January 1 - December 31, 2006

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Circumcision is regared as a very backward practice

As an intact male I just wanted to tell you that all the anti-circ stuff on your site is absolutely true. Thanks God it does not contain balanced info - after all the circumcision is a mutiliation and one can not have a balanced opinion on this subject. I'm a European (English is not my native language) and I can tell you that circumcision is regarded as a very negative and backward and extremely rare practice in my country. There is a very small muslim minority and there they do circumcise their boys - this is regarded by the Christian majority as a barbarian practice.

The foreskin is actually part of the shaft skin & it is an integral part of the penis.Therefore, circumcision is nothing but mutiliation. When I saw the pics of a baby boy I got extremely angry with the parents & doctors who support or COMMIT this crime. If I can convince even one couple of parents to leave their babies intact I'd be glad.

- Carl Kaller in München (Munich), Germany
November 6, 2006


A thoroughly barbaric practice

It's unbelievable how many fellow members of our supposedly "civilized" human species have been manipulated into the irrational acceptance of such a thoroughly barbaric practice, allowing it to continue without question, for generation upon generation throughout history.

I was circ'd at the time of my birth just like most children in this society, and although they say you're not supposed to remember the ordeal when you get older (which, thankfully I don't), what you DO remember (and I do remember them) are the times you first realize that you're not fully equipped with all of the "pieces" that you had when you came into this world.

In my case, I also remember the special medication that had to be applied to the area they cut, because it became infected. The days of applying medicated ointment to my "mysterious wound" (a mystery to me, as I never could remember how or where it came from, it was just "there", and it needed ointment as far as I knew) lasted throughout enough of my childhood for me to have memories of it still to this day.

- Eric in San Francisco, California
October 31, 2006


It's painful to hear someone be misled


Great, great work on putting this together. I've gone throughout my life intact and have never considered being something else, even though there are those who like to make fun of, or point something out that they themselves don't have. I do realize that most of my peers are circumcised, and have been questioned on my status before, from friends to former girlfriends, even people in my own family. (I happen to be one of the lucky ones in my family that escaped the bloody procedure.)

While I was young I never understood why people would make fun of issues such as that, as if it's okay to discriminate against people who have different traits about them. Nowadays, never would one see another person be publicly criticised for their race or gender without getting torched for it. Why should someone being uncircumcised be any different?

I once had a girlfriend that was stunned I was still intact. She told me, "No black man in the U.S. should be uncircumcised" and "It's disgusting". (I am half black, half white.) I wish I knew at the time Will Smith, one of her favorite actors, and lead role man in her favorite show, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" was also intact. Not to mention Jesse Jackson, MLK Jr., Hank Aaron, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix and so on.

While I was casually browsing around the site, I came across the section featuring sitcoms and movies which featured pro-circumcision, ridiculous claims, and biased views. I knew about movies such as Spike Lee's "She Hate Me", when the women made the comment, "Is he circumcised? If he's not I'm not coming near him". Then the quick reassurance was provided, "Relax, he is circumcised", proving to be another cheap shot [at] intact men. There were others, such as "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo 2", the "Seinfield" episode, but the one that really caught my attention was the "Judging Amy" show, featuring her, the main character and leader of the show downplaying circumcision, and refusing a mother's request to leave her son intact. But I guess that's what should be expected in a country that turns the other cheek towards the mutilation of a male's genitals. It was kind've ironic, since at the same time [as] I was reading your logs of sitcoms/movies I was listening to the radio of one man, a self-proclaimed doctor from Live105's Loveline, absolutely blasting intact men - a show which has listeners in the hundreds of thousands, spread out across the country.

A young Jewish boy had called in to ask about circumcision, since he was next on the list in his family and he didn't know how to break the news to his parents that he wanted to stay intact. Well, the "doctor" told him that he should obey his parents and go through with his circumcision, since according him it's more hygienic and the girls will love it. It's painful to hear someone be misled as badly as that young man, but it's definitely not the first time it has happened. I could go on and on and on about about [how] well your site is presented, claims are proven, false facts denied, and many, many other great things to talk about, but then I would be here all night. Thanks again.

