May 15, 2002 - Dec 31, 2004

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I wish I'd known

My demographic is, middle aged woman with lots of history - and I wish I'd known a long time ago the things I learned off your website!

I can't remember how I found the site, I wasn't specifically looking - I was researching something else on Google and stumbled across it. But once I got there, I was hooked for hours. What an incredibly comprehensive job, I admire all the quotations from "authorities" through the ages, and I love the photos of classical art especially. I also admire very much the "Short Answers" page - I wish every debate we face in life would come equipped with such a clear and lucid cheat sheet of answers.

I've never understood how such an insane, sadistic concept as circumcision ever occurred to the human race. Mutilation is mutilation, I don't care how many fancy rationales are woven around it.

My only child was born over thirty years ago, and I'm pretty sure I said DON'T DO IT when I filled out forms. Even without a lot of detailed knowledge at the time, knowing how I was at 19, I would bet a week's pay that I was in favor of leaving the kid alone and letting him make up his own mind later. It turned out to be a girl anyway, so the question was moot.

I think the greatest thing is life is having a mission - which you obviously have. And it's a worthy one.

Best of all possible regards,

- Pat Hartman in Colorado
December 20, 2004


Your story was wonderful

THANK you for the Intactivism website! My son is just 2 months old, and we had decided not to have him circ'ed. A friend linked me to your gallery, and I appreciated being able to see intact men, since as a female in the U.S. I've never actually seen an intact penis (except for my son). What an awful social statement that intact men are so rare in my peer group that I've never seen one! Anyway, your story "Why is mine different?" was wonderful and I'm printing it out to save for [my son] for when he's older. I'll recommend your site to all my pregnant friends, I think it is wonderful.

Keep up the good work!

- Mary P. in New Jersey
December 9, 2004


Most women are ignorant of the intact penis

I love your site. It is a really good resource of interesting information. I live in the United States, but I was born in 'Yurp', as G.W. Bush would say. At any rate, I am 'intact', but I have suffered from penile anxiety all throughout my childhood and even into my adult life because of the state of my penis and it not being 'normal' (as you are probably well aware, the uncircumcised penis is extremely rare among sexually active adults in the U.S. today). Anyway.. the source of my penile anxiety began probably in childhood -- the teasing of other children "in the locker-room" as it were. Here in the States, it is extremely embarassing to be uncircumcised. It is still the topic of ridicule among even thinking adults. For example, the attitudes conveyed in that "Sex and the City" episode which is quoted on your site is not atypical. Most women are ignorant of the intact penis to a point where they consider it disgusting and abnormal.

I am 27 years old, and have still not recovered from the emotional trauma of being uncut, but living in a circumcising country. It is very difficult for me to trust a new partner, especially one that is born or raised in the United States, as often she may lose respect for me due to the cultural bias present here regarding circumcision.

I feel very alone at times because of this. All my friends are circumcised, so I cannot turn to them for cameraderie. Receiving consolation from a female partner is not likely to happen either as I have a real problem feeling comfortable with an American woman -- I fear that somewhere in the back of her mind she might consider me a freak for being uncircumcised.

I suppose the same types of shame are felt by women who are unmutilated but are living in female circumcision cultures. I suspect their level of shame is even greater as such cultures are more prone to ostrocize as well.

At any rate.. that's a little snippet of my experience as an uncut male living in a cut and ignorant country. It sucks, basically.

Hoping one day male mutilation will be a thing of the past,

- C. in New York city, USA
June 23, 2004


The cruelty of it

I was searching for websites on Hugh Jackman, when I came across a website description that claimed to have a list of Intact actors. Curiousity and a bit of lasciviousnesses came over me, and I clicked the link. What I found what I was not what I had expected, but something I needed to see. As a woman I never really thought twice about male circumsion or inter-sexed individuals. Your website really opened my eyes to the cruelty of it. My circumcised husband told me that any son of his would not have his foreskin removed. I agreed with him out of a certain sense of complacency, because I really didn't know anything about penises. Penises have never really been my problem. But your website echoed my husband's concerns. My eyes have been opened. Thank you for your research and committment.


- Rocki in Brooklyn, New York, USA
June 6, 2004


A site that counters their propaganda with facts

Thank you so much for your hard work on this site. The pro-circ community/medical establishment has generated so much untruth, lies, and half-truths. It is so refreshing to find a site that counters their propaganda with facts. You are making a difference.

