neonatal gene expression and neural development so as to leave the man-to-be with enhanced emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capabilities.

    Circumcision may not only be a symbol or Jewishness, it might actually confer a tendency for caring, reasoning, and spiritual experience. These claims can be tested and either refined or refuted. We should do the science first.

    -Shmuel Nosson Halevi in the Jewish Daily Forward, June 28, 2011

    [There is no evidence whatsoever for these claims, and hard to imagine what research in the real world could ever verify them. But never mind, throw any claimed advantage for circumcision into the blogosphere and it will soon be claimed as fact...]


  164. To tame a man from a rogue to one with humility and tolerance

    stitions ''tames a man from a rogue to one with humility and tolerance''
    - on James Mukuria's Facebook Page, March 31, 2016
  165. To improve his attitude:

    stitions-attitude ''Why my son is ... un- dudes have da most fucked up attitudes...''
    - Twitter, August 4, 2019. For "Pushop", see the foreskin analogy page.
  166. Because it acts like Shock Treatment (ECT, ElectroConvulsive Therapy) to activate the brain

    One of my doctors, a Pediatrician (Non Muslim), asked about this practice and he also specifically asked about its effect on the mind specially the Neurochemical effect. He told me that the Jews did it on the 8th day of the child's birth and it has scientific evidence that it brings a jolt or a shock to the brain and their senses gets activated and remains for their whole life, and this is why Jewish people are more educated and learned in today's world. He quoted the example of Einstein, Muller and few other Jewish scientists.

    - Ziaul Khan on On Islam message board, December 27, 2010

    [This reason flatly contradicts "He slept right through it" and all claims that Brit Milah is less painful than other methods.]


  167. Because he's heir to the British throne and Queen Victoria believed they were descended from King David
    The second part of this has been disputed, but there is no doubt that all heirs since Victoria down to Charles have been circumcised.
  168. Because it was good enough for the Queen (Elizabeth II):
    stitions: " if it was good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for me"
    (and good enough for 92 others, apparently)
    - the Daily Mail, March 2, 2016

  169. To bribe Satan: "Kabbalah explains that we say to Satan that we take the holy part, which is the child, and the unholy foreskin we give to Satan. Because of this gift, the Satan is bribed to the extent that he then praises the Jews and becomes a defender rather than a prosecutor."

  170. Because his grandmother is Jewish
    Stitions - "my mom is Jewish and it's important to me''
    - Facebook, January 24, 2016
  171. As a badge of Jewish identity.
    Rabbi Lawrence, in "The Naked Penis" TV3 New Zealand, May 30, 2001

  172. As proof of Jewish identity.

    When the Russian Army came closer to the camps, the Germans started marching us back toward Germany. We were seven young men who escaped the Death March. One day the Russians made us pull down our pants to see if we were circumcised; that was the only way they could tell that we were Jewish. It saved our lives. Bless the ancient tradition that I am here to write about.

    Henry R. Schindler in LoHud.com, August 2, 2009

    [It was not only liberating Russians who pulled down men's pants to see if they were Jewish, but conquering Nazis. It cost those men their lives. Did they bless the ancient tradition they are not here to write about? ]

  173. As a requirement, via Bar Mitzvah, for a scholarship to a Jewish school.
    - Twitter, 2022
  174. Because "when the Ethiopian Jews were discovered in the Gondor region, and they had been separated for 2,000 years from Jews with Talmudic traditions, ... they STILL circumcised their boys. ... If they hadn't done this ritual, we'd have lost the connection to a whole branch of the family."
    posted by "paying3tuitions" at College Confidential

  175. To make him look different from outsiders

  176. To remind him of antisemitic persecution
    (which was facilitated by circumcision)
    "But ultimately, my decision to circumcise my child wasn't primarily motivated by the above reasons. Ultimately, I chose to circumcise him because he is a member of a religious minority that has been persecuted for millennia and continues to be persecuted today,  and I don't ever want him to forget that."
    - I Circumcised My Son, & I Don't Regret It One Bit
    by Ej Dickson in Romper, May 10, 2017

  177. To get revenge on antisemites
    "Curt to the point of rudeness, [the mohel] shouted over the baby's cries that every time we circumcise a Jewish child, we are getting revenge upon the anti-Semites who wanted to crush us." - Lila Hanft, Becoming a Jewish Mother

  178. To prevent another Holocaust (he's a gentile: circumcising gentiles will hide Jews)
    Helen Latner, columnist for Jewish Week, quoted in "Humanistic Judaism. Volume 1, No 4 (Winter 1983) pp 46-6 no. 4 (Winter 1983): pp. 43-46

  179. To prevent Jews and Muslims from being marginalised (he's a gentile: circumcising gentiles will normalise Jews and Muslims).
    "Ancient ritual does no harm", Catherine Ford, Calgary Herald, March 31, 2001

  180. Because Allah wants him to be a Muslim
    Davoud Jenkins has formed a Yahoo! group, Circumcised became Muslim

    ... I am a Muslim American, circumcised at birth by the will of Allah. This was His sign to me to become a Muslim. ... Were you circumcised without any reason, like already being a Muslim? You are probably wondering why you received the sign of circumcision. Well, welcome to this group! Here you can discover the true reason for your circumcision from Allah, the Merciful.

  181. To tell he is a Muslim (after death).
  182. As "a glad tiding that a Muslim will go to paradise.

    Question: What is the aim of circumcision of men in Islam?

    The aim of circumcision of man in Islam firstly is to distinguish between Muslim man and others; this is an important sign to know someone’s religion after his death. If he is circumcised, then he is a Muslim so Muslims carry out washing him, shrouding him, perform prayers upon him and burying him in Muslims’ graves. Circumcision preserves his rights as a Muslim after his death; this happens mostly during accidents and wars so they know the religion by circumcision.

    Secondly, the prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said that the description of the people of paradise where we all hope to go, is that they are circumcised, so circumcision is a glad tiding that a Muslim will go to paradise.

    Thirdly, modern medicine ...

    Islamic Awakening

  183. To bond him with his community / To enforce social cohesion
    Gwen A Orel <gaost3+[AT-sign]pitt.edu> 3 July 1996 / Yehudi Cohen, cited in The Universality of Incest

  184. To be accepted in Israeli society...
  185. ...to ensure his parents got their social and welfare entitlements ...
  186. ...to improve his chances of sex with Israeli women
    "Soon, enough, most immigrant families were convinced that undergoing brit was a necessary condition of acceptance into Israeli society." (p6)
    "Alex, who came to Israel from Ukraine in 1991 at the age of 15, recalled that his parents consented to his brit under pressure from a religious absorption worker, who suggested that their social and welfare entitlements hinged on their son’s being ‘normalised.’ Until this day he believes he was compelled to comply to help his family." (p7)
    "Most men spoke about the perceived local norm of the circumcised penis as important for finding sexual partners; some even mentioned being rejected by their Israeli dates" (p7)

    Remennick, L. "Joining  the  tribe:  adult  circumcision  among  immigrant men  in  Israel  and  its  traumatic  aftermath" Culture, Health & Society, January 18, 2021

  187. To educate him in his parent's faith / Because it is "an educational measure".

  188. Because the sexual organ is where the future generations of Jews come from.
    Comment by Sarah Sutton on Newsweek on May 3, 2007

  189. To signify the union of body and spirit
    (Cutting part off to signify union...)
    According to <b_david2[AT-sign]netvision.net.il)

  190. To reclaim the original perfection that was altered by the fall of Man.

    As a superior being, Adam was created without a foreskin, but by succumbing to sin, he fell prey to the very forces that he should have dominated. His personal failure created a barrier against the spirit that was reflected in his body.

    Thus, Mila does not repair a divine imperfection but a human imperfection, to reclaim the original perfection that was altered by the fall of Man.

    Website of a Paris mohel (in French)

  191. To offer our children to a higher spiritual life
    Ruth Ostrow, "Tradition cuts to the present" the Weekend Australian, June 16-17, 2001

  192. "[I believe it is a small price to pay] for a close relationship with God"
    Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder in Boulder Weekly, October 13, 2011

  193. To ensure a share for him in the world to come
    According to Matt Prastein <smp[AT-sign]fgi.net>
  194. To draw down the Divine light, bring down the soul of holiness into the body, reveal the Jew's inherent connection to G-d / "it is also about being a more perfect conduit for the soul to come through"
    According to CHABAD-LUBAVITCH in CYBERSPACE <listserv[AT-sign]chabad.org> / Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder in Boulder Weekly, October 13, 2011

  195. Because the foreskin concentrates negative energy
    (from the Advocating Circumcision Today website)

  196. Because "[t]his paring away of the superfluous skin allows for Shechinah energy to permeate the seed of Israel."
    "Yechidah" <thehealingshelf[AT}hotmail.com> on alt.circumcision, June 12 2004 (Shechinah energy is defined by Riain Barton <riain[AT]columbus.rr.com> as "the 'essence' of the Universal Deity")

  197. To "spiritually remov[e] and eliminat[e] undesirable character traits...
  198. ...depressive tendencies and so on...
  199. ...[To] eliminate from the body of the child, forces which might try to cultivate overindulgence in physical pleasures, etc."
    (from the Advocating Circumcision Today website)

  200. Because "The blood of milah suppresses Hashem's anger"
    According to act-now.org, "... the blood shed is laid by the angels before G-d's palace. When the power of severe judgment is aroused in the world, the Holy One, blessed is He, looks at that blood and does not allow evil influences to do any harm."

  201. To introduce language into the body

    The book, Symbols of Judaism states, “Circumcision is a way of introducing language into the body and bringing the body of the infant into the sphere of language…[it] enables human beings to enter into the dimension of language.”

    [...which makes you wonder how women and gentiles are able to enter into it.]
    Oedipus and Circumcision

  202. To prevent the child from overstepping his boundaries,
  203. ...to establish paternal authority,
  204. ...to mark the beginning of ...a...relationship with the law.

    I would argue that circumcision is the human form of pruning; it is designed to prevent the child (plant) from overstepping his boundaries (becoming a hybris) by means of connecting the son to the father. This ritual of symbolic pruning essentially establishes paternal authority (though it does not establish paternity) and marks the beginning of what will hopefully become a healthy relationship with the law.

    Oedipus and Circumcision [The author of this, shemote, is apparently under the impression the ancient Greeks practised circumcision.]

  205. To connect him to a long cultural tradition.

    ... while I wasn't Jewish, my son, borne by [sic] a Jewish mother, was, by definition and birthright. ...

    Sam, of course, was oblivious to all this ... The doctor visited our room to discuss circumcision. She was Jewish, and while she expressed her respect for whatever feelings we had on the procedure, there was no mistaking her advocacy. Tracy had qualms, if not deep misgivings, hav­ing nothing to do with religion or Judaism. While her family wasn't particularly observant, she certainly had no reservations about identifying as a Jew. But as a progressive, enlightened, American woman, raised in the seventies, she had a reflexive aversion to submitting her son to what could be described as ritual mutilation. To me, it was very clear, and I surprised myself by calmly and clearly making my point.

    "I understand what you're saying, honey, and I'm not saying we have to do a bris and the whole floor show. [Medical circumsion without a bris - never mind the floor show - has no significance in Judaism.] But you're Jewish, so he's Jewish. He's part of a culture and a continuum that I can't even pretend to understand or fully appreciate. So let me put it this way: If the doctor does it now, here in the hospital, I'll go in the room with the two of them, and I'll hold him. And when she gets busy with the scalpel, I'll look him in the eye and give him someone to scream at. But in thirteen years, if he decides he wants to have a bar mitzvah and he isn't circumcised, [Circumcision is not a requirement for bar mitzvah.] then you are going to be in that room with him. I'm going to Vegas."

    Now, I understand that people have strong opinions about this, but in my first major decision as a father, I felt it was right to connect Sam to a long cultural tradition outside of my own. So I cradled my son with a pre-P[arkinson's ]D[isease] steadiness and cooed at him while the doc did the deed. No doubt, it hurt him a hell of a lot more than it hurt me.

    "Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist" by Michael J Fox, pp 183-4

    [Have we got this straight? She's Jewish and didn't want him circumcised, he's gentile and did?]

  206. Because

    It’s kind of like a brand. ...

    A mark, in the flesh, to denote possession. That’s what a brand is.

    And it’s what circumcision was. It said, “You belong to me. I have made a covenant with you–and you belong to me. This says it in your body. In your flesh.”

    Hot Orthodoxy blog, February 1, 2009

  207. For "its positive effects on the generations to come."
    Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (FREE) an arm of Chabad Lubavitch - a strict and somewhat controversial form of Orthodoxy

  208. To grant him "extra special protection from God" and allow him to eat Passover lamb
    A father who botched his son's circumcision with a razor-blade, National Post (Canada) December 10, 2009

  209. Because Jews do it and they are so clean
    a common 19th century reason

  210. "So that he will be rich as a Jew"
    A Peruvian mother said it (apparently seriously ) to Ari Zigelboim <akp[AT-sign]communique.net>

  211. "I think my parents thought it would save trouble later on if I wanted to be the real thing [Jewish]." - English actor Stephen Fry. (He never did.)
    Interview with Deborah Ross, The Independent, April 20, 2002

  212. Because he might choose to become a Jew or a Muslim some day
    achifi on Topix, May 14, 2014
  213. Because "...in some races it was originally an act of consecration to the goddess of fertility".
    "You asked for an opinion" by Dr Graeme Hutchings in the NZ Family Doctor, April 1963

  214. Christianity

  215. Because Jesus was circumcised
    Luke 2 21

  216. In order to be seen without shame in the eyes of God:

    Circumcision is Godly

    posted by Rev P. Morgan on on 28 Aug 2012

    Jesus, Moses [the Bible does not say so], John the Baptist, they were all circumcised.

