Absurd claims about genital cutting


If we believe absurdities,
we shall commit atrocities.

- Voltaire (1694-1778)


The prepuce seems to exercise a malign influence in the most distant and apparently unconnected manner: where, like some of the evil genii or sprites in the Arabian tales, it can reach from afar the object of its malignity, striking him down unawares in the most unaccountable manner; making him a victim to all manner of ills, sufferings, and tribulations; unfitting him for marriage or the cares of business; making him miserable and an object of continual scolding and punishment in childhood, through its worriments and nocturnal enuresis; later on, beginning to affect him with all kinds of physical distortions and ailments, nocturnal pollutions, and other conditions calculated to weaken him physically, mentally, and morally; to land him, perchance, in jail or even in a lunatic asylum. Man's whole life is subject to the capricious dispensations and whims of this Job's-comforts-dispensing enemy of man.

- Remondino, History of Circumcision, 1891, pp 254-5


Penile skin bridges are an uncommon complication of circumcision that are often found in general practice.

Office management of penile skin bridges with electrocautery.
Naimer SA, Peleg R, Meidvidovski Y, Zvulunov A, Cohen AD, Vardy D.J
Am Board Fam Pract 2002 Nov-Dec;15(6):485-8


Adam's blood was drained from his body after he was killed, but his genitals were undamaged. A further clue lies in the fact that Adam, who was between four and seven years old, was also circumcised.

"Thames torso boy was sacrificed ", Guardian (UK), June 2, 2002


Bill Maher: You're comparing cutting off children's arms to cutting off the end of a penis of a little baby for -
Christopher Titus: Snipping. Not cutting, snipping.

Politically Incorrect, Feb 1, 2001


The movie has nudity of native people and of an artist's model, plus brief scenes from a public mass circumcision of young Asmat boys put on for tourists. No cannibalism, violence or sexuality is shown, just discussed.

- Review of "Keep the River on your Right"
by Louis B. Parks Houston Chronicle
Thurs 9 August 2001


The Brian Morris Hall of Shame


Stretching or 'growing back' the foreskin is a form of genital mutilation....
The men who choose this route have psychological problems.

- Prof. Brian Morris in "The Unkindest Cut?"
(Australian) "Men's Health" July 2001


There are no deaths today from medical circumcisions in developed countries.

- Prof. Brian Morris on his website in 2006.


There is a big anti-circumcision campaign out there run by lunatic-fringe organisations
and unfortunately they've infiltrated the medical profession.

- Prof. Brian Morris in The Australian, August 27, 2007.


Lamenting the loss of parts we discarded as children, whether it be baby teeth, appendixes or even tonsils, is not only misguided, it's downright silly.

- Prof. Brian Morris in his website, (August 31, 2007)


A clip-on plastic device is used these days, so there's no "cut".

- Prof. Brian Morris, letter to Men's Style (Australia) #29, Spring-Summer 2008


Morris: genital integrity is maintained when circumcised

Brian Morris has his own page of other documented misstatements of fact


The mohel ... places a shield on the penis ... and draws the blade along ... along the shield, making sure that no injury can come to the child.

- Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence in "The Naked Penis"
on TV3 New Zealand, March 30, 2001


Nobody has ever complained [about being circumcised] before.

- an administrator in the Australian College of General Practitioners, early 1980s


To see circumcision as "carving off a piece of an infant's genitals" - now that is sick!

- John Pritchard on alt.circumcision, September 28, 2000



- DarrinT68 on alt.circumcision, August 16, 2000


[To circumcise to cure hyperactivity] is certainly more natural than using drugs like Ritalin

- chelle_ken on ParentSpace, Feb 24, 2000


Although it doesn't cut away anything from the penis itself...

- "Everything you always wanted to know about sex*
*but were afraid to ask"
David Reuben, M.D. All New Edition, 1999


Getting cut does not reduce the size........that is the stupidist thing I have heard.....

- Intoxicatingmoon on alt.circumcision, 21 Mar 2003


circumcised men aren't missing anything

- Stuart Brown


Nothing is removed.

- a poster on alt.men


it's only like having your hair cut off

- a poster on alt.men


Man is the only creature on earth that has a foreskin.....

- a poster on alt.men


Ah, you hate >forced< circumcision. But you apparently have nothing against forced non-circumcision [of neonates].

- wadi


No Hugh my penis is all there, just the redundant sheath has been removed.