- Wayne Banister in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
February 20, 2004


I was thinking of getting circumcised

Hey I was thinking of getting circumcised until I went to your site and saw that Hugh Jackman (I'm a huge X-men fan), Ted Williams (I'm a huge Red Sox fan), Colin Farrell (even bigger Daredevil fan) were not. I'm proud to be what I am thanks to your site. Next time a girl says its ugly I'm gonna say exactly what colin farrell said dammit in that playboy article

Besides wasn't colin and jackman named sexiest men alive or something.

Take that cut guys

- Mike McTighe in Charleston SC, USA
February 9, 2004


I hope it's seen by as many American women as possible

The page devoted to the erect uncut penis is terrific! I hope it's seen by as many American women as possible. As I mentioned in an earlier letter, if women in America were more familiar with pictures of the uncircumcized penis I'm sure they wouldn't suffer from such an irrational dislike of them in real life.

Best wishes,

- Julia in the UK
January 9, 2004


I know I have changed a few parents' minds

I am a Nursery nurse in the U.S. with two intact teenage sons. I am adamantly opposed to circumcision, from every ethical, logical, and emotional point of view. I love my work with babies and new parents, yet I have to look the ugly face of circumcision in the face day in and day out, which is quite distressing.

Further, I have been written up by my unit director for refusing to assist physicians with circumcision and talking to parents about it being medically unnecessary ("making them feel guilty"). I know I have changed a few parents' minds (those who already were questioning it but still would have gone ahead had I not given them support at the last minute to consider the option of leaving their son's foreskin alone). I suppose I should focus on those small successes, rather than all the situations where I could not stop circumcisions, but it is still often so disheartening and stressful a position to be in. The hospital is a very hard place to make a difference: first, the parents have often made up their minds long before and are not open to influence so late in their decision-making process, and second, there is a hierarchy of power and authority from doctors and management whose entrenched beliefs make it hard on people who question the status quo. Thus I am trying to find other places and ways to work on change, i.e. letter- and article-writing, teaching classes, and working on a graduate degree so I can do research to unmask some of the psychosocial dynamics related to the perpetuation or prevention of circumcision.

At any rate, I am writing to acknowledge you for the incredible work you have done and continue to do through your outstanding site. I refer people to it as often as I can. It has something for everyone, from the scholar to the artist, the parent to the iconoclast. It is unique, thought-provoking, eye-opening, enriching, tender, focused, kaleidoscopic, irreverent, determined, thorough. I have learned so much from it, and I have no doubt that you have made a difference in many other people's lives as well. I cannot thank you enough. I send you these words of appreciation in hopes that they will give you the strength to continue with this much-needed work on providing your excellent resources, as I'm sure you must carry your own burdens of frustration and stress in confronting the insanity of circumcision and its promoters every day.

My sincere best wishes and gratitude to you,

- Gillian Longley, RN
in Boulder, Colorado, USA
December 4, 2003

Nurses opposed to circumcision should visit the website of Nurses for the Rights of the Child or email them.


Most of the English women I know are enthusiastic

Congratulations on this excellent site - especially the photos of those lovely uncut men! I can't understand why American women seem to be so disgusted by the natural penis, as most of the English women I know are enthusiastic foreskin fans. In my opinion even the neatest circumcision leaves a rather unsightly "high tide mark" on the shaft, and there is no comparison between a roughened exposed glans and the beautiful glossy pink/purple head protected by the foreskin.

You may be amused to hear that I met my boyfriend at a naturist resort, and the first thing I noticed about him was his unusually long "spouty" foreskin (his glans is almost completely covered even when fully erect). I wasn't the only lady on the beach to be VERY impressed by this, and I'm sure that if women in the USA were more familiar with images of the intact penis, both soft and hard, they would soon get over their prejudices!

Keep up the good work...

- Julia in the UK
October 26, 2003


It's almost religious

I'm 62 and damn glad my parents couldn't afford to have me cut. I still enjoy skinning my penis back, its almost religious. I also think an uncut man is a better looking penis than one cut. Almost all the women I have ever known have commented on the great the uncut looks and how huge head is. My sons are sad that I let their mother have them cut. I wish I could go back and change that act. But then I wish I could change many of my mistakes.