    If we wish to be seen without shame in the eyes of God, the answer is clear.

    I rest my case.


  217. "...because of our Biblical beliefs. We just felt it was a covenant between God and his people. We are God's people and felt it was right for us." / Just in case G-d had good reason and it wasn't someone's misinterpretation religiously...we felt we had "covered ourselves"...(we are Episcopalian, actually) / Because his father thought the Covenant applied to him somehow, though he wasn't Jewish
    Kay Henson <serenity[AT-sign]herbcare.com> /told to Patrick Draper <pdrap[AT-sign]ctp.com>/A caller to Dr Dean Edell, 6 Mar 1998, heard by Wayne Hampton <hampton[AT-sign]netcom.com>

  218. Because of Acts 15 1: "And certain men came down from Judea and taught the brethren, "Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved."
    Yet the chapter goes on to repudiate circumcision for Christians.
    included on a painting called "Circumcision" by Samoan naïve artist Tony Schuster, April 2003

  219. "Just in case the First Covenant hasn't been fully revoked by the coming of Jesus"
    the husband of Bolero on Rational Skepticism (February 3, 2011) when he converted to fundamentalist Christianity

  220. Because it is a good Christian thing to do
    (said by a Lutheran) to Duane Voskuil <dvoskuil[AT-sign]tic.bisman.com>

  221. Because "For Christians, it is an outward sign that you are a follower of Christ. It signifies living for the spirit and not the flesh. That is why the flesh i[s] cut away."
    Sugarrcane at Cafemom, April 6, 2012

  222. Because "It is not required for salvation, but it is a big blessing to show you are in covenant with Our Creator."
    Torah Life Ministries, January 17, 2012, defending a man who had circumcised his own son with a carpet cutter. As a result, the boy needed corrective surgery. The man had earlier attempted to circumcise himself and had to go to an emergency room.

  223. Because "all christians must be cut, otherwise they can't be baptised"
    Fan Q~ to Mama Uncensored on Facebook, October 14, 2012

  224. Because we're Baptists
    got a new coworker , mentioned he has a baby on the way, i asked boy or girl. i hoped it was a girl. but alas he is having a boy so i asked if they had decided about circumcision. he said they are doing it.

    i asked if i could share some information and chatted a bit. asked why he wanted it done.

    religion. oh so you jewish? "nah im baptist."

    F--- D---- on Facebook, Julyl 25, 2015
  225. Because we're Pentecostal
    (Circumcision is not among the "Gifts of the Spirit")
    told to Patrick Draper <pdrap[AT-sign]ctp.com>

  226. Because he's to be ordained as a Pentecostal Deacon
    "at least one Pentecostal Church in the county insists that its Deacons be circumcised. Yes- if someone is elected to serve as a deacon, said person must either have been circumcised at birth or undergo the procedure before [being] ordained." - Dr Jim West, February 14, 2009

  227. Because we're Episcopalian
    A couple to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com>

  228. Because we're Orthodox Albanians
    "the priest does come and it is considered a rite of passage into our faith" - a poster on a list for midwives and doulas, reported by "cam" <cmay[AT-sign]flash.net>

  229. Because it's a tradition of the Orthodox in Northern Greece
    Markos, personal communication

  230. Because "I am a Lutheran, uncircumcision is considered a "Jewish" thing." (?!)
    poster on That Kid

  231. Because "Christians ... copied the Jewish tradition and the Bible [only the Hebrew scripture {"Old Testament"}] repeatedly says it's unclean not to be"
    ''Christians traditionally circumcise''
  232. To prepare for the second coming of Christ
    the aunt of a questioner at the Mormon agony column, Ask Gramps, December 12, 2010

    Are LDS boys supposed to be circumcised in preparation for the second coming of Christ?

    Dear Gramps,

    My husband and I are expecting. If we have a son, we have chosen that we will not circumcise him. My aunt disagrees with our choice to keep him intact because she says that LDS boys are supposed to be circumcised in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Somehow she believes that in order for the “sons of Levi to again offer a sacrifice in righteousness unto the Lord,” part of that qualification of righteousness includes that they MUST be circumcised. (Which doesn’t make sense, because my whole family is either Ephraim or Manassah anyway, not Levi). Excuse me, but I thought this debate was settled by Paul-that it was more important to be “circumcised of heart,” and further clarified in the Book of Mormon (Moroni 8:8). Is there an official Church stance on circumcision? And will the sons of Levi REALLY have to be circumcised in order for their sacrifice to be accepted by God?


    Dear Anonymous,

    It seems that you have researched the subject of circumcision and have answered all your own questions. The law of circumcision, as you know, was done away with when the Savior instituted the higher law. It was not done away with for some of the tribes of Israel and not for others. Does your aunt think that the practice of the Church today is not in accordance with the will of the Lord, or that she has some information about the sons of Levi that the Church does not have?


    Not only that, but Malachai 3:3 says the Lord will do it himself: "And he shall sit [as] a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness." - KJV

  233. Because he (a Navajo) was placed during the school term with Mormons

  234. Because a baboon the Egyptians considered sacred is "born circumcised"

  235. Because Mohammed was "born circumcised"

  236. Because his mother's boyfriend is a Muslim
    the father of David Williams, <21davidwilliams[AT-sign]supanet.com>

  237. Because impurities collect in the foreskin and by removing it we are purer and closer to God.
    Said to Dan Bollinger<danbollinger[AT-sign]home.com> by a Lebanese Moslem man. He replied, "Exactly what impurities would these be?" The man said nothing and changed the subject.

  238. Because it is required by Islam
    (But it's not in the Qur'an)

  239. Because it is required by the Catholic church / For religious reasons...my parents were Catholics
    / personal communication

  240. Because it is required by his stepfather's insurance policy
    Don Morgan

  241. Because women's magazines advise it
    Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581

  242. To please the boy's grandfather
    "the only reason" for circumcising his son given by actor Warren Mitchell in an interview

  243. Because his father rolled his eyes at the suggestion he be left intact.
    Because his father rolled his eyes

    Morgan Guyton on Mercy Not Sacrifice, February 23, 2014

  244. "...because I knew that my father would be very distressed if he saw him [her adopted son] naked and uncircumcised."
    Susan Reibel Moore in Mercator, November 19, 2011


  245. To stop him bedwetting...

    My husband wasn't circumcised for the longest time . When he was young he had a bet wetting problem and the doctor lied to his mom and said if they circumcised him the bed wetting would stop . It didn't stop . How sick . ...

    Haras Penny on Facebook, June 11, 2014

  246. ...and sleepwalking

    stitions: "...stop him wetting the bed and sleepwalking"
    -  Facebook, May 1, 2016

  247. Because his mother was having another baby, so they could go in together
    (He was 18 months old, and became an elective mute)
    Grandson of a workmate of Erick L. Gustavson <egustav435[AT-sign]erols.com>

  248. One child was circumcised for umbilical hernia without obstruction or gangrene,
  249. and three circumcised for a unilateral undescended testicle.
    from a list of circumcision diagnoses from the University Hospital of South Manchester, 2010

  250. To avoid orchitis, a testicle issues usually due to the mumps virus.
     from a medical practicioner to  Taryn Hicks, Facebook, May 26, 2015

  251. "To advertise sociopolitical relief organisations in Turkey"
    E. Ozdemir, Significantly increased complication risks with mass circumcision, British Journal of Urology (1997) 80, 136-9

  252. To celebrate a newspaper's 36th anniversary / To commemorate Jakarta's 482nd anniversary / To enliven the celebration of the 54th anniversary of Indonesian Film Artist Association (PARFI)
    "Relax, it's good for our circulation" [picture] "A BOY grimaces in pain at a mass circumcision at the offices of Kompas, Indonesia's largest daily newspaper, in Jakarta yesterday. In an Islamic rite of passage, 171 Indonesian boys were circumcised in celebration of the newspaper's 36th birthday." - The Australian, July 6, 2001, p30 (Marketplace) / The Jakarta Post, June 30, 2009 / PARFI Anniversary Celebration Marked With Healthy Cycling and Tree Planting, Berita Jakarta, March 22, 2010

  253. To woo Muslim voters to a political party
    DAP to host circumcision ceremony to win over Muslims The Malaysian Insider, December 5, 2009

  254. As a tourist attraction
    (Malaysia, Indonesia)

  255. Because it is a routine procedure in his parents' country of origin
    Reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581

  256. Because everybody else is doing it

  257. Because his mother's friends kept asking why he wasn't
    (He was, but didn't look it, so it was done again)
    Told to George Hill

  258. To make his friend seem normal again

    I remember when I was a kid and my circumcised friend asked his mother why my penis was different from his. She told him circumcision had to be done and he questioned her logic because of me. It was very clear to me that his mother was angry with me after that. She was upset that I had a foreskin and that their bubble of ignorance was disrupted. She had made her decision assuming that "everyone" was doing it and her son would be surrounded by cut children and never know the difference. She gave my mother som pro-circ literature and tried to convince her to mutilate me. Even then it was clear to me that her desire to take my foreskin away had nothing to do with me and everything to do with making her son "normal". There is no way to make a cut child whole again so the only option parents like her have is to try to cut the kids around him so he never questions it. Guilt leads to denial and the deeper the guilt the more adament the denial.

    Posted by Steve Bates on change.org12/31/2008 @ 12:08PM PST

  259. Because only the Mexicans don't do it (in San Diego)
    Told by Kent_and_Liz[AT-sign]msn.com (Liz deForest)

  260. Because it is a status symbol: "If you ain't circumcised, you ain't shit."

  261. Because it is an act of the civilized world

  262. Because "It's one more thing that sets us apart from the apes."

  263. Because he is a nervous little boy
    Father of Carla <Carmilarms[AT-sign]aol.com>

  264. To make him better-tempered
    R N Jones, 1965

  265. To show the child "We love you, but we must rid you of your infantilisms"
    Theodor Reik, cited in The Universality of Incest

  266. To prepare him to receive tribal secrets / priestly secrets
    (Australia) / (ancient Egypt)

  267. To make him immortal, like a snake gaining a new life when it sheds its skin

  268. Because "Uncircumcised boys cannot be interred in family tombs, so all are circumcised between the ages of two and three."
    (Madagascar) according to Stephen Scourfield in the West Australian, October 28, 2011

  269. To enable him to reincarnate

  270. To enable him to communicate with the spirits of his ancestors

  271. As a "blood sacrifice to the ancestors"
    Supreme Mfalapitsa, South Africa, Africa Science News, August 15, 2008

  272. To separate him from his mother

  273. To break an excessively strong dependence upon the mother
    John Whiting, cited in The Universality of Incest

  274. To ward off evil
    (Xhosa - and who else?)

  275. Because "he had a demon in his penis"
    "Guanacaste pastor charged with 22 counts of sexual abuse", Tico Times San José, Costa Rica, July 28, 2013

  276. To cement mutual respect among those circumcised
    (Herero of Namibia)

  277. To make him an Olympic runner
    (Kenya) "...a pet idea of [John] Manners, that the male circumcision ritual, in which boys are shamed if they react to pain, uniquely prepares Kalenjin men for the pressure of an Olympic final" (but "female circumcision" is "often debilitating"): "Fast Forward: The rise of Kenya's women runners" by Lori Shontz, Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, May 5, 2002

  278. Because he belongs to the Spanish royal family

  279. Because he belongs to the upper class
    TIM HUISAMEN <AKTH[AT-sign]warthog.ru.ac.za> and widely reported

  280. Because he's an orphan

  281. Because he's to be adopted

  282. Because he's been adopted
    Rosie O'Donnell's adopted son Parker was circumcised at 18 months in a pseudo-bris.

  283. Because he's disabled

  284. Because "I kind of think it is 'American'... in the early years of this great nation, we took pride in BEING DIFFERENT thon ether nations"
    Offered by Sean <JSQB03B[AT-sign]prodigy.com> - sent by George HIll

  285. Because "it's the American thing to do" / it's patriotic / "He's an American."
    Medical advisor Dr Cohen on AHN TV - posted on alt.circumcision by Chele <rickw409[AT-sign]aol.com> (RickW409) 26 July 1998 / Dr Edgar Schoen to a seminar at Berkeley, 2008. The students laughed at him. / John Geisheker on YouTube (1:14)

  286. Because the Americans do it./'if you want your kid to have that "westerniz­ed look"... '/ Because the Arikwao (white men) do it.
    Peter Frazer (Roy Cohn's lover), Arnold Schwarznegger /onlythetruthcounts on Huffington Post, July 26, 2011 / (Solomon Islands) personal communication

  287. Because we are planning on raising our kids in the States.

    This always starts wild debates from the anti-snip crowd, so let me try and stop you before you jump on me by saying that I know that penises don’t fall off if they aren’t circumcised. I know that many, many countries don’t practice circumcision. And I am really just fine with not circumcising your child. Heck, if I were raising my child in a different country, I probably wouldn’t have circumcised him. But since circumcisions are painless now (thanks to anesthesia), we are planning on raising our kids in the States, and I don’t consider it genital mutilation like female circumcision is, we figured we would go with circumcision. [Only one of his claims is a reason to circumcise, the others are just (weak) rebuttals of reasons not to - or completely irrelevant.]