- wadi


... it is not part of the penis but rather a mammalian penile sheath of no sexual value.

- wadi


[Circumcision] needs no justification. Its as natural an occurance as taking a dump.

- wadi


Nobody is "hacking off pieces" of anything.

- wadi


I was stunned by the natural beauty of the large, brownish, denuded glans that was proudly exposed to everyone's eyes.

- a Hungarian writing on Circlist


The breast provides, but the knife protects. It channels a father's natural anger and jealousy [at the son's intimacy with his mother] into one controlled cut. He takes off one small part in order to preserve - and love - the whole.

No father should be denied this experience, even vicariously, of inflicting upon his child a ritualised blow so intense as to make him both shake and recoil, yet so controlled that no damage is done, to signify that this will be the worst the child will ever know from his father's hand.

- Rabbi Joshua J Hammerman in "Good Weekend" May 28, 1994


Among those preferring a circumcised penis, the reasons they indicated ... Seems more natural (77%)

- Williamson ML and Williamson PS,
Women's Preferences for Penile Circumcision In Sexual Partners,
Journal of Sex Education and Therapy,
Vol. 14, No. 2 (1988): pp. 8-12


He is Dr. Fred Kogen (pictured below), and he is the most popular non-rabbinic mohel (pronounced moyle) in Los Angeles - meaning, for the untutored, that he is an M.D. who performs the bris, the natural circumcision of 8-day-old Jewish boys.

New York Times


Smegma is not a natural body odor.

From: darrint68@aol.com (DarrinT68)
Newsgroups: alt.circumcision
Date: 31 Mar 2003 19:38:43 GMT


circumcision does not reduce the size of a fully erect penis.

- bob <bobbob@ix.netcom.com>


There's really no way a circ can affect penis size (outside of rare instances of clear medical malpractice).

- Paul Hagen <prhagen@bitstream.net>


...the foreskin is the remnant of a sheath from when we were primates.

- the "From Sex to Superconsciousness" List


Anyone who is against circumcision is obviously anti-God and anti-religion.

- "Dr" Laura, Jan 19, 2000


'Women who have sex with circumcised men enjoy better health in general.'

- unattributed


I have polled many women on their thoughts on circumcision, and their responses were all the same. . . :"eeewww! that's just nasty, [an intact penis] looks like a friggin mutation!"

Clay C Winslager
June 22, 2000


Clamps are used during circumcision to protect the penis...

Reuters Health
August 29, 2000


Circumcision is trivial: Circumcision is vitally important:

What is it about the snippage of these few crepey millimetres of skin that makes circumcision the magnet for such a shower of ideological filings?

There's the thought that if we stopped doing it, it would be the end to the Jews.

Barbara Kay
"So this is what passes for 'abuse'?"
National Post (Toronto)
Feb 13 2001

Anita Diamant
''The New Jewish Baby Book.''

But the Canadian Jewish Congress says the Association of Genital Integrity's case is frivolous

and dangerous.

Montreal Gazette
March 28, 2001


After the ceremony, this is what I felt -- cutting my sons’ foreskins had made me more of a man than losing my virginity, getting my driver’s license, getting hitched, or even becoming a parent. Any fool can become a parent. My actions were a public declaration that I am responsible for my sons’ lives, and that I will protect their lives by any means necessary.


The Day I Cut Off My Sons' Foreskins
by Daniel Silberman Brenner
on CLAL on Culture


From the autopsy of Charles J. Guiteau, the assassin of Presedent Garfield, after his execution:

"The sexual organs were well developed; the mouth of the urethra was moist. (During the suspension of the body, erection of the penis took place, and the clothing was afterwards found to be moist.) There was also phimosis, on reducing which, a considerable accumulation of smegma was observed." The rest of Guiteau's body was found to be perfectly normal. Many American physicians readily accepted the conclusion that President Garfield had been assassinated as the result of phimosis-induced insanity.

- from The History of Phimosis
from Antiquity to the Present
by F.M. Hodges


A little pain never hurt anyone!

- "Intoxicatingmoon" on alt.circumcision, September 9, 2002


Also as American farmers needed sons to take care of them when they could not farm. Circumcision was used as a last attempt to have male offsprings!!!!!!