- Malcolm O'Connell in Georgia
October 11, 2003


Needless torture to the spirit and body of a child

Thank you for managing a wonderful web-site. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and are contibuting greatly to stopping the needless torture to the spirit and body of a child.

- Dean in Cape Town, South Africa
September 20, 2003


I spent my teens thinking I was circumcised

I just thought I'd email you and say how fascinating I found your site.

I spent my teens thinking I was circumcised because everyone else thought I was - I looked it and they were not hesitant in pointing it out. Yet, when this got mentioned in my twenties, my late mother was insistent that, although I had had some penis problems as a toddler, I had not been circumcised. It is only through reading your site that I have had confirmation of what I and someone else had suspected, namely that I have/had an abnormally short foreskin which disappeared as I developed physically (early, before my teens). I certainly recall as a boy having had to clean smegma out from behind my knob.

Your site has taught me all sorts of fascinating things about my penis - what a pity I had to wait until I was in my forties to find all this out!

Thanks and best wishes

- Andrew in the United Kingdom
September 15, 2003

This is not uncommon. The condition is alled microposthia or aposthia.

Boys with average foreskins may be instructed to keep them back "or it'll have to be cut off". This terrifying threat ensures compliance and eventual atrophy, with the same outcome.


If God gave it to us, we get to keep it

I am the mother of an intact son and after reading your site, I am even more happy that my circumcised husband did not insist upon circumcision for our son. I believe that if God gave it to us, we get to keep it, unless it causes us problems. I am against circumcision, piercing the ears or body parts of underage children, cropping of tails or ears in animals, or any other ritual mutilation ESPECIALLY against another human being. If adults wish to tattoo, cut, implant, whatever - it is up to them. But cutting a baby is beyond barbaric. I hope your website has a long and fruitful life. God bless.

- Virginia Mom
September 2, 2003


I feel a bit sick

You have really made me think about the horrors of circumcision for the first time. I have always known that I enjoy sex more with men who have whole penises - it's just more fun and more interesting - but I had not realised just what a brutal operation is involved. I must admit I feel a bit sick.

- Susan Blackmore in Bristol, UK
August 24, 2003

Susan Blackmore is the author of "The Meme Machine" and a signatory to the Ashley Montagu resolution.


I get a pang of regret

I just finished reviewing your comparison page - circ'd versus non. I want to thank you for going to the trouble (or if not you then whomever cared enough). I am circ'd and if I ever had any doubts those smooth, silky, shiny glans[es] that reside so happily under the foreskin cinched it.

I look at my own glans and see how hard I have to be to get to get any sheen and then it still looks bumpy and frankly keratinized. It really gets me - what was done without my consent and how I have been compromised. I have to love my penis - it is the only one I have and it remains a great joy - but I get a pang of regret when I really look at it and see that ugly circ scar.

I hold it and quietly apologize for abuse it could not help. Yet, I am the real loser. I still feel that hollow feeling I get when I think about it. So thanks for taking the time to display the real beauty, grace and refinement of the intact penis. More people ought to really look. It is gratifying to see the tide of public attitude is finally turning. It is sickening and a sad commentary on our species that it took this long.
Heart (and penis) felt thanks.

- Dwight in Illinois
August 22, 2003


We'll all celebrate some day

Out of curiousity, I browsed the pictures of intact men.

Those intact penises look like huge clitorises. Amazing how much the penis resembles the clitoris when it's in the natural intact state.

For years, I've been supportive of the campaigns to abolish female and intersexed genital cutting. How dare anyone even think of altering an intact clitoris!

After reading more about male circumcision, I now understand why an increasing number of men are angry about having been cut.

Keep up the good work with

Hopefully, we'll all celebrate some day when every form of genital mutilation exists only in history books.