    - from The worst time of our lives - blog of a San Diego father


  288. "Because they beleived that getting one automatically made you a legal citizen of the USA."
    "I read an article in the eighties wherein a doctor, who "specialized" in circumcisions, stated that he had many immigrants come to him looking for circucisions ... Sadly, he didn't discourage this inaccuracy." Mr. Enemabag Jones at queerty, July 30, 2010

  289. As a proud mark that one was not French
    An Algerian man describing life under colonial French rule in the film "Circoncision"

  290. Because he is Greek:
    Circumstition: ''Because he is Greek''

    - Lauren Ann Spanakolous on Facebook, July 26, 2013
    The Greeks had a word for "not enough foreskin"! (lipodermos). Comedians such as Aristophanes mocked circumcised men.
  291. Because they are Irish:
    stitions - ''bc we are irish''

    stitions - 'what the...Irish Catholic Church...believed in''
    Facebook, June 25, 2015
    The Catholic church specifically opposes circumcision.

  292. To stop Black men from raping white women:


    "From our observations and experience in such cases, we feel fully warranted in suggesting the wholesale circumcision of the Negro race as an efficient remedy in preventing the predisposition to discriminate raping [= preferentially raping white women] so inherent in that race. We have seen this act as a valuable preventive measure in cases where an inordinate and unreasoning as well as morbid carnal desire threatened physical shipwreck; if in such cases the morbid appetite has been removed or at least brought within manageable and natural bounds, we cannot see why it should not – at least in a certain beneficial degree – also affect the moral stamina of a race proverbial for the leathery consistency, inordinate redundancy, generous sebaceousness and general mental suggestiveness and hypnotizing influence of an unnecessary and rape, murder and lynching breeding prepuce."

    - P.C. Remondino MD, “Questions of the day:
    Negro rapes and their social problems”,
    National Popular Review, Vol. 4,
    January 1894, pp. 3-6

    Remondino’s proposal was supported by several medical journals, including the Maryland Medical Journal and the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (now the New England Journal of Medicine).

    [So yes, circumcision is American - as American as lynching]

  293. Because "a boy should look like his brother" / Because if only one brother is cut, "neither will know which one is normal" / "Once you do the #1 son you might as well do #2."
    (and which one is?)
    Mark H, who was cut at the last minute for this reason, and has never seen his brothers' penises / Surgeon-General Everett B. Coop, 1993 / beatonfam on the Friendly Atheist, August 17, 2013

  294. "Because he was already going to be so different from his peers and his family. He was going to have a scar on his chest and life long medical problems. The least we could do was allow him to look like his father and brother." (He died the next day.)
    Jill Powley Haskins on Facebook, January 5, 2011

  295. Because "according to my cousins husband "every male under his roof has to look the same".
    Does he check before dinner parties? With a surgeon on hand?
    A fan of the Whole Network on Facebook, January 21, 2013

  296. "For good measure" because his older brother was being circumcised
    Told by the (French) older brother to Martin Novoa <acroposthion[AT-sign]hotmail.com>

  297. For variety (leaving brother/s intact)
    "Steven Daniel"

  298. To make him look different from his twin brother

  299. To match his twin sons
    Father gets himself cut to match sons

    Facebook, December 1, 2013 (The same result could of course have been achieved by not cutting any of them.)

  300. "We don't want him to look and ask why... 'why do you look like that, daddy... and I look like this?' ...
  301. ...We wanted him to fit in...
  302. ... to feel that he's part of the family...
  303. ... that there's nothing wrong with him... (!)
  304. ... and he's just the same as daddy!" / Because "a boy should look like his father" / 'Like father like son' / "Because his father is and it is better for them to be alike."
    /"bahoda" in the LA Times, March 29, 2008/(said by a woman who had broken off contact with the father before she knew she was pregnant)
    John [Masseli], in NBC Today Show, Nov 9, 1998/Joe Crummey, KABC Radio, Los Angeles/ letter to Suzanne Cook <nocircofmaine[AT-sign]juno.com> / from Darilynn Starr <sstar[AT-sign]vii.com>

    ''My rule is if the father is circumcised then the son should be the same''

    Jessica Nicole on Badass Mothers and Fathers Uncensored, Facebook, March 17, 2014


  305. Because his mother feared his father wouldn't bond with him if they didn't look the same.
    (This may have some basis - though not justification - in biology)

  306. Because fathers and sons are natural enemies / To channel a father's natural anger and jealousy into one controlled cut
    "The day I cut off my son's foreskin" by Daniel Silberman Brenner/Rabbi Joshua Hammerman in Good Weekend, May 28, 1994

  307. Because "what happens if we don't circumcise him and he sees daddy is different than he is and he takes scissors to his tally-whacker so he can be just like dad?"
    poster on That Kid

  308. Because "In the primeval way of things procreative, we decided to pass on a tradition from father to son."/ Because I wanted to share the circumcision bond with my sons /"As I raised my son I had a primal satisfaction that his penis looked like mine."
    Parents Magazine, February 1999/Dr Alan Greene, www.parenthoodweb.com / longslidenyc on YouTube, December 22, 2010
  309. So that his penis would not be bigger than his father's:
    stitions: "my son can't have a bigger penis than mine"
    - on Melissa Betts' Facebook page. October 2, 2016 He later said it was "a joke".

  310. Because everyone in our family is circumsised
    Reported by John M Foley MD (in FACT magazine, July - August 1966)

  311. Because the mother missed her dead husband's penis [ ! ]
    (posted on an email list for stay-at-home attachment parents: the first husband died before the birth of his son, and the mother posted "I took comfort that if I couldn't have my husband, at least I could have a penis I was comfortable with." )

    The same woman let her second son be cut to save her marriage. Sent by remdog <remdog[AT-sign]earthlink.net>

  312. To make him look like his mother's father

  313. Because of an inborn "vagina envy"
    Bruno Bettleheim cited in The Universality of Incest

  314. To make him look like his peers / To make him feel "regular" / To protect him from ostracism
    //"Court adviser: Circumcision can prevent ostracism", Israel Hayom, January 10, 2014

  315. Because "It is the child's right not to be different from his circumcised friends."
    "Court adviser: Circumcision can prevent ostracism", Israel Hayom, January 10, 2014

  316. Because "until more people start objecting to this procedure, it's easier on the kid to get him circumsised"
    (i.e. Somebody else go first.)
    Bill <Wes676767[AT-sign]aol.com> on the Superconsciousness (?) list

  317. To protect him from being teased / called "cheese dick" / "To prevent "locker-room syndrome" / Because his mother heard of an intact boy in a locker-room being called "flappy".

  318. Because if we ever live in Egypt [my husband is Egyptian] my son won't feel different from other boys
    Lisa <ljahmed[AT-sign]mailcity.com>

  319. To prevent him from feeling excluded from Turkey's culture.

    As an atheist, I did not care about the religious significance of circumcision, but I did not want my son—a half-Turkish boy—to feel excluded from Turkey’s culture.

    Elcin Poyrazier on Vocativ, February 5, 2014


  320. Because his foreskin had been (but was no longer) swollen after a dog bite.

  321. Because his foreskin was connected to his balls.
    His foreskin was connectd to his balls

  322. Because he was allergic to his foreskin.
    He was allergic to his foreskin

  323. Because "he didn't have enough foreskin to be able to have an uncircumcised penis"
    stitions - ''not enough foreskin''

  324. Because his foreskin was too thick (aged 4).
    ''foresking to[o] thick''

    Facebook, April 2, 2014

    (aged 12).

    Thick penis, want foreskin restoration?

    joshua asked 20 hrs ago -
    3 days left to answer

    My penis is too thick, that's why I got a circumcision when I was 12, now that I'm older I want to get foreskin restoration, should I? Or should I not because of my thick penis

    Yahoo! Answers, January 3, 201

  325. "Trim the twig to strengthen the limb" / Because plants require pruning for growth
    Foreskin, p121 / Gwen A Orel <gaost3+[AT-sign]pitt.edu> 3 Dec 1996

  326. Because it does him a favour / Because circumcision is "the KINDEST CUT OF ALL" in a man's life."
    / James Yello <jamesyello[AT-sign]aol.com>

  327. To provide skin for growing for grafts / To use for reconstructive surgery of the inner lining of the mouth / to use as a basis for hair transplantation
    / Told to Richard deSeabra by a nurse from San Antonio, October 14, 1995 / Circumcised foreskins may provide new baldness treatment , Business Standard, October 21, 2013
  328. To provide collagen for cosmetic surgery on lips and cheeks
    "Herd on the Street", Maureen Dowd, New York Times, April 11, 2001

  329. To provide fibroblasts for tissue research.
  330. To provide human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) for injection into the skin to produce collagen and remove wrinkles. (Trademark Vavelta®)

  331. To use his foreskin to make TNS Recovery Complex(TM), an anti-wrinkle cream.

    Skinmedica Tns Recovery Complex - ...The biotechnology of the skin's natural healing process has arrived with the first tissue repairing complex containing growth factors found in normal, healthy skin. The TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) Recovery Complex System with NouriCel-MD®, a research based cosmetic ingredient only found in TNS, is comprised of natural growth factors, antioxidants, matrix proteins, and soluble collagens, to help restore what time takes away.


    Did someone mention soap?
    As seen on Oprah!

  332. To use his foreskin for testing cosmetics for irritation

  333. To use for research into arsenical cancers (Bowen's disease)
    Scientists at National Taiwan University called for volunteers, November 2004

  334. To use his foreskin as a culture medium
    Dr Gerald N. Weiss <gnweiss[AT-sign]frii.com>

  335. To graft on to mice to experimentally induce skin cancer
    HealthSCOUT, quoting "a recent issue of the American Journal of Pathology

  336. So that his glans can breathe.

    So I don't do anything religious. I have a little boy and when my baby boy was born, my mum-in-law, who's English (but she's planning to convert), my mum-in-law asked me if I was gonna have my son circumcised. I said, "Well not unless he's really naughty."

    And she goes, "But aren't you a Muslim?" and I said, "No," and she said, "But weren't you born a Muslim?" and I said, "I don't know, is it hereditary? I should have a DNA test, I could be a Buddhist." Fabulous, comfy clothes!

    My mum isn't religious, but I know that it bothers her that my son isn't circumcised. She keeps looking at his willie and going, "Can it breathe under there?"

    She thinks it might suffocate. My mum's of that sort of background and generation where she keeps going, "But it's cleaner, it's cleaner." And I'm like, "But Mum, I'm just going to teach my son to wash."

    If you've got greasy hair, you don't cut your head off. Like a lot of women, I got to my 30's and I thought "I've got to have a baby now, while my Mum is still young enough to look after it for me." And I'm worried because she looks after my son all the time. My mother is babysitting tonight, and she's obsessed with the fact that he's not circumcised. I'm terrified that one of these nights, I'll go home and my Mum'll be standing there looking all sheepish, going "Shappi, so sorry, was ACCident, I was chopping onions and woooop!"

    Shappi Khorsandi, Shappi Talk BBC radio 4, October 2010 (7'17" in)

  337. So that he will know why when he's about to be murdered by Nazis.

    Many years ago, Rabbi Berel Wein counselled a guardian uncle to pursue bris milah (Jewish circumcision) for his charge, a young boy. The uncle declined, expressing the same experience recounted by Mr. Barta [spared by Nazis because he was intact].

    When the Nazis had reached the uncle’s town, they too had forced the males to disrobe and murdered all those who had been circumcised. Months later, the uncle brought his nephew back for circumcision.

    Rabbi Wein asked the uncle what had led him to change his mind. His response? The presence or absence of circumcision will not stay the hand of those intent on blood. [Yet they had with Mr Barta...] But if and when murderers come to kill his nephew, the uncle wanted him to know why. [Why?]

