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From experts, owners, parents, partners, others.

From a noted scientist
Susan Blackmore: "I feel a bit sick"

From a doctor who refuses to circumcise
Dr Christian Elhaj: "I believed that it was unethical"

From intact men:

John McHale: "From deeply disturbing to truly horrifying"
Yan: "Proud to be uncut"
Dan: "Iím not spectacular, just unmutilated"
Krizanic: "How lucky I am"
TL: "I won't do it in a million years"
Tony: "My teeth require far more maintenance"
Gabriel: "I changed my mind"
Mike: "I wonder if they'd realize their stupidity"
Mark": "I dont think they understand"
gawkin66: "I'm intact and damned happy I am"
Kelly: "Not 'matching' never posed any problems"
Hiro: "It has the power to affect the rest of us"
Steve: "Everybody told me that I was weird"
Sean Jobst: "I am most grateful to my parents"
Matt: "I had all but given up hope"
Bob Macias: "I love my parents deeply for not allowing [it]"
M: "I discovered I was the norm"
Marco R: "It was cool ... realising I wasn't the only one in the world!"
VD: "Differences between circumcised and intact penises are obvious"
J: "It fundamentally contradicts the Qur'an"
Barry: "Keep up the good work"
Guy: "He has come to resent his circumcision"
RJ: "I enjoy my foreskin"
Frank: "My father told me what a favour he'd done me"
Carl: "Circumcision is regarded as a very backward practice"
J.R.: "It's painful to hear someone be misled"
T.H.T.: "I wouldn't change it for love nor money"
C.: "Most women are ignorant of the intact penis"
Wayne Banister: "A site that counters their propaganda with facts"
Mike McTighe: "I was thinking of getting circumcised"
Malcolm O'Connell: "It's almost religious"
Andrew: "I spent my teens thinking I was circumcised"
Royden: "They thought they were doing my son a 'favour'"
Michael Garrett: "I have thanked my parents."
Anonymous: "Contempt for the foreskin is writ large."
Paul: "My girlfriend has threatened to leave me."
John: "The urologist told me that it was necessary for me to be circumcised."
F.: "It was nice to see men with penises more in proportion to my own."
Ben: "I just wish I knew most of this stuff when I was a child."
Dusty: "We clearly know the pleasurable advantages."

From circumcised people:
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David: loves being restored

Robert: "If they want it or not"
Jkiser1436@aol.com: hostile feedback
Jess: "Your site is ... dumb"
Stephen: "The stupidest thing I have done"
Luke: "I feel robbed"
Jim: "It is nearly impossible for me to have an orgasm from intercourse"
Steve: "The stupidest thing I have done in my life"
Paul: "The only feeling I have is in the little 'leftovers'"
Not Happy: "Now that it has gone, so has the pleasure."
Matt Deloff: "They look like retarded anteaters"
Xx: "My circumcision has left me impotent"
Ray: "Planning to start a genital integrity movement in Indonesia"
Aaron: "disturbed by brutishness and senselessness"
Lee Droud: "I wish I had been given that option"
Eli Rivkin: "You need to get a grip"
George Myburgh: "I still rage!"
Bill: "I'm a passionate advocate of early circumcision"
Ben: "I wish I was born somewhere else"
Larry: "Why was mine different?"
Kevin Murray: "I woke up in agony"
Kevin: "What can I do?"
Joe: "I've never seen anything so beautiful"
the administrator of a medical advice website: "Circumcision is not ... to be challenged."
S V: "It was then when the living hell broke loose."
Brandon Buckley: "It is mine until he is old enough to make his decisions"
Ivan: "It is INSANE"
thomas: "It's just a dick"
Eric: "A thoroughly barbaric practice"
Gerard: "I hope there could be an end to this"
Venado: " Circumcised and glad of it"
J T Owen: " I almost threw up while looking at these pictures"
David: "The outrage I feel is beaten back"
Jack: "I realised that I was not alone"
Jack again: "I wish this had never of had to happen"
Bill: "It's certainly an important human rights issue"
Dave: "It is not something that easily affords a comparison"
Dwight: "I get a pang of regret"
Hameed: "My father is a Muslim'"
Willie: "I figured '...someday I'll look like that, too.'"
Geoffrey: "This whole thing is nefarious!"
Michael: "Our Jewish boys have not been circumcised."
Carlos: "I lost about 30% of [sensitivity]"
JG: "She says I howled for days"
David: Intact, cut, restored
Nathan: "I cut off the skin bridges."
Martin: "Your clear arguments helped swing me."
Martin: "I had to figure out what happend to me."
Paul: "I realize that I have lost something special."
S.: "The images are very disturbing."
Clay: "You pathetic, sad, misguided excuse for a human being!"
M Hogan: "It is the only decent thing to do"