Heather, Staunch Intact-ivist
in the northwest US, July 4, 2003

One reason given for both male and female genital cutting is to remove what is perceived as an element of the opposite sex. The organs are similar because of their shared origin. ...


it...shows undue interest in the child's genitals

i am not squeemish when it comes to pictures, and i regret that in an attempt to sanitize our virgin eyes, such pictures are not seen by more people, i have to say that i really appreciated seeing for myself what this horrible mutilation is really about. i never liked the idea, i think it's barbaric, and shows undue interest in the child's genitals and abuse of stewardship that is a gift we bestow upon ourselves, when we bring new life into this world. i loved your site and i thought it was very valid, informed and sane, and balanced. i do not appreciate preachy, and you have done excellent job in creating this site. the book "the eunuch and the virgin" by peter tompkins inspired me to search on line for this info. thanks,

- Anna in New York City
(my husband is intact, as i always wanted!)
June 14, 2003

[PS] my brother in law told the doctor when he asked why he didn't want to circumsize his son: "when he grows up he [can] wear it off if he doesn't like it!" both my bil and my husband and i agree, that if the doctor where to try doing that to my son, he would never practice medicine again, on the count of him laying out flat on the ground.


I of course said "no".

First off, I love the site.
I am whole-heartedly against circumcision and am myself intact. An interesting tidbit.... I live in NY, USA and my first son I did not have circumcised, and now my wife is pregnant and when her doctor had asked whether, if it's a boy, if we wanted the boy circumcised, I of course said "no". He then went on a rant against circumcision and how it offers no benefit and how feeling is lost and that it's more natural and cleaner to leave the foreskin intact. I thought it interesting that an American OBGYN would promote "Intactivism". Hopefully it's part of a growing trend.

Andy H

- Andreas Hollmers in New York
June 10, 2003


My father is a Muslim

[I] saw your site 'intactivism' for the first time a couple of days ago and thought it was brilliant; simple, unpretentious and un-dogmatic, well researched and informative and most importantly not pandering to critics. About myself: I was cut because my father is a Muslim, but knew something wrong was done to me when I was about 4 or 5 years old, have since restored the semblance of a foreskin through restoration and now in my own personal capacity campaign against the practice of circumcision. ... I'd like to think that the (unfortunately) few Muslims who don't agree with the practice might find some solace in my message. Thanks again and keep the good work going.

PS: remain quietly popular; otherwise you'll attract hackers and puritans

- Hameed in London, UK
June 6, 2003


I figured "...someday I'll look like that, too."

First of all, I have to say I enjoyed your page. I am unfortunately cut, and I have always hated the fact I was. It was done at birth. I have complained to my mother most of my life about it. I asked her why she allowed them to mutilate me (that's what I considered it), and she said, "it was the thing to do". You can add that to your long list of why people do it. Mine was a trend.

I have to admit my whole life, I always felt like something was missing. I knew what it was. I discovered uncircumcision via my father. I never quite asked anything, because I was too embarrassed...I figured "oh well he's a grown up and someday I'll look like that, too." Well, onto my teenage years, and nothing (except some hair. Through my childhood I sort of had an obsession with "getting older and having a complete penis". [This mistake is not uncommon where "we don't talk about that sort of thing."]

I know it may sound absurd, but my cut penis has lowered my self-esteem, caused plenty of depression, gave me a sense of "penis envy" even though I am a male, and I never could ever get over it. I used to wrap it with strings and yarn to make it have that uncut illusion.

After seeing the disastrous pages of circumcised penises, I was at least eased why mine looks deranged. Mine is two different shades (pink and brown)...I am caucasion, by the way- I know that may sound like the description of an African American. A few girls have made fun of that fact (of coure hurting me even more). Not only is it two-toned, the "ring" is even a darker brown, which all looks unnaturally contrasted against my pale white skin.

Also the doctor who cut me, cut way too much of the foreskin off.

As for sensitivity - I really have none, and I do have an occasional pain IF I get an erection. I am not sexually active, so that really doens't matter to me, anyway.

If you want to add any of my testimony to your site, you have my permission. ANYTHING to prevent this horiffic mutilation process this country thinks is necessary (I live in the USA).

If I ever find a woman and get married, you can guarantee all of my sons will be happily intact. I all ready printed out some of the forms. I even made my mother fill one out (It was a symbolic thing).

Thank you for your site, and I was happy to finally find a site with pictures that were not on some porn site. It was very educational and informative.

As many pictures as I have seen, I still find something questionable, but as I see them, I feel like there is something reassuring and comforting, but at the same time, I feel like something is missing on my body. I am appreciative of the facts I discovered in my quest.