    - Harold Reiter, Thornhill, Ont. on the National Post, July 5, 2012

  338. To make his penis cleaner / "For hygienic purposes" / Because "no son of mine is gonna have a doggy dick."
    / / steve-o <smcarus[AT-sign]syr.edu>

    "Circumcision is done for three reasons:

  339. Circumcised men like a slower rhythm than uncircumcised men, who run at a rabbit's speed.
    [This is the reverse of the truth.]
  340. Circumcised men are cleaner, smell better, and taste better.
  341. Circumcision confirms membership in an elect group, Americans, Jews, Muslims, and prevents people from hiding in the population who don't belong to those groups."
    Piper98118a in the Seattle times, July 2, 2011

  342. Because it's too much trouble for his mother to clean / They were tired of doing all that careful penis cleaning. / Because we sometimes go to Africa where hygiene is impossible
    / Parents of Erica Youngren's high school friend on the New York Times, December 16, 2014 / told to Pat A Miller <patm.tapsac.nocircoh[AT-sign]juno.com>

  343. "Because I was afraid I would not know how to clean it...
  344. "...I am embarrassed to admit I do not know how to clean it...
  345. "...I would be humiliated to take him to the doctor with an infection...
  346. "...If he got an infection, I would be considered a dirty incompetent mom."
    All four told to Eileen Wayne <EileenWayne[AT-sign]aol.com> by the same woman

  347. Because his parents don't have time to teach him how to care for it
    ''don't have time to teach him to take care of it''

    Lynn on Soggy Mamas, December 9, 2014
    - and it got infected

  348. Because the cleaning instructions for intact boys are contradictory
    Dr Gerald N. Weiss <gnweiss[AT-sign]frii.com>

  349. Because he lacked co-ordination and his mother couldn't imagine him being able to retract his own foreskin
    A friend of Anne LaMotte, quoted in her book "Operating Instructions"

  350. Because men prefer a maintainence-free penis
    Dr William Sears on ParentTime

  351. Because “We will save many litres of water if more men were circumcised because there would be less fiddling in the shower to keep it clean.”
    Dr Paul Cowie in The Border Watch Adelaide, March 16, 2009

  352. Because "if you don't remove the foreskin white dirt forms and comes alive, moves to your heart and kills you...wow.... "
    Shane Ploof on Amazon.com, June 4, 2011

  353. Because he's autistic

    stitions - "because he's autistic"

    - Facebook, July 2020
  354. Because  his mother  might have to clean him if he was autistic

  355. Because his mother thought that cleaning him was too much like masturbating him / Because cleaning him could be misinterpreted as masturbating him / Because parents might be uncomfortable discussing penile hygiene with him
    /Steve Scott at the 6ISGI/ Dr Marianne Neifert in "Dr Mom"

    ''to clean him ... I felt like a pedophile...''

  356. Because he shouldn't have to pull it back to clean it "like a woman".
    stitions: "he shouldn't have to pull sking back to clean it like a woman"
  357. Because he got erections when he was cleaning it

    I realize that this is a very personal decision and I respect everyone's right to choose circumcision or not - what's right for one family or person may not be right for another. So please no one get upset!! :} This has just been my experience

    My firstbom son is 7 years old. When I was expecting him, we read lots of facts and debates and studies and decided not to circumcise him. It was a good decision for us at the time. :} From everything I read and understood, there was no medical benefit to circumcision as long as boys are taught to clean their intact penis properly (meaning, that when they get old enough the foreskin should be pulled back to clean underneath every so often). However, we are a very religious family with strict guidelines on moral conduct and didn't realize that in order to pull the foreskin back, our little boy basically had to have an erection. When he was 4 and this started happening, we got very concemed. We believe that masturbation is inappropriate behavior and could see the problems that him having an intact penis would present in later years. So after more research, much talking with our son, and fervant prayer, we decided to have him circumcised. The surgery was performed when he was 5 years old by a pediatric urologist and it went wonderfully. It was a good decision for us and one that we don't regret. If the baby I'm currently carrying is a boy, we plan to have him circumcised (but not as a newborn - we will wait until he is 2-3 months old).

    My brother, however, has had ill-luck with the circumcisions of his 2 little boys (who were circumcised at birth). They were basically botched surgeries that have required several more surgeries over the years to correct. My heart aches for my brother and his wife as well as my nephews in their struggles. So I can understand and relate to both sides of the circumcision question.

    - rainy.day.mama on Community Baby Center, February 18, 2012

  358. To prevent erections at inappropriate times

    Circumcision removes an extremely sensitive area.

    Without removal, this area may cause unintentional arousal at the most inappropriate times.

    "Little Johnny, would you like to come up to the chalkboard and solve this equation?"

    "No thanks teacher, I'll take the zero rather than show off my raging woody."

    - Ginsengbull on Bloomberg, August 21, 2012

  359. To make his genitals odourless

  360. Because the body of an uncircumcised person smells like an un-castrated male goat
    Believed in West Timor

  361. "to get rid of that stinky copper deposit... ." David Alvin Pierre Lang on Facebook, February 27, 2013

  362. ...male circumcision is a beautiful thing and not a barbaric thing or mutilation. That is why we circumcise..because it is beautiful.
    Candybags <candybags[AT-sign]shaw.ca> on the circumcision_pro_or_con group, Aug 5, 2003

  363. To make his penis look nicer/cuter/sexy/pretty
    / / <vuckovic[AT-sign]interaccess.com> (G. Vuckovic)
    ''...how much cuter #circumcision makes your penis?

    Facebook, March 28, 2014

    stitions - ''pretty pee pee''
  364. Because it exposes the most beautiful part / Because it's an "aesthetic enhancement"
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398 / <wadi4885[AT-sign]my-dejanews.com>

  365. Because "A foreskin does nothing to the appearance of the penis; it's kind of like a permanent hood. I like seeing people's faces!"
    poster on That Kid

  366. Because "There is no sight more beautiful that the permanently exposed glans, looking up at you, so helpless, vulnerable, and totally exposed."
    poster on That Kid

  367. Because "My girlfriend's husband isn't and she makes fun of it and calls it a mushroom for heavens sake!"
    (What does she think a circumcised one looks like?)
    poster on That Kid

  368. Because "cut looks manly, uncut looks like a boy lol"
    rams-4021712 on MSNBC, September 3, 3011

  369. "More aerodynamic look is yet another reason."
    Steven Tombalakian on Athens Patch, September 24, 2011

  370. Because "circumcision provides the perfect penis".
    A urologist to an adult man who told John D. Dalton <cole[AT-sign]dentfell.demon.co.uk>

  371. Because an uncircumcised penis looks funny /"repulsive"/... like a piece of meat / "...sort of marsupial, or like [a] little rodent[] stuck in [a] garden hose[]."/ "Because if your not cut.....you look like a freak!!"
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398 /Mohel Manenahem Fleishman in "Circumcision" a film by Ari Libsker (0'36")/ Anne LaMott, "Operating Instructions" / Bradley Wells <QHRQ11B[AT-sign]prodigy.com>

  372. Because it makes it uniformly pink
    (It doesn't, of course - on the contrary.)
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398

  373. Because our son ended up being born with a really tight foreskin, so much so that it was discolored and our OB said it really had to be done.
    Lisa <ljahmed[AT-sign]mailcity.co>

  374. Because he was "presenting with a megaprepuce that had both physical and mental effects, eg in his relations with his peers and in emotional anxiety for his parents" / Because his foreskin is "excessively long"
    Gomez, British Journal of Urology 1997; 80:357-361 / Gomez et al, British Journal of Urology (1996), 78, 959-960

  375. Because the doctors said his urethra was too long
    (This is nonsense. The state of the foreskin has no effect on the urethra. They probably meant his foreskin was too long - for their comfort.)
    I. H. personal communication

  376. "Because [my sister's] doctor said having his glans exposed would help calm him down a little (he's terribly hyper)." (The writer goes on "It's certainly more natural than using drugs like Ritalin")
    Posted Feb 24, 2000, on ParentSpace by chelle_ken

  377. To improve his appetite: "His poor appetite was caused by his foreskin".
    Told by a doctor to a maid in Brasilia to latinlonestar, reported on the Intactivism yahoo group July 9, 2009

  378. To prevent excessive crying / Because "If you don't have him circumcised and he gets an infection, he'll cry and cry and cry and you'll never be able to get him to stop."
    Reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581 /

  379. Because "it improves his health"
    Beth on www.parenthoodweb.com

  380. Because four children recovered from illness after being circumcised.

    "Fuuya’s strong support for the revival of imbalu [Ugandan tribal circumcision] was fuelled by the recuperation of his four male children from their incessant sickness after they underwent circumcision. It was his Kalenjin wife and her brother who prevailed upon him to circumcise his children who had been sick for a while. Soon after the rite, they recovered,” Wakitonyi explains.

    New Vision (Uganda), May 15, 2014


  381. Because his great-uncle had had a really bad infection (at the age of 50).
    stitions - ''his uncle waited until he was 50 to get it done''
    - 2022
  382. To prevent/cure yeast infections

  383. "because it reduces the incidence of skin infections like fungi."
    [Athlete's foot is also a fungus - should we cut off babies' little toes too?]
    Niila Keshava on World Focus, June 9, 2009

  384. In case he gets "mold" in that area:
    stitions "what if he gets mold in that area...?
    - Gofundme account for "Trying to get baby Circumcised by Trish Rogerson", January 19, 2017

  385. To eliminate infection from scratched mite bites

    When I was 18 and in the Army, during infantry training after Basic, we were out in a swamp area and in a lot of grass. I got chiggers in my foreskin ... After one episode of scratching, the area was hugely swollen and the scratches were bleeding. It soon was infected. The Army doctor said they could treat the infection but the problem would be eliminated if I was circumcised.

    jumper-269373 on Newsvine, April 2, 2009

  386. To treat infection caused by leaving popping candy under his foreskin for three weeks after years of neglect.
    stitions-popping candy under foreskin
    stitions - full story of years of neglect, the popping candy only the last straw
    The need for genital cutting, instead of just treating the infection, is debatable. The man clearly enjoyed having his foreskin. The last lines make it clear that he understood what his real mistake was, and the headline is a misquote. Popping candy does not effervesce under the foreskin (it needs the acidity of saliva). The ill-effects arise from the sugar, as with any other confectionary. The question arises whether any of this story is true.

  387. To prevent him getting eggs in his penis causing infection
    stitions "he won't have eggs in his penis''
  388. To prevent/cure balanitis
  389. To prevent a nameless glans-eating disease
    stitions - ''there's some kind of disease that runs in my mom's side of the family...that eats away at the head of the penis''
    (A myth like this can pass down through several generations)
    - Facebook, December 21. 2015
  390. To prevent/cure phimosis / "tight skin" / Because it wouldn't retract at birth
    / Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581 / The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398

  391. Because "it defiantely reduces chances of ... painful stretching of muscle during coitus."
    Patrick Muigai in the LA Times, March 30, 2008

  392. Because his father had phimosis

    When we had our son in 1986 I decided to have him partially circumcised. The only reason for it was I remember having pain when pushing the foreskin over the head of my penis when I used to masturbate. I didn't want him having the same problem, not that it's a predominant problem that I'm aware of. ...

    - RickRayFSM at the American Humanist, September 5, 2012

    [Partial circumcision would create a ring of scar tissue that might cause phimosis instead of preventing it.]


  393. Because he had a hereditary disposition to phimosis

    ...there is a hereditary problem with extremeley tight foreskin. If we would have waited, my sons would have had to have a very painful surgery and recovery.

    - Dolorese McLennan in Canada.com, June 20, 2012

  394. Because phimosis can cause brain problems
    stitions: ''phimosis can cause brain problems''
    - on her own page, September 3, 2017
    She later claimed she was joking, but at least one person accepted her reasoning:
    stitions - brain problems taken seriously
  395. Because his father had meatal stenosis
    ."My husband had to have surgery to open up his pee hole because it was fusing shut.

    Meatal stenosis is a complication of circumcision. Comment on an article in the Huffington Post, April 10, 2015

  396. "I had him circumcized because the foreskin kept getting tighter and tighter as he got older to the point where he could no longer retract it and if he did not get it circumcized the chances of his developing gangrene were not even a question."

    gangrene of the genitals

    KnowYourMeme, August 16, 2014

  397. Because "apparently there is something in the Korean genotype [hereditary makeup] that causes problems with penile phimosis"
    (Only the South Korean genotype, it seems)
    A teacher in South Korea to Matthew L <mjl[AT-sign]f1.net.au>

  398. Because he was (one of 16) in the control group for an experiment that showed that topical steriods succesfully treated phimosis
    Br J Urol 1996 Nov; 78(5): 786-788

  399. To prevent/cure paraphimosis

  400. To prevent Urinary Tract Infection

  401. To prevent infant epididymitis (infection of the sperm-storage tubules behind the testes)

  402. Because he had an accumulation of water in his scrotum which, had he not been circumcised, would have made him sterile
    (They probably just took the opportunity to c. him when they were draining his scrotum. Maybe they lied, maybe he misunderstood.)
    A schoolfriend of John D. Dalton <cole[AT-sign]dentfell.demon.co.uk>

  403. To prevent high blood pressure
    Dr Thomas Wiswell, Knight-Ridder newspapers 2/Apr/97
  404. To prevent heart attacks
    stitions- heart attack
    - on Intact America's Facebook page, August 11, 2016
  405. To prevent the formation of gallstones
    Dr Edgar Schoen, quoted in USA Today, July 1995

  406. To perhaps reduce the risk of meningitis
    Dr Meg Meeker, "The Wisdom of a Pediatrician, the Heart of a Mother", October 7, 2011

  407. To cure a stomach infection
    A man at a NORM-SoCal meeting, sent by Gary Harryman <Glharryman[AT-sign]aol.com>

  408. To cure an allergic reaction
    Richard Branson "Losing My Virginity" p142 (It didn't work.)

  409. To prevent prostate cancer
    Dr. Abraham Ravich

  410. As a prerequisite for prostate cancer treatment
  411. In case he ever needs treatment for prostate cancer
    a man who had to be circumcised before he could be treated for prostate cancer...
    Facebook, May 3, 2015

  412. Because he was born with ichthyosis
    (A rare skin condition affecting the whole body)
    A friend of Nathan Kennard <nathankennard[AT-SIGN]hotmail.com>

  413. Because he has diabetes

    if you are a man and aren't circumcised you best make sure you never get diabetes (because you will be told circumcision is medically warranted to avoid some very serious medical complications).