- J.R. in Albany, California
July 25, 2006


It creates a delicious tugging

Wanted to add that the intact penis provides far more pleasure to a woman in intercourse. This is a topic that always comes up when women are talking sex and at least two of them have had it "both ways" (yes, relatively rare in the U.S., at least for women over the age of 30). On one of your pages you ALMOST say this, but never quite do ... when the outer surface of the foreskin adhers to the labia minora, it creates a delicious tugging on the clittoral hood.

I spent years wondering why mother nature had created a male organ so completely incapable of pleasuring the female anatomy. THEN I had sex with an intact man and it all became clear. Mother nature is not quite as stupid as I thought. Just human beings are.

Another comment: I have recently learned, from an elderly uncle, that my mother's infant brother who died in infancy in 1918 (supposedly, as the family story went, from the flu) actually died from a botched circumcision. Weird.


- Helen
July 21, 2006


The difference is unbelievable

I'm a 22-year-old woman from the US, and I've had sex with ten men. I'm not bragging, I'm going somewhere with this. Of the first nine men, some were casual flings, and some were serious lovers, but they were all circumcised. I never thought about it, and at the time, I didn't know that circumcision wasn't that common in other countries. I always assumed that being with an uncircumcised man would be "gross." I didn't know why, I just thought that was the case.

I'm now with the man I plan to marry, and he happens to be intact. The first time I got close to his penis, the lights were off and I was starting to perform oral sex on him. At first, I thought that he had a large urethra, but then I realized that that was the opening of his foreskin. Surprised, I said, "You're uncircumcised!" He laughed and said, "I know!" I was already in love with him before we became intimate, so I didn't want to let that bother me, but I was afraid that I wouldn't know what to do because I'd only had experience with circumcised men.

Well, I did have to change my oral sex technique - for the better! I no longer have some guy trying to ram into my mouth at full speed, gagging me and chapping my lips. He is much more sensitive, and it's easier to please him. More importantly (to me), we've had vaginal intercourse since then, and the difference is unbelievable.

I read some of the angry comments claiming that circumcision doesn't affect size, and they compelled me to write. He has so much more girth than any of the men in my past, and after browsing your gallery, that appears to be the norm for uncut men.

[The pictures in the gallery are not a random selection of men: their penises are likely to be larger than average.]

The things that I feel when he is inside of me are incredible, like waves washing over my walls. He was a virgin before he was with me, and he's shy. Well, I've been with very experienced guys, but none of them can even compare to what his body does naturally. I am more than lucky that he's the one!

- Liza in x
July 2, 2006


My husband thought it was a hoax


I'm a woman of 32, married, with two boys and a girl. I've spent one year in the United States as an exchange student when I was underaged, and I very much enjoyed it... so it came as a real shock to me to learn by reading your site that the majority of American male babies are circumcised at birth. My husband didn't believe me when I told him, he thought it was a hoax.

As we're not native English speakers, we've never paid much attention to mentions of circumcisions in American sitcoms. And anyway when we have, we assumed it meant that the characters were Jewish.... It now appears we were very wrong! This is unbelievable.

I too was assuming that male circumcision worldwide was only done by very religious Jewish and Muslim people. And anyway I had been told that, when done by Western doctors, only the loose part of the baby's foreskin would be symbolicaly trimmed a bit, resulting in no ablation, no loss of function, and of course no skinning of the glans. Thanks to you, I now realize that even if it were that way, it would still be a genital mutilation.

You're doing a great educative work ! Needless to say, I had never seen pictures of circumcised non-erected penises before, and they look just badly hurt to me. I hope some day we'll all rejoice when no one, be they male or female, is submitted to genital mutilation against their will. It will be thanks to people like you.