- "Pegasus 1959" on alt.circumcision on May 30, 2003


Lon Vaughn and his wife, Jennifer, were divided. She was of the "if it's natural, leave it alone" view, he said. But Lon prevailed, he said, because he'd once been a boy in gym class and knew how important it was to be "normal."

"It's hard enough for a kid to grow up," says Vaughn, a small-business owner who lives in Ballard. The last thing you want, he says, is to "draw attention to your genitalia." Being laughed at, he thinks, could scar a boy for life.

"The circumcision decision: Merits of procedure debated"
By Carol M. Ostrom
Seattle Times, July 9, 2003


Infant dies after home circumcision

... Detectives found no visible marks on the infant's body....

- Munster Espress Online, August 22, 2003


We had Aleeke circumcised in the hospital a day after he was born. This is very different from female genital mutilation; that should never even be called circumcision - it's not. In males it's done for medical reasons - to ensure cleanliness. I could hear Aleeke crying when they did it but he stopped as soon as I held him. Despite my strong feelings about FGM, I knew it was the right thing to do. My son has a beautiful penis. It looks so good and so clean. The other day he told me he had to go to the bathroom. I said, 'You can do that alone, you are a big boy now,' but he wanted me to come and see him. His little penis was sticking up straight and clean. It was lovely to look at!

- Anti-FGC campaigner Waris Dirie, Desert Dawn, (2004) p 52

If genital mutilation were a problem affecting men, the matter would long be settled.

- Waris Dirie's website


The CA service is remarkably efficient. No patient has had to wait more than two weeks from consultation to operation (compare that with NHS waiting lists!). As a result, more adult men than infants are booking into an Agency clinic for the convenience.

- The Circumcision Agency website


"Flatt was not forced to be circumcised, or prohibited from being circumcised. The medical decision was left to him and his parents."
(Flatt was one day old at the time.)

- Douglas Bahr, assistant attorney general
Grand Forks Herald, May 12, 2004


"With this clamp, used correctly, there's zero chance of hurting the baby's penis."

- Elizabeth Lister, Ob-Gyn, in Penn & Teller's Bullsh¡t!
explaining her "proper circumcision" technique.


"That there is necessarily an interference with bodily integrity does not mean that the child's right to bodily integrity is thereby infringed. Parents are only doing to their children what the overwhelming preponderance of them would wish done were they able to express a view. The ritual removal of a child's foreskin enhances that child's bodily integrity."

A child's right to circumcision - M. Freeman


I don't think that circumcision is necessarily body modification.

- Benami {/wiki/User:Benami} on Wikipedia Talk: Circumcision, 23 January, 2006


And it’s not cutting your penis it’s just cutting the excess foreskin.

Bloghead commenting on Andrew Tavani's "To chop or not to chop", February 25, 2006


"You cannot compare a male and female circumcision! Male is done for medical and other reason and keeps the penis intact and fully functional."

"IsThereAnyName" writing at MSN, March 7, 2007


"my son's genitals were NOT CUT ... he had some excess skin removed and his penis was left hole and healthy and functioning.."

"danger within" writing at MSN, March 11, 2007

fintax wrote:
You thought comparing a part of the penis to warts was brilliant?

No, I was comparing the foreskin to warts. That, sir or madam, was brilliant.

Barrow19, implying the foreskin is not part of the penis, at MSN , April 7, 2007


I don’t know if they are “intact” whatever that means. I am intact and circumcised.

This is not a “human rights” issue nor an “ethical” issue.

- "Shriber" in the Jewish Daily Forward, July 22, 2007.


There´s no "less penis" after circumcision - just a more favourable ratio of penis to skin - where on earth did you get the ridiculous idea that circumcision makes for "less cock"?

Richard Yorkshire writing on Fathermag.com, 2007-10-18 02:26


A top Israeli rabbi was injured in a circumcision accident.

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, leader of the powerful Lithuanian religious movement, served as godfather at a Jerusalem brit Wednesday but suffered a deep cut to his hand, apparently when the mohel slipped.

The 97-year-old sage received stitches and was declared well. The baby was unharmed. ...

"Sage hurt in brit mishap" JTA, November 15, 2007

Ive circumsized my boys but to each his own!

Bossy304 writing to BET.com</P>

The bell fell off and there was no bleeding, no infection, no scarring, no destruction to the penis or organ at all.

Kimanika writing to Birthtalks ®</P>

...there is no invasive procedure done...