    SAICS on MSNBC, March 29, 2012

  414. "An urologist who checked my penis suggested me to circumcise my penis because he says the little white points [around the gland] can be dangerous, meaning being transmited while sex."
    These papillae coronis are perfectly normal and common.
    A correspondent to David Stevens <davidstevens[AT-sign]sbcglobal.net>

  415. To prevent rupture
    Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581

  416. To prevent boils

  417. "To combat the ravages of schistosomal infectious symptomatology"
    A schistosome is a threadworm. Symptomatology is the study of symptoms.
    Gerald N. Weiss M.D. <gnweiss,frii.com>

  418. To cure genital crabs
    A caller to the Howard Stern Show, September 4, 2003

  419. To prevent or cure alcoholism, asthma, curvature of the spine, epilepsy, gout, hernia, headaches and rheumatism
    P C Remondino, 1891
    sitition "because he got a hernia''

  420. In case he inherits eczema
    My boyfriend is cut and since eczema runs in his family he's more than grateful he's cut because he gets flare ups on his penis and were the skin still folds causes him horrible pain to the point that he's come to bed with a warm washcloth wrapped around it because it was the only way he could get any sleep from the pain. So that's my main reason I don't want to chance my son having eczema passed to him as well and it causing him pain all his life.
    - posted to a private Facebook page, March 25, 2017
    Cutting did NOT protect the boyfriend at all, and on the contrary, may have determined the site of his eczema
  421. To treat eczema
    Recommended to craig in Yahoo Answers, March 26, 2012

  422. To help him cope with chicken pox
    Geoffrey T. Falk

  423. Because he had stomach pains

    I was talking to a friend recently about circumcision. She told me that her husband went to see the doctor for stomach pains. He is young, 30 or so. The doctor actually told him that the reason he might be having stomach pains is because he isn't circumcised. Can you believe it? He was in pain but said he didn't think that was it. I would have called him a quack and asked for someone who was actually educated. Is there nothing they won't try to blame on foreskin? It makes me scared to take my child to these kinds of doctors. I don't want him to be made to feel like his natural body is some sort of problem.

    "- a friend of Brother K on Facebook, August 23, 2014

  424. To prevent swine 'flu
    Proposed, in apparent seriousness, on the basis of correlation between swine 'flu and intactness in Mexico vs the USA and on a sort of "Why not? It's good for everything else!" basis, at the Universal [formerly Mandatory] Circumcision website, May 4, 2009

  425. To prevent Covid-19
    stitions - so that urine in the "PENICE" will not transmit "CORONAVIRES"

  426. Among the adult diagnoses are apocrine miliaria,

    Aprocrine miliaria (Fox-Fordyce Disease): A rare disorder, usually of women, where sweat trapped in the sweat glands results in itching inflammation of the involved tissue. There are no sweat glands under the foreskin.

  427. calculus [stone] in bladder,
  428. and sterilization [probably on a "Would you like a circumcision with that?" basis]
    from a list of circumcision diagnoses from the University Hospital of South Manchester, 2010

  429. Because he hadn't urinated hours after birth
    (He had.)
    MBLNovoa <chuff[AT-sign]pacbell.net:>

  430. So that the tip of the penis (glans) and the opening of the urethra, through which the baby urinates, are exposed to air
    The foreskin is the tip of the penis
    Supplied by Pat a. Miller <patm.tapsac.nocircoh[AT-sign]juno.com>

  431. Because "a small piece of skin that covered my urethra had to be removed so I could urinate."
    Posted by Jim to fathermag.com, Nov 5, 2007

  432. Because doctors botched correcting an imperforate foreskin.

    My partner was born with no opening in his foreskin, there was like a scar where it should have been. ... when they tried to fix his foreskin they started by just creating an opening but they didn't use his natural one and it split leaving him with two openings so they had to do a circumcision. ...So when I say it was real medical reasons, I don't mean American medical reasons!

  433. Because a foreskin that completely covers the glans is abnormal
    On this basis, the same study found 49% of intact men to be "abnormal"
    Osmond TE. Is routine circumcision advisable? J Royal Army Med Corps. 1953; 99:254.

  434. To stop him dribbling when he pees / sprinkling on the toilet seat / To prevent difficulty with micturation in childhood
    Jason Ashley//

    When I was a kid I sprayed everywhere when I peed and this was the only way to fix it.

    Upset in New Scientist, May 2, 2011

    When I was about 4-5 years old my parents decided to have me circumcised because I would never pull the skin back when I urinated, which resulted in a lot of messy bathroom floors.

    David S. on Amazon.com, May 27, 2011

  435. Because "One benefit of circumcision - you get a finer stream. He'll be writing his name on the wall before you know it! "
    A narrower stream is a consequence of meatal stenosis caused by meatal ulcers, and is not a benefit
    Skyring (Peter) on Twitter, March 8, 2009

  436. Because "... you don't have to use tissue papers in urinals clogging the systems"
    binkezzy in the Standard (Kenya), June 17, 2014

  437. Because his father  hates pulling his foreskin back to pee...
  438. and because it's hard for his father to pull back his foreskin when he's drunk.
    stitions - father lazy to pull back when peeing / gets drunk
    ...and no suggestion that the drunken, lazy father might have himself cut to solve his own problem.
    - Facebook, February , 2016
  439. Because "If you don't do that they get a rupture.... The urine will get all backed up and won't come out properly." / To allow him to urinate
    stition '' ... allows the pee to come out''
    A nursing graduate to Coontail <coontail[AT-sign]my-deja.com> /  /On Twitter as "an example of something someone said to you that was so astonishingly stupid that you can never forget it." August 26, 2018

  440. Because too much urine was collecting in his foreskin
    ''urine collecting in his foreskin''
    Facebook, May 31, 2015

  441. "We did it for potty training. It's just easier that way."
    In "a local daily paper" submitted by <gdavis[AT-sign]griffin.emba.uvm.edu> (Gary Davis)
  442. Because "My son, now 4, continues to put all kinds of things into his foreskin (coins, for example), which I presume would not happen if he were circumsized."
    poster on That Kid

  443. To confer "societal health benefits"

  444. Because scar tissue had formed at the end of his foreskin making it hard to urinate (the doctor had ordered the mother to retract his foreskin forcibly from four months onward)
    From Darillyn Starr <Sstar[AT-sign]vii.com>

  445. Because "my cousin's penis, started growing shut, and if he wouldn't have had it cut, he could have died. (if it was let closed shut completely)
    An anonymous poster on misc.kids.pregnancy

  446. Because "there wouldn't have had any place for my penis to grow"
    [Name removed at writer's request]

  447. Because he had a large glans
    Peter Patterson, Toronto, Canada, personal communication / RW, UK in the Daily Mail, February 16, 2013

  448. Because "the foreskin and the frenulum stop the growth of the penis and in some cases circumcision is necessary to protect the boy or man from the psychological trauma of an abnormally small penis."
    a respected gynecologist, doctor's union official, and a political power in the Institute Mexicano Seguro Social (Social Security) to Dr Sergio Aguilar

  449. To prevent stunted growth of his whole body
    In the Philippines, where boys are circumcised before adolescence.

    The NGO I was working with once had a Dutch volunteer named Michiel, who helped us with integrated pest management. During his first summer in the Philippines, he noticed right away that there were many places offering free tuli services. When he asked our NGO about it, the staff went into a long explanation about what circumcision is and why it was considered so important in the Philippines. One important reason, several of our staff insisted, was that uncircumcised males would not grow tall. Michiel was amused and just could not help himself. Garnering all the Filipino he had learned, he proclaimed, “Hindi yan totoo. . .” (That’s not true). There was this very pregnant pause as the Filipino staff stared at Michiel, who was 6’3”. We had met many European volunteers, enough to know that most of their males were, well, supot (uncircumcised), and all were very tall. In contrast, there we were, Filipinos, almost hobbit-like compared to the Europeans, insisting that circumcision was essential for height.

    Michael Tan in the Inquirer (Philippines) 27 October, 2010

  450. Because "It makes a boy mature faster"
    And that is a good thing because...?
    Said by a friend of Quark, posting at Foreskin-Restoration.net

  451. Because "his father tried to tell him that the procedure would make him taller"
    Janma, writing in Indonesia Matters on March 18th, 2008. She goes on: "we all looked at him somewhat blankly before collapsing into laughter. He never mentioned it again." - a fitting reaction to many (if not all) of these reasons.

  452. Because he is under anaesthetic already for another operation
    Combined tonsillectomy and circumcision became so common it was called "T & C"
    One mother told Suzanne Cooke <Scookie5[AT-sign]aol.com> how she'd fought in 1977 to keep her son intact, but they got him when they were bringing down a testicle.

    dvoskuil[AT-sign]tic.bisman.com (Duane Voskuil Ph.D.)

  453. So that he will do better at school
    Recommended by Dr Manuel Neto of North Dakota to Mona Goheen, who wrote to the National Post, October 27, 1999

  454. Because the nurse misheard "excision" (of an abcess in his mouth) as "circumcision"
    The Nation (Thailand), January 28, 2009

  455. Because he strayed near an initiation site
    Five Zimbabwean boys in South Africa, the Herald (Harare), July 14, 2009

  456. Because "it reduces a boy's excessive fascination with his penis" / "Many parents of uncircumcised male children have been alarmed at their children's abnormal focus on their own private parts. In this regard, the pain connected with the procedure of circumcision could have a significant beneficial factor."
    Beth on www.parenthoodweb.com / Basic Care Bulletin "How to Make a Wise Decision on Circumcision" of The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) quoted at Recovering Grace, November 18, 2011

  457. To protect him from getting stuck in a zipper

  458. To extract him from a zipper

  459. To prevent it getting "ripped whilst playing, running around etc."

    CaseyJane21 07/07/14

    I didnt plan on getting bub done but then I started hearing horror stories of how others children have ripped it whilst playing, running around etc. Sounds very traumatic :/



  460. Because it had been damaged in a freak accident

    None of my father's 5 brothers had theirs done in infancy, but in one painful way or another, it happened to all 6 of them. ... My uncles received theirs from horseback riding, traffic accidents, a skiing accident, etc.

    This can occasionally be a good reason, but five?


  461. To prevent it being damaged in a freak accident

    ... they got together to complain about their father not having done it at birth.

    Elizaeth S on Gather, March 8, 2011

  462. Because it had been caught in a door and "was going to" get infected

    Jeremy Gie Kung

    on Facebook, July 5, 2014
    So the oddest story of the day was when a young man came up to me and said he was circumcised at 2 years old because he got his foreskin closed in a door and the Doctor told his parents it was going to get infected.

  463. To find out how much damage had been done after he tore it in a bicycle accident
    stition - to see how much damage had been done
    - Facebook, January 9, 2016


  464. Because "I had a boyfriend who was not cirumsized and one day the forskin tore, and bled... "
    [That would be the frenulum - not a case for cirumcision]
  465. "... Also, I know of a hockey player That was hit in his groin and needed to have it done"
    [It is hard to imagine what kind of injury could have that outcome.]
    Becky on Babycenter.com, November 1511

  466. Because he likes the sound of kadodi - music of drums and horns associated with circumcision.
    Uganda: Kadodi Joins Mainstream Entertainment, AllAfrica.com, April 13, 2011

  467. So his cousin wouldn't have to go through the procedure by himself.
    "He argued to his parents that he didn't want a circumcision and was happy the way he was. They didn't listen. The young man was devastated and is upset about the experience and the results to this day."
    Told to Richard Kurylo who was staffing an Intactivist stall.at the Castro St Fair, San Francisco, 2010

  468. To prevent masturbation - and prevent or treat about 100 allegedly consequent ailments, including arthritic hips*, blindness, headaches, hydrocephaly, insanity, kidney disease, kleptomaina, leprosy, moral depravity, rectal prolapse, plague and tuberculosis ...
    John Kellogg, 1888
    *Lewis A. Sayre, 1870s (vehemently opposed to routine c., though)

  469. "Little sufferers with infantile paralysis [poliomyelitis],
  470. ...Pott's disease [spinal tuberculosis],
  471. ...hip disease,
  472. ...chorea [twitching]
  473. ...worms, and almost anything else were subjected to this nearly always unnecessary mutilation."
    Ap Morgan Vance MD in a paper (Trans. KSMS VIII, 1900) on "Surgical Fanaticism" presented to the 45th annual session of the Kentucky State Medical Society in Georgetown, KY in May 1900

  474. To punish him for masturbating
    There are many anecdotes about a young male being caught, usually by his grandmother, and circumcised for this reason, but ...

    ... my father... said ... in WW II... the only time this was an issue (two soldiers who kept the other men up by the noise of the spring beds) that the problem was solved by a AAF doctor who circumcised the two nocturnal offenders, which kept the[m] quiet for the time it took to heal, with a warning, if they didn't stop after the operation, he would come back and trim something else off to solve the problem permanently.