- Sylviane in Massy, France
June 20, 2006


I wouldn't change it for love nor money

I am as intact today as the day I was born and I wouldn't change it for love nor money. I wouldn't have to, either. My girlfriend LOVES my penis, she wouldn't have me any other way, and she couldn't imagine going back to what she knew before. ... Yes, it's all true about how great it is. ... My girlfriend was ... fascinated with mine. The novelty of it, you could say. She knew full well in advance of being with me that I was not circumcised. She's the first woman to ever ask me such a thing. ... in private you can flip a coin and there is a good chance a woman won't even notice (especially if you practice safe sex). Some women have probably been with uncut guys and don't even know it. ... there are those who probably do notice but ... just soak up the experience and tell a good friend later. On the other side of the coin are the ones who say out loud, "Oh my god, wow!" or ask if what they've got in their hand is what they think it is. They'll follow up your answer with a "Really?" as if, "Wow, that's all this not-circumcised thing is all about," or "People call this disgusting?"

- T.H.T. (28) in the Midwest
May 11, 2006


Boy, is that a lie!

I am very interested in the information contained in your web site. I would like to become active in the fight to eliminate circumcision. Can you send me what information you have that might enable me to become more knowledgeable about the issues and what I might do initially to get more involved? I am a 47 year old mother of four living in Southern California and am sure there are several avenues in this area to pursue.

My three sons were circumcised because I was misinformed. My oldest son had an infection for the first year of his life on his penis because of the circumcision. He screamed every time I cleaned him with his diaper changes. It was torture 8 times a day for 365 days. I was only 20 years old and very ignorant. I was told that circumcision kept things cleaner and healthier. Boy, is that a lie! I recently found out that the opposite is true. I am so mad that the lies are allowed to be built into our laws as being legitimate and acceptable. I would help prevent this mutilation of others.

- Cindy in Southern California
May 5, 2006

People wanting to join the campaign should check for organisations in their area.


If only everyone could see things this way

Thank you for the site, it makes the whole circumcision situation seem less hopeless. Thank God there are at least a few sane people out there also. If only everyone could see things this way, I know my family doesn't. They think I have been brainwashed, when really they are the ones buried in lies. I feel sorry for any man who has had this awful procedure done to them, as well as their wives who will never know what sexual pleasure is possible for the both of them. Even if my boyfriend restores himself, the loss is still upsetting, a lot cannot be restored. I would like to sue the docter who worked on him until he has NOTHING left. This is the first time I wish I weren't so unselfish, I feel awful thinking about what my boyfriend is missing even though, once restored, intercourse will be fine for me.

- Lindsey in Vinton VA USA
April 19, 2006


I hope there could be an end to this

I wish i was NOT circumcised, but my mom thought it would be best for me. Thanks mom. Might as well cut some of my fingers off too, or sew up my belly button. Anyway, I liked the website and here is my comment:

To all the moms who think it is the best thing to do because "it is cleaner to be circumcised, it won't be clean if I don't cut the excess skin off" -
Hey ladies, wake up - boys pIay in dirt, mud, sand grease, help dad in the garage, mowin' the lawn
... My sisters were always inside .. Me, I was mowing the lawn, playing in dirt, mud, oiling the chain on my bike Not to be graphic, but when I was little - around 6-10 - I probably didn't wipe my ass too good after a bowel movement, but my ass never got any infections! I'm with you guys on the same page. I hope there could be a end to this choice-making of parents or guardians on an infant's foreskin.

- Gerard in Rhode Island
April 18, 2006


Circumcised and glad of it

First of all, youíre full of it. Iím circumcised and glad of it. I never have to clean myself to the extent that many of my uncircumcised friends have to. In fact, when I was in the Marines, many of my uncircumcised buddies were willing to go through the painful operation of getting circumcised because they were tired of all the infections and pain they were getting. They would tell me the horror stories about how painful it was to even open their foreskin only after a week in the field. No thank you. Iíve never had any pain or infections and as for sensitivity? If I was anymore sensitive down there I wouldnít be able to walk! You should ask some uncircumcised men on their experiences.

- Venado
April 15, 2006


I almost threw up while looking at these pictures

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March 18, 2006

[These pages support leaving penises AND seals intact.]



It gracefully melds with my internal shape, complementing it instead of assaulting it


I originally posted this rant on the Livejournal community TheUnkindestCut.