From parents of intact sons...:
Alan: "There's never been any problems"
Candy Goldberg: "I couldn't be paid to have that barbarity done"
Rhonda: "I'd never seen an erect circumcised penis"
Kathryn: "If you did that to a dog or cat the SPCA would have you prosecuted for cruelty"
Kristine M: "The faster this cruel practice disappears the better"
no name: "You may have saved my future grandmotherhood"
Jacky Brawn: "I could not help my crying."
Ben: "We still wanted to have a Jewish ceremony"
Amy: "Everyone keeps telling us we have to do extra cleaning"
Sylviane: "My husband thought it was a hoax"
Joseph: "They have passed that heritage on to their sons"
Lisa: "Many American woman are now rejecting this bizarre practice"
Mary P: "Your story was wonderful"
Rakisha: "The cruelty of it"
Gillian: "I know I have changed a few parents' minds "
Virginia Mom: "If God gave it to us, we get to keep it"
Anna: "It...shows undue interest in the child's genitals"
Andy H: "I of course said 'no'."
Sandy: "He knows ... he's lucky and better off"
Tony: "No one goes near our son with a knife"
M.A.M.: "I have been so worried and scared that we had done the wrong thing"
Martyn: "I now feel ready to have a knowledgeable discussion with our GP"
Rex (in the Philippines): "After knowing the facts, I will never ever allow it!"
Tangie: "They won't wind up being so different."
Judy: "I think I've found it!"
Jaimie: "The pictures set my mind at ease every time."
E.: "Her heart broke hearing the screams"
Maus: "He went back to being the boy he had been."
Stephanie: "My 5 year old's foreskin has not completely retracted."

...and intact sons-to-be:
RN: "I had no idea there were so many complications"
Emily L. West: "They will be intact!"
Woman: "Circumcision must be stopped"
Michelle: "The baby emitted a blood-curdling scream"
Nicole: "I see that as the equivalent of saying, 'Sorry, I only date guys with 9 toes'"
Lynn: "The circumcised ones are missing something"
Dean: "Needless torture to the spirit and body of a child"
Heather: "We'll all celebrate some day"
Maryann: "Just plain wrong"
Courtney: "This site has definitely convinced me."

From parents of circumcised sons
Kathleen: "I wasn't thinking straight"
Deanna W.: "Neither boy has asked why one is intact and the other is not"
Jennifer Vaughn: "If only I had known what was going to happen."
Cindy: "Boy is that a lie!"
Kelley: "His was botched as well!"

From women with intact partners:
K.A.: "He DOES have a normal penis"
Terri: "It has been a revelation"
A Satisfied Woman: "It's much more about the journey"
MS: "They should be happy and proud to be intact"
Amy: "Intact men seem to experience something closer to what I experience."
Christina: "I certainly prefer a man with his foreskin - healthy, whole, sensitive and hot!"
Liza: "The difference is unbelievable"
Helen: "It creates a delicious tugging"
Melissa: "It gracefully melds with my internal shape, complementing it instead of assaulting it" and again: "'I had no idea they took off that much'"
Eva: "I couldn't really connect to them"
Pat: "I wish I'd known"
Julia: "Most of the English women I know are enthusiastic
Julia again: "The page devoted to the erect uncut penis is terrific!
Kari: "Just what it feels like
Jaye: "This is truly an American phenomenon!
Bunny: "I like the way it looks and feels.."
Linda: "I could do things I couldn't do before."
Julie: "My oh my... what a surprise!"

From women with circumcised partners:
Wendy: "You follow satan and his ways"
Christine: "I would probably punch him in the face"
Lindsey: "If only everyone could see things this way"

Rafaella Bertucci: "Make a petition!"
Linnaeus: "The subject was in violation of their "family" policy"

From someone who has never seen an intact penis
ALibLaiR18 : "If I ever saw an uncircumcised penis I think I would vomit. "


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