- Willie in x
May 18, 2003


Just what it feels like

The Jane Smiley book is funny..cos well, that`s just what it feels like being intimate with an intact

- Kari Melissa in Liverpool, UK
May 2, 2003


He knows ... he's lucky and better off

I am married to a natural guy and I'm glad! Our 14 year old son is also natural. As a family, we've swam nude in the summer since we were married. So I've seen my son mature and been able to ensure he keeps himself clean. The one problem we had with him was getting him to pull the foreskin back when he would pee! He is still lazy in that regard. Do you have any advice?

We convinced my sister, when her son was born, not to cut him either. [My son] has told us other boys look at him funny, but he knows from us telling him, he's lucky and better off. There's absolutely no reason an uncirc. penis can't be kept clean. None. [My husband] and I enjoy oral sex, so I KNOW he's clean.

Can you give me any advice regarding my son and masturbation? I know he's going to do that. Is there any cause for concern about infections then?

Too bad the state medicare pays for circumcisions! There's nothing nicer than a natural guy.

- Sandy in Maryland
April 28, 2003

If he doesn't splash the floor (hope he lifts the seat!), there's no reason he should pull it back. Not all foreskins are the same, and the short ones don't make any difference. Long ones make for a thicker, slower stream but there's no particular problem with that. The drop or two of urine that stay under his foreskin are no more concern than the drop or two that stay in his bulla Like every other male, just shaking it when he finishes is quite enough.

He should of course be told that masturbation in private is completely harmless and virtually everyone does it. Pulling the skin back as well as forward will ensure that it retracts easily. A French doctor recommends this for boys and young men with retraction problems. Intact men can use a thumb and one or two fingers to work the skin alone, rather than the heavy fist action he is likely to learn from his circumcised peers or porn movies.

There is no danger of infection at all. The circumcisionists constantly try to present the foreskin as a timebomb, and it simply isn't, any more than the corresponding female parts.


If I ever saw an uncircumcised penis I think I would vomit.

I'm sorry, but I think that your website against circumcision is absolutely disgusting, disrespectful, and inappropriate. First of all, to criticize religions for their practices is the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen in my life. Second of all, to put it over the internet is even worse. A religious practice that has been going on for thousands of years should certainly not be criticized UNLESS it is immoral or dangerous....circumcision is niether.

Quite honestly, I think it is strange to NOT BE CIRCUMCISED. It's dirty and old-fashioned. I cannot believe that you think that being circumsized is not cleaner....have you ever heard of smegma??? If I ever saw an uncircumcised penis I think I would vomit. I don't mean to offend you, but you have offended me tremendously in your assertations on circumcision.

Also, the fact that you could possibly compare it to footbinding is simply idiotic. Footbinding inhibits the function of the feet tremendously, and it causes severe pain for years and years--circumcision does not do either of those things.

I think you need to open up your eyes and accept modern practices and views. The US is the most technologically advanced country in the world, and has many reknowned universities that produce many scholars. We have the best medical facilities, and some of the much knowledgable doctors. Obviously we perform circumcision for a reason: because it's cleaner and healthier. To try to outlaw circumcision is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

To criticize religious practices is closed-minded, ignorant, and obnoxious. The Jewish religion was one of the first recognized official religions, and many religions spun off of that--do you understand how many people you are offending by criticising this practice?

I think next time you make a website against something that has both religious meaning and health implications, you should do it in a less offensive and more informed way...clearly you have not done your research. I hope you'll one day realize how ridiculously rude and ignorant you are.

- ALibLaiR18
April 14, 2003


No one goes near our son with a knife

I was snipped basically at birth and by all accounts my father went berserk (he was not asked for his opinion). I have told my wife that no one goes near our son with a knife unless it is to save his life. It is often the mothers who are asked if they want their sons circumcised or not and as they view the foreskin as a redundant item, they will agree. This is all down to lack of knowledge, it should be taught in school anatomy classes what the foreskin is there for then maybe when the students (male and female) have to make the choice for their own children it will be an educated decision.

- Tony in England
February 2, 2003


This whole thing is nefarious!

I am a 25 year old circumcised male. I think your website is great. I have always felt circumcision is unnatural. Nature put the foreskin there for a reason. I was butchered and wasn't given a choice. Facism? This topic needs to get more attention. No wonder tens of millions of women apparently can't orgasm during intercourse. I feel like I was robbed of an integral part of my anatomy and life. This whole thing is nefarious!