Mark T. writing to the New York Times, December 3, 2007

Those opposed to circumcision say you need to foreskin [sic] for sex, but this doesn’t make sense. Sex is very complex -- it starts with hormones in the brain, and it just wouldn’t make sense if the foreskin had anything to do with it. [Try that with "penis" instead of "foreskin"...]

Dr Edgar Schoen, writing in The Nest Baby


Complications of circumcision

Happily, complications of circumcision are relatively rare, although they may be under-reported following religious or cultural circumcision. For this reason, figures on the rate of complications may not be reliable. Complications include:

  • reduction in penile sensation (an almost universal experience) ...

NHS Borders homepage
(National Health Service to the region
north of the English-Scottish border)


A sixteen-year-old Kenyan boy is being treated in hospital after losing part of his penis in a circumcision ritual.

BBC news, August 2, 2008

Clearly you don't understand the process since nothing is "lopped off".

- Chaossaber314 at the Volcanvo forum, August 20, 2008

McNamara says. "It's different. You're removing the foreskin. You're not actually removing part of the sexual organ."

The Mommy Files, October 23, 2008

My father told the story to demonstrate the innate Jewish desire to enter Abraham’s covenant of circumcision, or brit mila, a most fundamental Jewish obligation. He speculated that, no doubt, an 8-day-old Jewish infant, in some inchoate way, likely also senses the depth of the commandment’s import, and that his soul, pure and new, pines to undergo the procedure.

"Making the Cut" Cross-currents, November 14, 2008

It's not cutting off a part of your genitals! ... They aren't cutting the penis. It's skin. I'm sorry but I don't consider that the same thing.

Joy at ParentDish, Novermber 23, 2008

Study coauthor Thomas C. Quinn, M.D., professor of global health at Johns Hopkins University, says that choosing circumcision, whether it's the parents of an infant or an adult male for himself, is and should remain an individual decision.

CNN March 26, 2009


Mandatory Universal Circumcision blog
Monday May 4, 2009

Circumcision Reduces Chance of Swine Flu, H1N1

Could male circumcision reduce the chance of getting H1N1, better known as the swine flu? It's not as far-fetched as some anti-circumcision fanatics might wish. Consider the countries where swine flu has been most devastating. Mexico is an uncircumcised country. They have 590 cases, so far, with 25 deaths. The much larger USA, which is mostly circumcised, has had only 1 death and 225 milder cases.

Now obviously other factors could contribute to the ability of circumcised Americans to withstand the ravages of this flu disease. But the link between the foreskin and swine flu should be examined by the World Health Organization, which already recommends male circumcision to reduce HIV, HPV, and STDs. The FLs ("foreskin lovers") will no doubt jump all over any suggestion of a link betwen swine flu and uncircumcised males -- and this might be a case where there is no link -- but the fact that the country with the most cases of H1N1 and deaths from this is largely uncircumcised should at least give people pause.

[Yes, and all men in Samoa are circumcised and they never get frostbite there....]


The AccuCirc uses two innovative components to complete the circumcision procedure: the Foreskin Probe/Shielding Ring and the Single-Action Clamp. The Foreskin Probe/Shielding Ring ensures that the glans is protected and the foreskin is properly aligned, while the Single-Action Clamp ensures adequate hemostasis and the precise delivery of the protected, circular blade.

“These two components work together to protect the infant from injury,” said Dr. David Tomlinson, a Family Medicine Practitioner out of Rhode Island and primary inventor of the device.

Press release, June 8, 2009

"but nothing is 'lost' during a circumcision, nothing at all."

Mike on MandatoryUniversal Circumcision, June 22, 2009

"Surgical history is limited to elective tonsillectomy." "The patient was circumcised at 8 days of life without complication..."

- A 2-week history of painful urination - JAAPA, November 24, 2009

"We will be taking back my son's foreskin to bury it at home. It is our custom, not religion, to respect it as part of the body," said Mohammad Zaini, whose 9-year-old son, Mohammad Muhaimin, was circumcised.

- "School holidays in Malaysia, time for circumcision" Reuters, November 23, 2009

Mary offers magnificent model of nonviolence
...She knew when she presented him in the temple for circumcision that this way was to take place.

- Mongomery Advertiser (Alabama), December 19, 2009



- Lands minister Omara Atubo ... stunned Parliament when he said that Nandala Mafabi whom he referred to as ‘the leader of circumcision’ has a bad gait because he was circumcised wrongly.

