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Your site is ... dumb

Your site is fucking dumb. I mean referencing random bullshit articles and tweets from groupies. Like really? You're fucking desperate lol

- Jess H
November 21, 2015


The stupidest thing I have done

I had myself undergo circumcision because of the peer pressure and teasing I received from college friends. Both from guys and more importantly, from the girls. Thinking backwards I believe it was the stupidest thing I have done in my life.

A few years later, again I succumbed to the demands of one of those girls, my wife. (I do NOT blame her) Both my sons were circumcised at birth. I am not sure if I will ever forgive myself for this. Even while I knew it was happening, I was nearly in tears.

Men & Women, Fathers & Mothers, Brothers & Sisters stop this MADNESS!

- Stephen in the Boston area
August 3, 2015


I feel robbed

I am a 14 year old male and I am circumcised. I do not get any pleasure from masturbating and it is very difficult to ejaculate. I feel robbed by a system that cheats males out of having a whole, natural pens in the name of religion. I love my parents, but I feel hatred to anyone who promotes circumcision. I say to them, "go get the rest of your penis cut off if you love it so much! Then try to masturbate!" Also, I am jealous of anyone who is uncut and I want to know how it feels.

- Luke in Maryland
June 4, 2015


It is nearly impossible for me to have an orgasm from intercourse

I was circumcised at birth in 1958. Turns out, my father was intact until he was in the US navy, where they basically forced him to be circumcised in his early 20s. My brother and I were both cut based on his experience.

I have several problems that are related to being cut. While I can orgasm from masturbation, it is nearly impossible for me to have an orgasm from intercourse, even after thrusting for a long time. The majority of the time, I end up pulling out and finishing manually or my partner doing it for me. Oral sex, while certainly enjoyable, is worse. I can count on 2 hands the number of times I have come from oral, even after prolonged stimulation. I also have a short penis, about 4 inches erect and I have always wondered if that was due to my tight circumcision. I am seriously thinking about restoring my foreskin.

I am happy to say I have broken the cycle. When my son was born, I refused to let them circumcise him. He is now almost 17, and still intact. This caused quite a problem with my father when I informed him. He insisted I have it done, but I was adamant.

... Thanks for all the great info.


- Jim in Nebraska
October 28, 2014


The stupidest thing I have done in my life

I had myself undergo circumcision because of the peer pressure and teasing I received from college friends. Both from guys and more importantly, from the girls.

Thinking backwards I believe it was the stupidest thing I have done in my life.

A few years later, again I succumbed to the demands of one of those girls, my wife. (I do NOT blame her)

Both my sons were circumcised at birth.

I am not sure if I will ever forgive myself for this.

Even while I knew it was happening, I was nearly in tears.

Men & Women, Fathers & Mothers, Brothers & Sisters stop this MADNESS!

- Steve in Boston
March 2, 2014


The only feeling I have is in the little "leftovers"

Two weeks ago, I found out about the site on circumcision, also about the pictures of the scars and deformities that circumcision can bring about. I'm very interested in this matter since I was circumcised myself (quite carelessly, if I may say so) at the age of 4. This brutal surgery has affected my life in a negative way (and I express myself very carefully).

The diagnosis was phimosis and apparently the only solution back then (1960) was circumcision. I don't know the exact details, because it was not an item that was spoken of back then.

When I was young, no one talked about his or her privates. It even became so that I had forgotten about the whole thing and that, in my mind (when I was around 9 or 10), it was just the way I was. To my knowing, my penis was as it always had been ever since birth and there was nothing wrong with it.

You know every boy goes trough a period of great friendship at the beginning of his puberty. That includes sexual games like p.e. playing doctor and so on. Can you imagine my consternation and the shock I experienced when I first saw a friend's one?? I came to realise that I was totaly different in that place, that it was not at all the way it supposed to be and that nobody had ever told me or prepared me for that moment.

Later, when a friend learned me about masturbation, I came to realise that I was completely different: okay, it was a pleasant thing to do, but what the **** was all the fuzz about? Later, a friend told me that even pulling his foreskin back was giving him exitement and a good feeling...By then, I got the feeling that that was stolen from me. And up until this day, I feel that way.

I have got quite a few scars on my penis myself. I have been ashamed of it for years. Also, I have very little to no feeling in my glans. In fact, the only feeling I have is in the little “leftovers” of my foreskin. My glans has indeed become increasingly drier and drier over the years. I've never been able to come by intercause, I always need to stimulate myself because of the limited feeling I have in my penis.

Further on, I’ve sensed jealousy towards uncut men ever since I found out that ‘normal’ men are different.

Anyway, I have some pictures [NSFW] of my penis and the scars and I was wondering if maybe you would be interested to put one of them in the gallery of circumcised penises. Maybe it can help parents and doctors to think twice before they resort to such drastic mutilation. The way I see things, every circumcision is one too many, except if there is really no alternative, and if the pictures can help to decrease these barbaric practices, you're welcome.

As someone on the site already said: if there is only one boy (or man) this item can save from being mutulated, then it is worth it.