    - George S. Foss on Amazon.com, April 7, 2012

  475. To stop lint sticking to it after masturbation: "I prefer my dick cut, less lint sticks to it when after I jerk off.
    GaylordPariah on Imgur, February 13. 2014

  476. So that he will be easier to control as a teenager

  477. To prevent teenage pregnancy.

    One [Colorado] lawmaker, Rep. Sue Schafer ... elicited laughter in the hearing room when she asked ... if circumcision might help reduce teen pregnancy rates and teen sexual activity by reducing nerve sensation in boys' penises.

    "I'm wondering if there's a risk of more sexual activity, more male irresponsibility" for uncircumcised boys, Schafer asked.

    Joshi & Schafer at Colorado hearing
    Rep. Janak Joshi looks incredulous at Rep. Schafer's question. Joshi, a retired doctor, voted against restoring circumcision funding.

    - Health Policy Solutions May 5, 2012

  478. To "create a rosebud that will bloom when he's 18."
    An angry man to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com>

  479. Because "Apparently it is easier to put a condom on a circumcised penis."
    VelvenJinxx at Chicago Now, August 23, 2010 (She was not convinced by this reason.)

  480. Because "real men get circumcised" / In order to become a real man
    Ghas at Ghaz goes global, December 15, 2010 / I got circumcised in 1990s because I wanted to be a REAL MAN! – JAMES ORENGO REVEALS on Trending News, March 29, 2014


  481. To make a man of him
    In 1996 in Queensland, an Aboriginal woman identified as "Gladys" told Ambrose John Neal to "make a man of" Irwin Brookdale, which he did with a broken bottle. Brookdale got $A10,000 in damages. AFP Oct 8, 1997.

  482. To destroy his maculinity and deprive him of his dignity

    "Forced nudity, mutilation of sexual organs and violation of privacy of the victims were designed to destroy their masculinity and force non-locals to flee," the prosecution stated.

    "Luo men were forcibly circumcised, others castrated in front of their families in a move meant to degrade and deprive the victims of their dignity," Adeboyejo said. ...

    "Mungiki raped, forcibly circumcised and amputated victims' genitals"
    - The Standard (Kenya), September 22, 2011

    "During events like Istanbul Pogrom (around 1950s) the attackers were circumcising the penises of Armenian and Greek priests in front of everyone as a degradation."

    An Armenian correspondent born in Turkey.
    Armenians and Georgians do not circumcise.

  483. Because "Y'all are making ur boys into fags by not doing it"
    Woman on a parenting page of Facebook, 2012

  484. To punish him for homosexuality/cure his homosexuality
    D-----, friend of B------, was 26, and it was done at his parents' behest in Colombia while he was under general anaesthetic for another operation. Personal communication./Dear Abby, June 9, 2006/"Cutboy93400" was cut at the age of 14 after he was caught masturbating with another boy - personal communication.

  485. To punish him for going AWOL / trying to escape from prison
    / Bud Berkeley, "Foreskin", p 153

  486. To punish him for bestiality
    Dr Charles E. Briggs was surgeon of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, a unit of black soldiers. Private James Riley was accused of bestiality with a mare, but acquitted. Nevertheless Dr Briggs had the soldier bound and gagged, then performed a punitive circumcision and mutilated the soldier's penis with a hot iron, all without anesthetics. (For this malpractice, torture, assault, and battery, Briggs was court-martialled.) - Tarnished Scalpels: The Court-Martials of Fifty Union Surgeons by Thomas P. Lowry and Jack D. Welsh, Stackpole Books. (Read reviews and order from Amazon.com)

  487. To punish him for stealing a Circumstraint (tm)
    "Babyboy", New York,

  488. To punish him for antisemitism
    On the ABC programme "The View", comedienne Joy Behar suggested this for actor Mel Gibson after his drunken antisemitic tirade on July 21, 2006

  489. To punish Abraham for fornication
    stitions-"because he fornicated with his maidservant'
    According to Gen 16:1, it was Abram's wife Sarai's idea that he sleep with his maidservant, Hagar. Male genital cutting was reportedly not inaugurated for another 13 years.
    Twitter, January 1, 2019

  490. To punish him for seducing other people’s wives.
    Reported as the origin of the custom among the Bagishu of Uganda, July 21, 2010

  491. To punish him for catching an STD

  492. To prevent STDs
    (syphilis) Jonathan Hutchinson, 1856

  493. Because he had had an STD and "otherwise it would have resulted in a sterile future"
    told by a Navy medic to the father of a correspondent with Ken Avery <kenny318east3rd[AT-sign]hotmail.com>, 1950s

  494. To cure an STD
    Frank Capra contracted gonorrhoea and was circumcised in a vain attempt at a cure. - Robert Schnakenberg, Secret Lives of the Great Filmmakers

  495. To prevent HIV

  496. To prevent transmission of the Zika virus  (Somehow it skipped Ebola....)

    Woman found to spread Zika through sex for first time
    10:10 AM Sunday Jul 17, 2016

    A New York City woman infected her male partner with Zika virus through sex, the first time female-to-male transmission of the germ has been documented.
    And the man was uncircumcised, and uncircumcised men are considered at higher risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases.

  497. Because it's "easier to perform curve correction surgery for Peyronie's Disease in circumcised men"
  498. and "Much better cosmetic result after penile implant placement in circumcised men (less floppy glans)"
    Dr John Mulcahy, a private practice urologist on Urology Times' Editorial Council, on @UrologyTimes tweetfest, #circumchat, November 2, 2012

  499. Because he is having surgery for urethral stenosis or posterior urethral valve.

    Today Matthew saw his pediatrician. He still has had hardly any wet diapers.There are two possibilities that could be causing him not to pee. One is definitely stenosis in his penis from when Boston had put a catheter in. Which is making it very narrow for any urine to come through. Another is also that he may have an extra valve. This is called posterior urethral valve. The valve obstructs or blocks the urine when it tries to come through the urethra. For either one of these, he will need a surgical procedure. He also will need to be circumcised before this procedure. I know that's kind of TMI.. but since you all follow our journey, it's important to be known because circumcision in heart babies is a very, very dangerous procedure. The stress alone from it can cause heart issues in regular babies, so I'm sure you get the idea of how it could affect Matthew. Plus he has an increased risk of blood clotting. After that is done they will place a catheter in. Then once it is in place they will use a microscopic camera and laser and basically burn the valve that is causing the obstruction.

    Miracles for Matthew on https://www.facebook.com/mfmatthew/posts/324649224376619?fref=nf, August 19, 2014

  500. Because his foreskin was growing back (after his first circumcision)
    Friends of Gabrielle Rhodes' husband <rhodes38[AT-sign]home.com>

  501. To initiate him when crossing the Equator

  502. Because "circumcised (Samoan and Tongan) men are better Rugby League players."
    Metro (NZ) September 1999

  503. Because he will be prevented from speaking in public if his (Samoan) father is intact.
    Pacific Star (NZ) February/March 1999

  504. Because his intactness had been causing misfortune to his family

    September  25, 2014

    Uganda: Pablo - the Day I Survived the Imbalu Knife

    by Pablo Kimuli

    The year was 2008 when Stephen Mujoroto, an elderly UPC veteran from Mbale, was arrested by well-built youth, among them his son, for allegedly dodging 'imbalu', the Bagisu cultural circumcision rite.

    His family attributed their misfortunes to his cowardice to face the knife. He had successfully evaded the knife for at least 40 years, disguising himself as a Muganda. Mzee Mujoroto was whisked to Nsambya where the foreskin of his manhood was lopped off, as a way of clearing a cultural debt.

  505. Because it was a requirement to interview jungle rebels

    the Telegraph
    November 7, 2011

    Papua New Guinea reporter undergoes circumcision to get the scoop

    By Jonathan Pearlman

    A Papua New Guinea reporter who agreed to be circumcised with bamboo sticks to secure an interview with a group of jungle rebels has won a journalism award for “best scoop”.

    The journalist, Simon Eroro, won the annual in-house award run by News Limited - Rupert Murdoch’s Australian arm - for a story which required him to cross rivers and jungles to reach a group of rebels, only to be told he must first agree to the circumcision as part of a cleansing ceremony. Mr Eroro agreed – and got the interviews.


  506. Because "the doctor told my mother that her newborn son would never be able to be an astronaut if he didn't get circumcised"
    ctdfalconer on The Atlantic, October 3,2012

  507. Because it was a requirement before you could see the doctor
    Told to Tom H. <workhard[AT-sign]home.com> of Oshawa, Southern Ontario in 1954 by his family

  508. Because it was a requirement for joining a political party

    One cold morning in 1993, a young Nairobi matatu tout defected from Ford-Kenya to the Ford-Asili political party.

    To prove the sincerity of his move, he submitted to the circumciser’s knife.

    - Uncry these tears, unspeak the president: the East African (Kenya), February 25, 2012

  509. Because [the Jews] lived in the desert, and the dust and dirt would get in there in young boys and cause infections
    (This belief is widespread, and has no foundation.)
    An anonymous poster on misc.kids.pregnancy

  510. To protect him from irritation when fighting in the desert / Because his mother had heard that Americans in the trenches in World War I got infections under their foreskins / "An old family friend, who was a ww2 nurse in New Guinea, told us that the snip was a very good thing if you ever have to spend an extended period fighting in a tropical jungle."
    [No submarines yet!]
    Tried on HY's mother in 1942, and by Kim Saffron's mother in 1964 / Darillyn Starr <Sstar[AT-sign]vii.com> / christo on In mala fide, June 8, 2010

  511. Because he was going to serve in Vietnam and "might have to walk through swamps" / Because men in Vietnam got crotch rot.
    (As the man himself said, wouldn't his foreksin protect him in that case?) / According to emedicine, crotch rot (Tinea cruris) typically spares the penis and scrotum.
    Brother of G--- J---; personal communication. / Posted on YouTube by JoeBobOneHalf

  512. To be allowed to work in a US Army kitchen (in Korea)
    Prof. DaiSik Kim

  513. To make him fit for military service

  514. To promote military discipline

  515. Because it is "a requirement for admission to the armed forces / the US Marines / As a requirement of joining the Coast Guard, because the foreskin is a "health problem"
    Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581 / Helen Bryce <bryce[AT-sign]cruzio.com> quoting Dodie Hall on fgm-l citing Marvin Zindler of LeGrange, TX / Randy Reinhart >randyr[AT-sign]connect.net 

  516. As a requirement to serve in the Pakistani Air Force.
    stitions-"Circumcision should be mandatory for all candidates joining military services''

  517. Because he thought it was a requirement for medical school
     stitions - required for medical school
    Facebook, 2015
  518. Because he was "in a yogic path, that identified circumcism as one of the 16 important actions to take in one’s life, once and/or ongoing."
    Richard Witty on +972mag, June 30, 2012

  519. As entertainment and
  520. To protect them from being circumcised as entertainment


    "My grandpa told me then when he was in the navy in WWII that any dude who had a foreskin was required to get it cut off. i remember him telling me how they would put a barber chair in the middle of the deck and line up any uncut kids to get circd on deck while other sailors watched. he said it was kinda like entertainment cuz there was lots of down time even out in the pacific. anyways, grandpa was cut so he never had to go through that but he said it like convinced 100% of dudes to make sure their kids were cut. thats why my dad, uncles, and all us kids were cut as soon as we popped out. LOL.
    Told by "jmgcoonhunter" on circumsexual.com on Nov 6, 2007 [Notice that nowhere is any real reason given.]

  521. Because you get two days off military service to recover (Taiwanese army/UK troops in Singapore)
    D.J. Toman <milesian[AT-sign]asiaonline.net.tw> / "The Virgin Soldiers" (film, 1969, UK)

  522. To escape military service (and death).
    My husband cut a soldier to speed his return hom from Vietnam, from a platoon commander who wanted him to be killed
  523. - Twitter, May 22, 2021

  524. Because a friend of the adoption social worker was circumcised in the Navy, and he was a mess
    Darillyn Starr <Sstar[AT-sign]vii.com>

  525. Because he is a police recruit in Zambia
    "Zambia Police to circumcise all male recruits" Lusaka Times, June 18, 2009

  526. To use his foreskin to make a magical lotion, protective against enemies:

    “In one incident an Inkatha member was captured on his way to work and was brought to the self-defence units, who handed him to a sangoma. The man’s hands were tied behind his back and he was circumcised on the spot.

    “It is said the foreskin of his penis was mixed with other herbs to make intelezi , which we were ordered to smear our bodies with to be invincible against Inkatha members.

    - Former ANC cadre Donald Stephen Makhura, reported in City Press (South Africa) February 7, 2010

  527. To make him look like his master / Because his master ordered it
    Advice column, Friction magazine, August 1989 (advised against allowing it) / Tom Hodgson ordered it for his "lover"/slave, Robert McEwan in Perth, Australia, in the 1980s. McEwan stabbed Hodgson 42 times in 1994. express newspaper, Auckland NZ, February 8, 1997 and Outrage, Sydney

  528. Because he's in prison

    Oscar Walden Jr., who is suing the city for his allegedly false arrest, told the jury he had no choice but to be circumcised when he arrived at Stateville prison.