New Vision (Uganda), December 21, 2009


The deputy chairperson of the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), Mark Heywood, believes oft-cited legal barriers to universal, voluntary neonatal circumcision are over-rated and can be overcome to bolster HIV prevention.

- South African Medical Journal, December 2009, Vol. 99, No. 12, p84


I believe it's a personal choice. My son was circumcised...

- MKC-TN on MSNBC Newsvine, January 13, 2010
(among others)


We aren’t talking of removing any part of the penis or of disrupting its structural integrity.

- Bill the Butcher on Subversify, March 13, 2010


Also, this does not affect the penis.

- Shinbi_Belldandy@xanga on HealthKicker, April 13, 2010


The bris isn't exclusively for Jews anymore. The natural approach has gained popularity among non-Jewish parents and alternative couples.

"I get calls all the time from parents who just want a more holistic approach to circumcision," Trager says.

- Oyster on Oy Bay, April 13, 2010

Apart from being an HIV/AIDS prevention method, circumcision has that sacred quality of transforming a man’s character into wholesomeness. The immediate feeling one gets soon after healing from the wound is one of human completeness.

- Ngoni waku Bwanje in the Nyasa Times, April 14, 2010


MandatoryUniversal Circumcision blogspot, January 24, 2010

Carlos said...

... It's better to be circumcised as a baby. ... It's really almost not a surgery when performed at that age, because it's so simple and there's no open wound. ...


The maker of an instrument used in circumcisions claimed that injury was impossible with its use, but after an infant lost a portion of his penis during an operation with the Mogen clamp, a judge awarded $10.8 million in damages against the company.

- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July19, 2010


MandatoryUniversal Circumcision blogspot, September 3, 2010

Jakew said ...

... It's necessary to take account of harms as well as benefits, but since the risks associated with neonatal circumcision are so few, we can safely discount them.


I was circumcised and my manhood is perfectly intact.

- CatoUticencis at Conservative Values, December 26, 2010


For Mandela, the circumcision was something that linked him with his Thembu ancestors;
in losing a part of his manhood, he became a man.

- J.M.Ledgard, "Revolution From Within", New York Times, February , 2011


Toubia argued, in 1995, that the term female circumcision "implies a fallacious analogy to nonmutilating male circumcision, in which the foreskin is cut off from the tip of the penis without damaging the organ itself." However, in the 1999 book Male and Female Circumcision, Toubia states that she agrees that "circumcision — that is, the genital mutilation of girls and boys — is wrong despite its widespread practice."



There are no nerve endings in the foreskin.

Julieanne on Ciummings Patch, March 19, 2011


The penis is the same size whether circumcised or not, as it is only the foreskin that is removed through circumcision, not part of the penis.

Risky B on Yahoo! Answers, April 6, 2011


If an adult is not circumcised, he walks like a cowboy!

Sang Kencil on Brunei Direct, April 16, 2011


The fore skin is not a "body part." It's completely extraneous and one can do just fine without it, just as one can do without a finger nail.

bummer64 on NBC Bay Area, April 27, 2011


he was probably too old to get the quick snip,
after a certain age it's surgery
which is why it's best to do it within those first weeks of birth..

Maria Gertsch on facebook

(100 absurdities)

It's extra skin ... that is non-sexual. It's like having on a sock. Some people never change their socks and their feet smell pretty bad. ...

Denise E. Rogers on NBC, May , 2011


well I'm circumcised and all my gentials are intact

Randy Stephenson on NBC, May 2, 2011


If you think about it, it [circumcision] proves the existence of God. Otherwise, why would anyone do this let alone even thin[k] this concept up?? Better to leave the debate alone and abide by the covenants.

earldp on the LA Times May 27, 2011


Circumcision doesn't change the size of the penis.

James Biggerstaff MD on Amazon.com, May 31, 2011


My manhood in still intact. It's just neatly trimmed. :)

Caligula Kangaroo on Facebook, June 18, 2011


Male circumcision consists of removing the foreskin, the last inch of the loose skin which covers the penis. (In an uncircumcised male the foreskin is longer than the penis when the penis is not erect.) The sexual sensation nerve endings are in the penis, not the foreskin. No part of the penis is removed in a circumcision.
[Emphasis in the original ! ]

- Dr Eva, August 21, 2011


To be quite honest I think an uncircumsozed penis looks more mutilated than a circumsized one does.

calgal81 on the LA Times, October 3, 2011


The fore skin is not a part of the genitals.