- Paul in Belgium
February 8, 2014


I won't do it in a million years

Yoh yoh yoh!! Okay I always thought that I am not going to circumcise for one reason; that is pleasure. My nephew 10 has done it. I 20yrs won't do it in a million years. Thanks keep me posted. Big upz to you.

- T. L. in South Africa
July 10, 2013


far and away the most comprehensive

Seems to me your site is by far and away the most comprehensive and accurate on the subject of MGM. Although I only discovered it a couple of years ago. (In my experience, Google's search system leaves at lot to be desired) You must have put in hundreds, if not thousands of hours into it. And I do enjoy the logical interjections into the news stories.

A couple of months ago, I read a book "Wilful Blindness: how we ignore the obvious at our peril" by Margaret Heffernan. Circumcision is not mentioned but she gives many other examples of willful, illogical blindness. Including how physicians for years, decades kept giving pregnant women X-rays even though there was very, very clear evidence it vastly increased the odds of that child dying of leukemia.

Keep up the good work in the New Year,

- Anonymous in Canada
December 30, 2012


Uncut and very happy

my teeth require far more maintenance than my foreskin but I am not going to have my teeth pulled out


- Tony in New Zealand
August 7, 2012


He DOES have a normal penis

Prior to my boyfriend, I had one experience with an uncircumcised man. He was ashamed of his penis and he repeatedly apologized for how he looked and we had one fling in the dark.

I´m currently in a loving, long-term relationship with an uncircumcised man. Other than my one time fling, this is really the first time I´ve been intimately involved with someone uncircumcised. In the US at least, he´s a true rarity. When we first got together, I remember thinking, "Geez, couldn´t I find someone with a normal penis?"

Then it hit me. He DOES have a normal penis. His penis looks how it´s meant to look like. His foreskin is supposed to be there, like that bit of skin covering my clitoris is meant to be there. His body is fully intact as it was meant to be.

Your website really opened my eyes. The circumcision videos and pictures disturbed me, but showed me how so many boys are needlessly mutilated. Males are born with foreskin and they are supposed to have it. If I ever had a son, I don´t want him to be circumcised.

- K.A. in Detroit, Michigan
April 21, 2012


It has been a revelation

Hi! I found your site very informative and well presented.

I had always thought circumcision was done for cleanliness. I am American and had never seen anyone that hadn't had it done until recently. I am the very satisfied partner of an intact Englishman. It has been a revelation - being with an intact man has been the most sexually satisfying experience of my life and honestly, his intact penis is just beautiful. He told me it is very easy to keep clean and there is no reason to cut any part of the foreskin off. I had no idea before him. He has certainly opened my eyes.

Thanks again for your wonderful site.

- Terri in Cleveland, Ohio
April 18, 2012


It's much more about the journey

Hello, I've been against circumcision for years and I've recently been reading up on it again since starting a relationship with an intact guy. I am American and out of 19 partners, he's only the 2nd intact one I've been with.

One thing I've noticed (and wanted to share with your readers), especially with my current guy, is the difference in outlook regarding sex. With cut guys it mostly seems to be about the "end goal" and trying so hard to come; it's not necessarily that they only care about their pleasure, but it's more about "let's have sex so I can come." With my current guy, it's much more about the journey and the complete experience of being intimate with each other. He also seems to have much more control over his "point of no return" than circumcised guys. We are able to have penetrative intercourse several times during a "session" because he can go for a while and then back it off so that we can play in other ways. It also feels better when he is inside me; I don't lose lubrication and I don't feel like he is just using his penis as a battering ram. Other types of sex are also more pleasurable (for him) and pleasant (for me). And he is always clean! He does have a smell, which is a normal pheromone smell that everyone has and is actually more arousing to me than cut men.

One thing you may want to watch/share/include is this video (or the information in it):

Very compelling argument for leaving foreskins intact.

For all those women who are all "eeewww foreskin!" I have 2 things to say: 1. Don't knock it till you've tried it and 2. How would you like it if someone cut off your labia without your consent?

For any man who is considering getting circumcised (for reasons other than medical), please don't. If you have a woman who doesn't like it, you need to get rid of her fast. There are women out there (yes, even in the States!) who love foreskins!

- A Satisfied Woman in Washington state
March 19, 2012


I believed that it was unethical

I've been meaning to write to you for some time concerning your website circumstitions.com.  I just wanted to say well done and keep doing what you are doing!!  I am a rural GP in NSW (Australia) and it still irks to see mothers and fathers asking for this barbaric procedure done to their sons.  And the reasoning is always idiotic (in my professional opinion).

I was never taught how to do (neonatal) circumcisions whilst in training...never really wanted to learn to be honest.  In fact, in my final year of medical school I flat-out refused to participate in unnecessary (non-medically indicated) circumcisions; I would tell the surgeon(s) that I believed that it was unethical to do the procedure.  I always felt that there was a lot of either indifference or outright apathy in doctors when it came to this topic.  So many doctors I came across willingly or unwillingly accepted circumcisions as the "norm" and did little to nothing about informing people properly about circumcision.

- Dr Christian Elhaj in New South Wales
January 24, 2012


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