    Chicago Tribune, February 16, 2011

  529. Because he's a Prisoner Of War
    A friend of B--- M---; personal communication

  530. To prevent him from concealing/transporting drugs under his foreskin
    Tim Huisamen <AKTH[AT-sign]warthog.ru.ac.za>

  531. To encourage your children to become more creative when they are adults.
    Dr Dave Mirkin. It turns out he means "much more creative in lovemaking" based on the Laumanns' finding that circumcised men of some ethnicities masturbate more and have more oral sex than intact men. Creative?

  532. Because "... a circumcised man gains more confidence and his sexual performance is improved."
    Litsemba Letfu Men’s Clinic Nurse Mandlenkhosi Malaza in the Times of Swaziland, November 22,2012

  533. To enable him to become not just a very fine, but a great actor
    Noël Coward to Derek Jacobi, told in the Daily Telegraph, July 16, 2002

  534. To prevent him becoming a presidential assassin.
    These two together make one wonder about John Wilkes Booth....

  535. Because it was "too long" and would get tangled when he was rowing (ordered by the doctor of his rowing club)
    A friend of Ari Zigelboim <ariz[AT-sign]communique.net>
  536. To improve his speed when swimming
    stitions - to improve his performance when swimming
    [Short answer: No, of course not. Don't be so damned silly.]
    Vernon Quaintance is a known circumfetishist paedophile and the nephew and his coach may both be fictional - via Intactwiki  

  537. Because I am heartily sick of it rolling forward and trapping my hairs!
    "John Hobson"<johnhobson[AT-sign]ntlworld.com> on alt.circumcision. He didn't take the option of trimming the hair seriously, suggesting this was not the real reason.

  538. To frighten his enemies

  539. To give him the appearance of permanent arousal / Because a circumcised penis always looks ready to go. / Because "when it is trimmed it looks like it is ALWAYS ready for action."
    / Gene McGough <genem[AT-sign]caveman.net> / pdqusailor on MSNBC, September 2, 2011

  540. To weaken him ready for slaughter
    Genesis 34:14-25

  541. In exchange for a grant of land from the Temple in ancient Israel
    Ari Zigelboim <ariz[AT-sign]communique.net>

  542. To pass as a Muslim
    Sir Richard Burton - the explorer, not the actor

  543. Because he's a slave in a Muslim brothel, so he has to be a Muslim
    Reported in Gay News (UK) April 2005

  544. To pass as a blood relative of a Muslim, because he (a Hindu) was donating an organ (for cash) to a Muslim
    "How Poverty, False Promises, Fuel Illegal Organ Trafficking" Live Science March 22, 2012

  545. Because he is a Promise Keeper

    Jack Hayford, another charismatic Baptist preacher, ... is a frequent speaker at Promise Keepers seminars ... One of the other beliefs that Jack Hayford promotes stems from ... a vision of [Jesus] seated in heaven, ... Jesus told Hayford why God required circumcision in the Old Testament. "God wants to touch your very identity as a man," Hayford explained to the group, in an effort to encourage adult circumcision on those men who had not yet experienced the ritual. "He wants to reach out and touch your secret and private parts. This enables Him to better perform surgery on the heart. God wants to touch man's creative parts." (from a speech made by Hayford to the Promise Keepers during their regional conference in Anaheim, California, 14 May 1994.)

    Barbara Victor, "The Last Crusade, Religion and the Politics of Misdirection"
    Constable & Robinson Ltd, London, 2005, ISBN 1-84119-955-9, p 178.

    [So God is Like That. Who knew?]

  546. To pass as a Jew (in kibbutzim)
    Article by Herb Keinon in The Jerusalem Post, Oct 18, 1991

  547. To pass as a member of the English upper class
    The father of mervyn <mcripps[AT-sign]mergetel.com>

  548. Because he has been captured by Muslims

  549. In case he is captured by Muslims (the British surgeon would take more care, 1661)
    Bud Berkeley, "Foreskin", p 31

  550. In order to be allowed to live in Saudi Arabia

  551. In order to be considered worthy to be elected President of South Africa / Kenya
    (Xhosa said they would not vote for an intact man, April 1999) / Kikuyu tribe members forcibly circumcised Luo in riots after the election of a Luo, January 2008

  552. Because "They say that those who are circumcised are wiser than the uncircumcised ones. They do it [forcibly circumcise] ... so that we can be wise like them."
    John Lallo, 62, of Kibera, Kenya, January 2008

  553. To stop "problems that had afflicted their family"
    According to the son of an elderly man forcibly circumcised in Uganda, June 25, 2008

  554. Because his penis was "too big, to make it more comfortable"
    R--, personal communication (26 May 2002), circumcised in his fifties without him having presented any symptoms

  555. "As a way of reinforcing his African heritage"
    White South African performance artist Peet Pienaar, October 2000
  556. As "a symbol of me broadening my identity"
    Pienaar again when African cultural objections were raised to the first proposal
  557. As a work of performance art
    Pienaar again in the final event. The exhibit included close-up video of the circumcision and the foreskin itself in formaldehyde

  558. In case he becomes quadriplegic and needs a catheter / "Because it's impossible to catherize a man with a foreskin."
    (False. Men in non-circumcising countries are routinely catheterised while intact)
    According to Dr Gerald N. Weiss <gnweiss[AT-sign]frii.com> / "I've heard at least five versions of this event from various corners of the country. A formerly intact man in the US awakens after severe trauma has left him unconscious. Some ER physician has circumcised him 'because it's impossible to catherize a man with a foreskin.'" - Richard Russell <richard12w97r[AT-sign]yahoo.com>

  559. Because he was diabetic, so he was "bound to have problems with it sooner later" [details suppressed for confidentiality]

  560. To demonstrate the circumcisor's prowess as a warrior
    Bud Berkeley, "Foreskin", p 31

  561. So that other members of the circumcision club can watch and masturbate

  562. Because a (fetishistic? - intact) friend recommended it.

    I had an older friend named Dan (we’re not friends anymore though) that was actually intact and he actually was always saying how much better it would be to get circumcised. He said I should do it because most people are like that and that I would like it better. I don’t know why though, he was telling me this but he didn’t get it done himself. He had said that he was going to eventually get it done because if you don’t that you might have problems when you get older but he never ended up getting it done. That was strange. He might have had a circumcision fetish possibly now that I think about it, I don’t know. The whole thing is very bizarre looking back on it now that I know the truth. It’s not easy though to talk about because I find the whole thing very disturbing now. He called the doctor up though and made the appointment for me because he said he could help me.

    - Nickolas Kusturis on Foregen, February 23, 2012

  563. Because the foreskin's purpose is to facilitate rape
  564. Because  "it  marks an age of civility or possibly a step towards equal treatment of women"
    stitions ''it marks an age of civility, or possibly a step towards equal treatment of women''
    This seems to be based on the previous "reason".

  565. To remove the female element from him: "A boy is female from his foreskin; a girl is male from her clitoris"
    According to the Dogon of West Africa

  566. As an "equalizer for the inconvenience, sometimes pain, that the female of the species suffers month after month"
    Adrian E. Cristobal in Manilla News Online, July 20, 2003

  567. So that men can have the same blood-bond as women: "Our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters experience the awesome spiritual bonding power of blood every month. Men have this opportunity only during circumcision."
    Rabbi David Zaslow, "Circumcision and Brit: They're Not the Same Thing" Tikkun May/June 2001

  568. To create an equivalent covenant of blood with God to that which women have through procreation

    Historian of Judaism Lawrence Hoffman says that even to men in the Talmudic era, women’s power seemed wild and natural. Through menstrual cycles and the sometimes bloody secrets of giving birth, women take an active part in creating life. Through procreation, women have a natural covenant of blood with God. Male circumcision creates an analogous covenant through the procreative organ. It is, however, a tamer covenant, in which only one drop of blood is shed, and on only one occasion.

    Laura Duhan Kaplan in My Jewish Learning, June 2, 2013


  569. To prepare him for marriage

  570. to prepare the young man for physiological roles of fatherhood and
  571. to define his sexual role regarding marriage.
    A CULTURAL APPROACH TO HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND CARE, by Dr. Maria Antónia Castelo Dr. Miguel Gaspan and Dr. Balbina Ventura Félix

  572. As "a physical sign that he was adopting a new life with his wife." / Because "I wanted to feel as if I was starting over sexually" with a wife after a promiscuous past.
    Tattooing her name one could understand, but ...
    told by Glenden Brown in OneUtah.org / , September 9, 2009 / Hugo Schwyzer in New York Magazine, October 18, 2009

  573. So that he could be married by a rabbi:

    You got circumcised later in life. Would you do it for your own kid?

    Of course. It's the healthiest thing to do.

    You don't regret it at all? Having lived one way versus--

    Not at all. It took me a while to learn how to fuck again. It did. It was weird. With a foreskin and without a foreskin, it's pretty difficult.

    What did you have to figure out, exactly?

    Which way to enjoy better. You have these memory lapses: 'Why did I get my dick cut?' I had it to get married, get married by the rabbi, so I had to do it. You know? Well, whatever. No, I think it's a good thing. Honestly I do. But Jewish or not Jewish, it don't matter.

    - retired gangster Henry Hill in the Village Voice, June 13, 2010

  574. To impart a sense of sacredness to the act of conjugal union / ...so that in the most intimate moments of life, the man would remember that he belonged to God. And if he decided to sin with a foreign woman, he would have to do it with that part of his body that had been set apart as holy to the Lord. Circumcision reminded a man in a way that he could never forget that he belonged to God
    Rabbi Reuven Bulka of the congregation Machzikei Hadas, Ottawa (Ottawa Citizen, Oct 21, 1997) / Pastor Ray's Circumcision Talk, February 9, 2010

  575. To remind people of the power of procreation
  576. To remind people to use sexual enjoyment with love
  577. To teach us that our ... perfection requires human effort

    Rabbi Julie Pelc Adler, head of the circumcision, or brit milah, program for Reform Judaism, frames circumcision as a way to remember the power of procreation. “The point isn’t to curb sexual enjoyment but to remind them to use it with love and not hate,” Adler said.

    Even the Web site of Chabad, a major movement of Orthodox Jews, characterizes circumcision as a “human act. This teaches us that our spiritual, emotional, moral and ethical perfection requires human effort. God cannot do it for us.”

    "If fewer Americans circumcise, will Jews be willing to maintain tradition?" The Washington Post, December 27, 2013

  578. To protect him against genital injuries (!) during sex.
    cited by several commentators following publication of this study

  579. To prevent sexual difficulties,
  580. divorce
  581. and suicide.
    "Health and communication expert" Timothy Bonyonga in the Nyasa Times, May 18, 2013

  582. Because "men have accidentally circumcised themselves during intercourse"
    ''Accidently circumcised themselves during intercourse''

    Devon ? on Facebook, December 11, 2012

  583. Because "it helps with the love connection."
    Father of Carl Schutt, author of "I want my Foreskin for Giftmas"

  584. Because "I would enjoy sex more had I been circumcised.""
    poster on That Kid

  585. To increase sex drive / "...libido increases by leaps and bounds..."
    the East Java secretary of the MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia), Prof Dr Hj Istibjaroh, March 3, 2008 / Dr.dhananjaya Bhupathi on Yahoo! Answers, April 3, 2013

  586. To enhance his sexual performance / prevent premature ejaculation

  587. To increase his sexual pleasure

    ... The huge difference between male and female circumcision is that one (but not the only purpose) of male circumcision is to increase sexual pleasure

    -thankgodimanatheist on the Guardian August 30, 2012

  588. To increase her sexual pleasure: "That scar ridge adds sensation."
    stitions ''That scar ridge adds sensation''
    - Twitter
  589. Because "The procedure exposes these sensitive zones, in both males and females, lessening the effort needed in achieving pleasure."
    Abdulkhaliq Alemao on Facebook, June 10, 2013

  590. Because "his early sexual experiences are likely to be enjoyable and enhance his self-esteem[.] Clumsy experimentation may be reduced or eliminated."
    John Pritchard <jpritcha[AT-sign]escape.ca> alt.circumcision Nov 17, 1998

  591. Because it enhances sensitivity
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398

  592. Because it reduces sensitivity / (at 11-13) To remove the foreskin before the boy starts to gain sexual stimulation from it at puberty.
    / http://www.circlist.org/cconsider.html

  593. To prolong intercourse and make ejaculation less frequent

    Circumcised men have greater pre-orgasmic endurance; non-circumcision permits more frequent ejaculations. What matters most to the anti-circumcision activists is their diminished pleasure with frequently changing sexual partners, as befits an era where the number of conquests is a more common metric of romantic success than long-term relationships.

    Barbara Kay, National Post (Canada), January 24, 2011

  594. To reduce his sexual performance
    Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed, p.378 of the Dover edition, 1956

  595. Because it cuts down excessive libido, which leads to adultery
    stitions-''Niggas who are not circumcised cheat the most''

  596. To prevent males from having "overt, animal like, procreative aggression" making them prone to masturbation, rape and incest
    [From a YouTube video no longer available.]

  597. For "the subversion of sexual energy into productive societal endeavours in a supportive environment."
    "pantera" <nick_msk[AT-sign]hotmail.com> on alt.circumcision on 20 Mar 2003

  598. Because

    Among the many factors I considered was the extent to which my own personal life decisions had been influenced by sex, despite my apparent diminished enjoyment of the act because of my mutilated condition. It appeared to me that the argument was that I should choose that my son should be even more influenced by that particular pleasure because of its greater intensity?