Dave Scott in the NY Times, December 27, 2011


To say that ‘part of your penis is cut off’ is sheer ignorance

Antonio C. S. Rosa on Transcend Media Service
(Solutions-oriented Peace Journalism),
May 1, 2012
[Rosa is the editor, who published a "joke" about circumcision
and wrote this in a reply to a comment against it
that mentioned this obvious fact,
before removing/blocking them all.]


"It's a wonderful tradition,'' Davis said. "I'm so happy to have my child participate in such a beautiful service.''

"Business is brisk for mohels: Jewish circumcision rite in high demand" in the Sun Sentinal (Florida), May 12, 2012


... it's not part of the pennis that is cut off it's the foreskin...

mariahfan-1 on the IMDb message board for What To Expect When You're Expecting, May 20, 2012


[Vusi Maziya, Senior Programme Officer Responsible for Male Circumcision
from the Swaziland National Aids Programme (SNAP)] said
circumcised men naturally perform better sexually.

The Times (Swaziland), May 27, 2012


Oh, and you might want to read up on what circumcision is. No skin is actually cut off.
All that is done is to cut a slice where the foreskin is held up on the penis.

- witchrunner on MSNBC, June 7, 2012


... It's not really a body part, like a heart or lungs they are cutting. ...

- affordablecomputerguy@... on SmartPlanet.com, September 20, 2012


Male circumcision does not cut off a part of the penis.

- Andnowforthetruth on Slate, September 24, 2012


...a man’s pleasure parts remain intact after circumcision.

- Gedalyah Reback on the Times of israel, October 31, 2012


The genitals are untouched by the ritual procedure. It's but a square inch flap of skin thatS removed.

- the other Bob on JPost, October, 2012


And his nerves are all intact and are working.

- Haley Nichole Lorenzen on Facebook, March 13, 2013


it's not a body part just a piece of skin

- Caity Bro String on Facebook, April 4, 2013


It is not the genitals that get cut, it is the skin on one part of the genitalia - totally different system, old boy.

- FJSC on Elders of Ziyon blog, June 27, 2013


Others don’t understand that the foreskin is merely surplus skin and not even really a part of the male organ.

- Barry Curtis, Why the decision to circumcise must be left to parents, The Independent, 8 November 2013


Sherman had told the gathering that a baby’s cry during a bris is like the sound of the shofar opening the gates of heaven.

“I closed my eyes, heard Jay’s cry and actually was able to experience it as deeply spiritual and beautiful,” Raab said,

"For new dad, a stronger bond from a cut foreskin" Jewish Light, December 4, 2013

Absurdity - genitals aren't touched

Comment on "Canada’s pediatricians set to reveal new policy on circumcision" O Canada, December 5, 2013


Cutting the foreskin leaves the nerves in tact.

- Katelynd Fontana on Facebook, February 12, 2014


OK guys, you don't cut the Penis during circumcision, just the foreskin. Just saying :)

- Rolando Buhayo on Facebook, February 12, 2014


A circumcision cuts off a piece of skin. The penis is left intact.

- Anonymous on DC Urban Moms and Dads, February 22, 2014

''The foreskin is not a body part''

- the Times of Israel, April 2, 2014

''uncircumsized guys are ... UNNATURAL...freaks of nature''

- Taylor Christiansen on Facebook, May 4, 2014


''it's not PART of the penis''<

''It's the exact same thing [as cutting a nail]. Nobody is held down or feels any discomfort''

- Brian Gillin on Facebook, June 28, 2014


Circumcision leave NO SCAR on a penis!

- Edward Lobel on The Lansing City Pulse, September 15, 2014

absurd - ''Clinic Denies Clipping ... During Circumcision''


I'm circumcised and no one cut parts off my genitals.

- Mike on The Week, November 26, 2014

absurd - ''They don't cut''
- Facebook, April 25, 2015


''... part of the penis rather than the foreskin...''

- justsomeone on Breitbart, May 29, 2015


Male circumcision ... is not rooted in a blatantly discriminatory ideology. ... While male circumcision is the removal of foreskin and does not affect the male sex organ itself, FGM damages the sex organs, inhibiting pleasure and causing severe pain a nd complications for women’s sexual and reproductive health.