- Geoffrey in Southern New Hampshire
August 29, 2002


i have been so worried and scared that we had done the wrong thing

i just want to thank you so much for letting me know that it is ok for my son to be the way God made him. he is five months old and my husband and i did not want him to be circumcised. we were very against it and yet everyone from family members to his own pediatrician are telling us we have to have this done and that since his foreskin doesnt come all the way back it has grown together and i need to force it back or have him circumcised. i have been so worried and scared that we had done the wrong thing and he would be disfigured because at five months old his foreskin doesnt come all the way back. thank you for letting me know this is normal. this site has been very informative.

- M.A.M. in Beaumont, Texas
August 4, 2002


They thought they were doing my son a "favour"

This is such an educational site. I am very grateful to have found it. Being a male of the age of 51, I grew up being "quite different" as well, being intact. Perhaps growing up in the 1950's was even more difficult as people just didn't talk about these kind of things.

When my son was born I was absent when my wife and mother-in-law consented to having my son circumcised, I was very angry with their decision. They could not understand my anger because they thought they were doing my son a "favour".

Today my son is 25 years old with 3 children, two boys and a girl. He has not had his sons circumcised, by his choice, and after having several discussions about it with me. I am happy that he has made the right choice to leave his children with what they were born with as nature intended. He has also considered restoration for himself but neither he or myself knew very much about it.

This has been a very informative and educational experience for both of us. I commend you and the others who have put this excellent site available to those who are openminded enough to access it. Thank you.


- Royden in Ottawa, Canada
July 13, 2002


This is truly an American phenomenon!

I am a young British woman and I have to admit I had no idea that circumcision was so widely practiced in the non-Jewish American community. In fact, it was first brought to my attention recently through an American TV series (Sex & the City - I'm sure you've heard of it!). I noticed on your index page that you have links for "women who have never seen an uncut [intact] penis". This was the tone of the TV episode where the women were shrieking Yuk' at the thought of seeing a foreskin. This is completely bizarre to me since I am a young woman who has never seen a circumcised penis in my life! And I've had partners from England, Ireland, Italy and France - this is truly an American phenomenon!

I watched that episode with male friends who were horrified to learn that 'natural' penises are a 'rarity' in the US. Over here we often consider ourselves culturally similar to Americans but this is indeed a revelation. I asked an American female friend of mine about this and she admitted that she had never seen an uncut penis in her life! I was gobsmacked!

I'm so curious - why do American parents feel it's right to circumcise their sons? What is to be gained? And do American women realise that if they form a relationship with a non-US male then they must 'prepare' themselves for a 'shock'!

I find it totally surprising. I've been trying to find pictures of circumcised penises to understand what all the fuss is about but like your site, most websites offer the 'chance' to see uncut ones! I did find one though and can I just say that there is very little difference. None is more aesthetically pleasing than the other and from what I've been reading the benefits of circumcision are very dubious.

I personally feel that performing such a unnecessary, painful procedure on a child's body constitutes child abuse and sends a message that we should be ashamed of our genitals. And we wonder why so many people suffer sexual dysfunction in adult life! And from a female perspective, if I was expected to have my genitals mutlilated to be accepted by male partners I would remain celibate on protest! Whatever happened to love?...


From a sexually happy British gal who appreciates men in their natural splendour animated smile

- Jaye Norton in York, England
June 9, 2002


I now feel ready to have a knowledgeable discussion with our GP

I suffered pain during intercourse as a young man and thought that sex was just naturally very painful and traumatic and something that had to be expected for the non-circumcised man. However during one encounter my frenulum (I didn't know it was a frenulum until I read your site!) tore and it was bloody and unpleasant to say the least - my partner was horrified! But it was a great blessing in disguise - about a week later the tear had healed and I was able to pull back the foreskin over the glans without any problem. Sex thereafter was a pleasure!

I fear my six-year old son may have the same problem. He too appears to suffer from "frenulum breve" - what a wonderful article by Jonathan Cope in the Guardian.

Because of the wealth of information from your site I now feel ready to have a knowledgeable discussion with our GP about my son. I shall print off some of the information I got from your site and bring it with me.

Many, many thanks for your efforts once again.

- Martyn in Wales, UK
May 15, 2002


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