    AMC on The Agonist blog, June 6, 2009

    By this logic, castration would free his son completey from that tyranny. It could equally be argued that with an intact penis, his son could enjoy sex more completely (the context is pleasure vs satisfation and the death of David Carradine - who was circumcised - by auto-erotic-strangulation) and be less driven by it. It is in any case foolish to assume that another person will be as driven by sex as oneself, when this aspect of personality is so obviously highly variable.

  599. Because his girlfriend will leave him if he doesn't
    "Mr Kennedy Onyango, found on the queue at Lumumba health centre said his girlfriend had given him a condition to face the knife or they split."
    The Standard (Kenya), September 24, 2008

  600. To prevent infertility / ensure fertility
    Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581 /
    "A man who is not circumcised cannot impregnate a female." A nurse said she has heard from patients twice now.
    - Mary Conant, Facebook, September 10, 2018

  601. To increase fertility
    stitions: "my brother would have a higher chance of getting women pregnant"
    -  comment on "Circumcision: Medical or Mutilation?" on Youtube, 2015

  602. To prevent premature birth.
    Michael McGrath was told by his wife's gynaecologist that his foreskin had probably
    caused his daughers' premature birth, and he let it be cut off as a result.

    - Michael McGrath on Youtube, August 29, 2021
  603. Because his sperm were abnormal in a test for in vitro fertilization, and balanitis could be the cause
    BMJ, (1998;316:1438-1441 9 May)

  604. To reduce your son's chances of being cuckolded....

    Last year, I reported research by evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup suggesting that, owing to the increased exposure of the coronal ridge, circumcised penises may very well be more effective at withdrawing competitors’ sperm from the vaginal tracts of promiscuous females than uncircumcised penises. Having your infant son’s foreskin removed could reduce your boy’s chances of being cuckolded later on by his adulterous future wife.

    Is male circumcision a humanitarian act? by Jesse Bering, Scientific American, April 23, 2010

  605. ... by helping to pump out a rival's sperm.
    Jesse Bering on the Daily Beast, August 20, 2012

    [At 0:22, having talked about the foreskin, he starts to say "Men who have - men who are not circumcised..." Heaven forbid they should be considered as having something that circumcised men might then realise they lack!]

    He somehow imagines that a circumcised man has a "more elaborated" coronal ridge, when there is no evidence for this. If this were true, the foreskin would have evolved away long ago, as men born without one benefited from their competitive advantage by more effective cuckolding. And the earlier report of Gallup's research says no such thing; in fact Gallup's experiements, done with store-bought dildos, are seriously flawed because they ignore the role (and the roll) of the foreskin.

  606. Because the child born from an uncircumcised father will often get sick.
    Believed in West Timor

  607. Because "boys who are circumsized do not devlope testicle cancer. they are good reasons for it especially with hygiene." / "it helps reduse testical cancer"
    - mary, northmberland, in the Daily Mail June 28, 2012 / Quoted by Mutilation Watch on Facebook, Novermber 20, 2014

  608. To prevent cervical cancer in his partner/s
    '' higher in miners' wives cos coal dust gets stuck under the foreskin...And also iron-wrkers cos of filings''

  609. Because "It is possible that women with circumcised partners are less likely to develop breast cancer."
    [Sure it's possible, but neither he nor anyone else has offered any evidence for this claim.] Alex Renton, "So, would you have your son circumcised?" the Guardian, July 5, 2009 Also claimed by Brian Morris on his site, based on no evidence.

  610. To prevent cancer of the tongue (!)
    Hand, E H Circumcision and Vernereal Disease, Archives of Dermatology and Syphilology, 1949;  60(3):341-6

  611. Because "if you circumcise a boy, then a girl won't get HPV in the future."
    (Notice how a measurable correlation has become a 100% cause-effect. That statement is simply not true.)
    A nurse to E. S. Restore-L, September 29, 2008

  612. Because he was giving his wife yeast infections
    (and she was giving them to him...)
    Told to <dvoskuil[AT-sign]tic.bisman.com> (Duane Voskuil Ph.D.)

  613. Because his partner demands it / To make him attractive to his partner / "Because no woman wants to look at a doggy dick!!"
    Jason Ashley // Bradley Wells <QHRQ11B[AT-sign]prodigy.com>

  614. To "make him 'respectable' to the female of the species."
    Adrian E. Cristobal in Manilla News Online, July 20, 2003

  615. Because "Uncircumsized does not feel normal"
    posted by pinkhatp on Urban Baby News, August 15, 2009, apparently on the basis of a sample of one. ("instead of his pointing up when erected, it pointed down. It was very uncomfortable.")

  616. To use his foreskin for a dowry
    (1 Sam 18 25-7)
    Click on the image to enlarge it
    children's bible - David pays foreskin dowry to Saul
    - Awkward Moments Chiildren's Bible by Horus Gilgamesh, illustrated by Agnes Tickheathen
  617. To make his penis bigger / To allow the penis to become more erect and hence 'bigger'. / Because the Tip of the Penis will surely be diminished in size due to the presence of the foreskin./ To make it look bigger / Because it ... seems to elongate the penis.
    Reported in "NZ Truth" / A father to nurse Mary Conant <wholebaby2[AT-sign]juno.com> / told to <BFKOUBA[AT-sign]aol.com> by a Japanese youth who failed at self-c. / "South Park" May 20, 1998 / "Holy Macaroni!" posting on Urban Baby News, August 15th, 2009

    ''It makes them bigger when the skin is cut''

  618. To make it "look taller'.
    stitions ''trim bark..make tree taller''
    [This makes no sense for trees or penises. Ringbarking trees kills them.]

  619. Because "the foreskin and the frenulum stop the growth of the penis and in some cases circumcision is necessary to protect the boy or man from the psychological trauma of an abnormally small penis"
    Told by a respected gynecologist, doctors' union official, and political power in the Institute Mexicano Seguro Social (Social Security), to Dr Sergio Aquilar, who told Gary Harriman<Glharryman[AT-sign]aol.com>

  620. To make his erection shorter [tight circumcision is specified] and so protect future partners from painful bumping on the far end of their vaginas
    Chris "sianick1994" <sianick1994@yahoo.co.uk> in the Yahoo group circumcision_pro_and_con, Oct 1, 2003

  621. To avoid tearing in tight situations / Because it is better for overall comfort when you have a stiff erection
    The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398

  622. To prevent pain in intercourse
    (Herero of Namibia)

  623. Purely by chance / to take sexual pressure off his wife after childbirth

    Bheki was circumcised purely by chance. When his wife went to hospital to give birth to their second son, Bheki was jokingly advised by his doctor to get circumcised so he and his wife could 'recover' together. "He told me that while my wife was healing from the process, I should also get circumcised and we could heal together without any sexual expectations from either party. Being a guy who needs regular sex, I took up his suggestion ...

    "Sex, circumcision" in the Times of Swaziland, September 11, 2009

  624. Because "If a penile implant is done, circ is obligatory b/c this presents the optimal structure."
    R commenting on the TruthOut blog, March 18, 2012

  625. To make sex reassignment surgery simpler:
    stitions ''it's one less boy part to get removed''


  626. Because an uncircumised person will get older quickly
    Believed in West Timor
    3 Papua Niu Gini circumstitions: prevents illness, makes stronger, slows ageing,

    ScienceMag on YouTube

  627. To prevent penile cancer
    Abraham Wolbarst, 1914

  628. Because "the skin shrinks in old age and strangles the penis"
    ''the skin shrinks in old age and strangles the penis''

    Facebook, November 22, 3014

  629. To prevent urinary obstruction in his old age
    Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol 95 (Sept 10, 1966), pages 576-581
  630. After surgery for prostate cancer, because his foreskin no longer retracted
    stitions ''foreskin would not retract after prostate cancer''
    - Twitter, December 14, 2017
    A man no longer gets erections after prostate cancer when he has had an orchidectomy (castration) to prevent his male hormones from encouraging cell growth. The foreskin is still manually retractable. Fusing would be a result of neglect.

  631. Because "If he gets ill and cannot manage his personal hygiene himself he will have to put up with some stranger (whoever) attending to this problem of pulling back the foreskin weekly [!] to clean the area. This would be most disgusting and belittling for him." / "The procedure of being cleaned is emotionally difficult for the older uncircumcised patient."
    Shirley Murray on the Australian "60 Minutes" discussion board / Ruth Frank, RN, CS, VA Medical Center, Durham, NC, in PEDIATRICS Vol. 106 No. 4 October 2000, pp. 954

  632. Because if "a guy has a car accident and is incapable of [cleaning under his foreskin] for himself[, h]e will now need this service regularly to be done by some strange (probably a nurse) person for term of his remaining life."
    Shirley Murray on the Australian "60 Minutes" discussion board

  633. In case he needs a catheter when he is senile
    Dr Gerald N. Weiss <gnweiss[AT-sign]frii.com>

  634. Because a rabbi decided that he hadn't really been "born circumcised" 87 years before, at all.
    In fact his penis may have withdrawn in old age and his shaft skin moved forward.
    Ouch! Brit mila at 87, Jerusalem Post, April 13, 2009

  635. Because his hatifat dam (ritual blood letting) 92 years earlier, like many others in Shiraz, had been deemed non-halachal (inauthentic)
    "This 92 Year Old Man Just Had His Second Circumcision" Heeb, November 17, 2014


  636. Because "A post-mortem circumcision [of a baby taken off life-support] allows a moment of normality [!] before the immense loss must be confronted.
    Mohel Mark Litwin in the New York Times, January 24, 2011

  637. Because the foreskin "is a disgrace to him"
    (why a Jewish baby who dies before his Bris must be circumcised at the graveside)
    Code of Jewish Law, ... by Rabbi Solomon Ganzfried (NY, Hebrew Publishing Co, 1961) vol 4, p 44

  638. So that his children will not be embarrassed when they perform the ritual bath after his death
    (Korea) Kukmin Ilbo, Sep. 24, 1996, cited by DaiSik Kim in "Male circumcision: a South Korean perspective", British Journal of Urology, Vol 83 Jan 1999

  639. Because he wasn't circumcised earlier?

    ...when an adult male dies, the very first aspect checked is whether they underwent circumcision. If they did not, they are circumcised.

    [Herbert] Buboolo [an elder in Bugisu] explains: “The body is supported by two strong men to stand up straight. A traditional surgeon cuts the deceased’s foreskin off. However, as a punishment for not having undergone the tradition when alive, the body is not supported to lie down; it’s left to fall backwards to the ground.”

    The surgeon who circumcises a dead body is by barred [sic barred by?] tradition from carrying out any more circumcisions and when they do so, it will be a curse to those they circumcise.

    - "Sending off the loved ones, the Ugandan way" New Vision (Uganda), January 14, 2012

  640. To prepare his corpse for the study of male anatomy

  641. Because it is a requirement for burial in a Jewish cemetery in Israel
    Legislator Gennady Rigeur, representing a Russian immigrant, introduced a bill to prevent after-death circumcision of immigrants (a requirement of Jewish burial) unless they request it in their wills. NY Times, 11/10/99.

  642. So that he is compliant with (Jewish) scriptual requirements for the afterlife.
    "The relevant religious authority says that your compliance with all these obligations is assessed at the end of the cleaning and purification processes that the community perform on the deceased, and that it's not uncommon to circumcise people after death so that they are compliant with scriptual requirements for the afterlife." - A Canadian Orthodox rabbi

  643. To admit sinful Jews to Gehinnom (Hell): Abraham sits at the gate of Gehinnon and takes the foreskins off Jewish babies who died uncircumcised (and missed out on a graveside Bris) and puts them on bad Jews
    A Cohen, Everyman's Talmud, (New York, Schocken, 1975) p 381


  644. "The bodily pain caused to that member is the real purpose of circumcision."
    - Maimonides

And this doesn't include the underlying reasons - to show him who's in charge and what they think about his sexuality.

Bonus: 20 really bad reasons:

Click to enlarge
Tiffany's first 10 bad reasons to cut  Tiffany's second 10 bad reasons to cut
These are not new, not true and/or not reasons to cut.
- posted by Tiffany Dionne (Kip) on Facebook, October25-27, 2015


Good reasons for post-neonatal circumcision

(There is nothing a baby can be born with that makes immediate (neonatal) circumcision necessary.)



[To provide skin for repair of his hypospadias - removed, since alternatives have been found]


To provide skin for repair of his burnt eyelids


To provide mucosa for repair of the urinary tract after radical prostate surgery (because the inner foreskin is devoid of hair follicles and used to being inside the body and in contact with urine).


To treat major, irreparable trauma to the foreskin (more serious than "caught in a zipper")


To provide mucosa for a vaginoplasty (sex-change)


To treat cancer of his foreskin


To treat gangene/frostbite


[As a treatement of last resort for chronic balanitis (inflammation) due to diabetes] Removed.


If the circumcision wound gets infected, making you wear a condom, and your lover has HIV, it could save your life. (This happened to Peter Frazer, Roy Cohn's lover - the only confirmed instance of circumcision saving a life! A New Zealander, he'd had himself circumcised to "look more American")


Because you are an adult who want it done to yourself.


That was quick, wasn't it! Now back to the top.

May be republished freely in the cause of ending infant circumcision, but please let me know.


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