- Statement of Equality Now

''this is a natural thing to do to a baby''

absurd - ''uncircumcised is unnatural''
- The Swamp, September 3, 2015
absurd - ''Me and Joel were raised in the Jewish religion so circumcision was a natural thing''
- Ina May Gaskin, Spiritual Midwifery (1975 - removed from later editions)


absurd-''Nothing was cut off''

As a 74-year-old Jew, I cannot remember my circumcision,
but I can say it has not hampered my life.
My genitals are intact....

Teviz Ruben of Buxton in the Portland Phoenix, October 1, 2015

absurd-cora marie ''you fuckn idiot, we don't cut''
- Facebook, December 9, 2015
part of a correspondence begun by Cora Marie
saying not to write "circumcision"
because of the hateful people and comments
absurd- ''Suffering from circumcision is not a problem''
- Twitter
Absurd: Roslyn: "not a body part"
- comment on Dear Abby, March 21, 2016
absurd: ''leaving a boy intact causes 'disfigurement' ''
- Facebook, March 24, 2016
absurd - intactivists are "out for blood"
- Facebook, May 2, 2016

absurd-''not affed the phallus''
- (pseudonym of Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux) on Michael Dulin's Facebook page, May 20, 2016

absurd-sara ''the Penis is not what gets cut''
- on her own Facebook page, July 16, 2016
absurd "not a body part"
- on their own Facebook page, October 24, 2016
''No one is trying to vilify the foreskin''
- reposted by Moe Love, October 27, 2016
absurd-"They don't cut the penis"
- on Chaselon Chavis' Facebook page, November 19, 2016
absurd-cory ''it is as natural as being natural''
Facebook, 2016
absurd- ''natural''
- on Lisa Helen's Facebook page, January 15, 2017
absurd -''it is something innate''
- comment on "Some Men Say Adult Circumcision Led to Better Sex"
on The Doctors Facebook page, August 3, 2017

As Spinoza, who had left all Jewishness, so correctly observed, circumcision is the secret to the miracle of Jewish survival. What those Jews who oppose circumcision should never forget is that the attempt to outlaw this rite may not just make Jewish life impossible, but would probably end all Jewish existence. In fact, it is a call to end the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people.
In fact, the eminent philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) said As to their continuance so long after their dispersion and the loss of empire, there is nothing marvelous in it, for they so separated themselves from every other nation as to draw down upon themselves universal hate, not only by their outward rites, but also the sign of circumcision which they observe most scrupulously.”

- Tractatus Politico-Theologicus 3:55)

Male genital cutting is an afterthought, an additional reason Jews are hated. They survive, Spinoza says, by their separatism, of which antisemitism is just another consequence. Spinoza did not say
[genital cutting] -(handwaving)> [Jewish survival]
[Jewish separatism] -> [Jewish survival] and
[Jewish separatism [outward rites][genital cutting]] -> [antisemitism]

And of course the state of Israel did not exist when Spinoza wrote.

Jews may reject Shabbat, kashrut and Judaism at large, but as long as they circumcise their children, they will preserve their nation from utter oblivion
the Times of Israel, January 17,2018
absurd-naomi ''not cutting''
- on Rosemary Romberg's Facebook page, March 9, 2018
''Choice'' - 5 distinct absurdities
(6 absurdities)
The "three functions" are apparently urination, procreation and pleasure.
How the foreskin can not be involved in pleasure is a mystery.
- the "Circumcision Choice" Facebook page, April 2, 2018
The "Circumcision [parents', not foreskin owners'] Choice" blog has responded to this entry
with a whole page personally attacking the author of these pages.

"The foreskin is only one percent of the penis"
- The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, August 2, 2018
absurd: ''not genital cutting''
- Twitter, August 7, 2018
absurd ''all boys cut because that allows the pee to come out''

absurd ''no part of the penis...not structurally part''

abusrd ''not a body part''
- Twitter, August 14, 2019

absurd - foreskins:genitals :: scalps:brains
- Twitter, October 21, 2019
absurd: ''Body integrity is c....''

absurd - cutting ''makes us whole''
- Twitter, 2019
absurd: ''c. takes away the foreskin and doesn't damage the sexual organ''
- Twitter, 17 October, 2021
absurd-fetishist quesney ''natural''

absurd - ''foreskin isn't attached to the penis, the doctor plucks it off like belly button lint''
- Twitter, October 8, 2022

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