What may and may not be compared with the foreskin

scales weighing apples and apples

The foreskin
analogy-a real foreskin
has been compared to ...

  1. An anteater
    an anteater

  2. An elephant trunk
    an elephant trunk

  3. A walrus's snout
    a walrus
    ''it doesn't look like a walruses snout''

  4. A sad little aardvark
    a sad little aardvark
    ''it looks like a sad little aardvark''

  5. A pig in a blanket
    a pig in a blanket

    a pig in a blanket

  6. A Shar-Pei
    a Shar-Pei
    Compared in Sex and the City and Nip/Tuck

  7. A hairless cat
    a hairless cat
    ''looks like a foreskin and I don't want that''

  8. The skin of a flying squirrel
    a flying squirrel
    ''skin off a flying squirrel''

  9. Mr Snuffleupagus
    Twice on Off Centre, April 21 2002
    Amy Schumer: Mostly About Sex

  10. A mammal with four legs
    a mammal with four legs
    ''a mammal with four legs''

  11. A A dog's sheath
    dog penile anatomy
  12. ''a dog's sheath''
  13. A turtle neck

    a turtle's neck
    (Also a turtleneck:)
    a turtleneck sweater

  14. An eel in a turtleneck
    a moray eel in a turtleneck sweater
    ''looks like an eel in a turtleneck''
    - Twitter, October 18, 2020

  15. An eelpout (a ray-finned fish of the family Zoarcidae)
    an eelpout
    ''looks like an eelpout''
    Comment on an article in the LaCrosse Tribune, January 17, 2017
  16. A torpedo
    This torpedo (Torpedo torpedo, or eyed electric ray) looks nothing like a penis.
    Torpedo fish - Torpedo torpedo
    This torpedo looks much more like a cut penis, complete with a meatal ulcer.
    a Torpedo
    ''torpedos are not cool''
    On Hannah Taylor's Facebook page, January 7, 2017

  17. A coccoon
    This coccoon, with its visible coronal ridge and lack of moving parts, also  looks more like a cut penis.
    analogy -''don't want my dick looking like it's in a coccoon''
  18. A pet slug
    "The thinking goes like this,
    if dad has a slug then son
    will indeed have a pet slug, too."
    - Chloe Maxwell on Kidspot (March 2016)

    ''I know it's cosmetic, I just don't want it to look like a slug''
    - posted by Bloodstained Men and their  Friends
    June 27, 2016
    That slug actually looks remarkably like this botched circumcision:
    botch that looks like a slug

  19. A cross between a Madagascar hissing cockroach and a giant banana slug
    Madagascar hissing cockroach
    giant banana slug
    analogy, roach-slug cross

  20. ''They look like a cross between a Madagascar hissing cockroach and a giant banana slug''
    - Twitter, July 24, 2022

  21. An earthworm / groundworm
    analogy ''[Intactivists are] Earthworm supporters''

  22. A Hooded Worm
    No illustration, since the "Hooded Worm" does not seem to exist. (Christina Rosetti refers to "a scaled and hooded worm" in her poem "Amor Mundi".)


  23. An alien sand worm
    analogy ''looking like a GD alien sand worm''

  24. A Mongolian Death Worm
    No illustration, since the "Mongolian Death Worm" has not been exactly identified and may be mythical. Artistic impressions borrow heavily from the sandworms of Frank Herbert's "Dune", as above - which in turn may borrow from the foreskin, making the simile circular.


  25. A weird alien
    analogy ''a foreskin looks like a weird alien''
    - April 23, 2022
Food, etc.
  1. An unbaked crescent roll (croissant)
    a croissant
    In the movie "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

  2. An eggroll
    an eggroll
    - Twitter, 24 April, 2022

  3. An uncooked hotdog
    a raw hotdog

  4. A Pushpop
    a Pushpop
    a Pushpop

  5. Toothpaste

  6. Chewed bubblegum
    chewed bubble gum
    Tweet that ''If it looks like chewed bubblegum, go home''

  1. A carrot
    carrot dicks
    - Twitter, August 24, 2019
  2. A yam
    don't want his shit looking like a yam
    - Twitter, January 4, 2021
  3. An unpeeled banana
    - The Gaily Grind. January 20, 2016

  4. A boiled peanut
    analogy-''uncircumcised penis's ...look like a boiled peanut''

  5. A christmas tree
    analogy-''I don't want my baby growing up asking me why his penis looks like a Christmas tree''
Human and Humanoid
  1. The gnome from Travelocity
    Travelocity gnome

  2. A KKK member
    KKK member
    analogy-''a KKK member''

  3. US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
    Mitch McConnell
    July 19, 2017

  4. A wizard's sleeve
    A wizard's sleeve
    Tweet that ''[I c]an't imagine guys running around with cocks ...look like a wizard's sleeve

  5. The Emperor Palpatine
    The Emperor Palpatine
    Tweet that [''uncircumcised''] penises are like the Emperor Palpatine -''You can't be Sidious!''

  1. A Slinky
    Tweet: ''Don't make my nephew have a slinky''

  2. A covered waggon
    a covered waggon
    Tweet: ''No covered wagon here''
    (The pioneers would of course never have
    reached the West in uncovered waggons...)

  3. A tube sock
    Tweet: ''A majority of women like myself dont like tube socks''
  4. A sweater
    a sweater
  5. analogy ''sex is fine without having a sweater on my dick''

  6. ... bushfires: "Intriguing to look at but you just don't want to get too close. The fumes are toxic."
    an Australian bushfire
    - Jake O'Shaugnessy in the Huffington Post, August 10, 2015

  7. Menstrual cramps (!)
    woman with menstrual cramp
    woman says "Ask me about .... the foreskin". Man replies "Ask me about menstrual cramps."
    (...but she almost certainly has a prepuce, and he probably does not.
    And some men do know a lot about menstrual cramps -
    they're called gynaecologists.)

  8. Playdoh
    Tweet that ''The extra foreskin looks like Playdoh''
  9. The hood of a 1968 Cadillac
    hood of a 1968 Cadillac
    ''my favorite part to clean...like the hood of a 1968 Cadillac''
    A rare example of a favourable analogy...

... but there is nothing quite like a foreskin.

Real foreskin being retracted

Thanks to Richi for providing this.


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