Like most girls I know, I spent most of my teen years thinking that [infant circumcision] was a Very Good And Normal Thing (tm). I formed these views from the giggling jokes in the cafeteria about intact boys and "dick cheese," or about how "ugly" an intact penis was. (Of course, for most of those years, none of us had seen either an intact or a cut penis in real life, so this was mostly speculation and extension of social prejudices).

About five years ago, I started to think about the actual process of circumcision. I had never really thought about it before: and the more I started thinking about it, the more uncomfortable I became about it. "Why would babies be born with a foreskin if it was inherently bad?" I thought. "There is nothing else on the body which, developing normally, is inherently harmful."

As the years progressed and I learned more, I became downright opposed to it. I learned that it was most definitely mutilation, an unnecessary destruction of a male's natural sexual organs and structures. I learned that everything I had always heard about circumcision was wrong... that it was not "cleaner," that it was not "safer," that it was not better for the male.

But that was all theoretical preference for me until I met my current partner one year ago.

I have in my life come into sexual contact (intercourse or otherwise) with 7 penises. My current partner of one year is the only one that was intact.

Experiencing his intact penis for me has transformed my theoretical views on circumcision into personal, experential ones.

First of all, I love the look of it. I didn't always... when I first saw it, my cultural programming kicked in and I saw it as "weird." Now that I have touched it, tasted it, loved it, and explored it all over, I see how beautiful it is. I love its aesthetic. I love how it looks sleeker and smoother than a cut penis. You know how a woman can sometimes look more breathtaking and sexual in a perfectly fitted dress than she does naked? Yeah. Same deal.

Now I look at the cut penis and see it as something disfigured, injured: I see what I thought was normal before for what it really is. I see the cracked and pitted skin of the glans, where my partner's is smooth and silken to the touch. I see the strange rings of discolouration from scarring and unnatural exposure to the elements, where my partner's is gracefully coloured, culminating in a glans that looks flush and rosy like a baby's soft cheek.

I love being sexual with an intact penis. I love the different options it affords in the way of play... it's like an entire new world to explore and enjoy to our heart's content. I love the way it moves in my mouth during oral sex, the way I can pull it up over the glans and back down with my lips.

Cut penises do not afford the same variety of sensations, teasing tricks, or pleasurable movement.

I love the fluid feel of the foreskin gliding during intercourse, the way it eases penetration and makes lube a totally unnecessary substance.

I love the way his glans is softer and more gentle. At first, I thought he just wasn't getting fully erect and felt insecure... and then I read more and learned that the protected, sheathed glans is really just supposed to be softer and less rigid than the scarred and unnaturally roughened cut penis.

And then I realized how much better it felt: in my cut partners, the glans felt too hard, like it was ramming into my vagina. The intact glans feels like it gracefully melds with my internal shape, complementing it instead of assaulting it.

More than anything, I love the difference in responses between him and my other, cut partners. All I have to do is gently touch my tongue to his frenulum, and that evokes a huge shiver of pleasure, or lightly hook my finger under the foreskin to produce a powerful moan.

To me, sexual intimacy with this intact man has been a more sensitive, intense, intricate experience than with any of my uncut partners. They were all very skilled in bed... but the difference in sensation that they required is very noticeable. They needed more aggressive oral or manual stimulation to near or reach orgasm. I felt like a jackhammer.

With this partner, the slowest, most gentle strokes can produce incredible pleasure, since the natural nerve endings of the foreskin provide its own intense stimulation. I find it to be a beautiful experience, just watching and admiring how the foreskin acts for his pleasure.

And I realized more than anything that that piece of skin is his birthright. The pleasure that he receives from his foreskin belongs to him as much as his sense of taste and touch... and nobody, no doctor or parent in the world has the right to take that from him, or from any other male, unnecessarily.

Does all this mean that cut men are worse in bed? Not exactly. Cut men can most certainly be marvellous lovers. But no amount of sexual skill can replace the beauty and sensuality of that thin little sheath of skin... it operates outside of skill or awareness of the other lover's needs. It is its own "great in bed," independent of its owner. It caresses my vulva and vagina of its own accord.

Having experienced all this, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that should I have children, and should they be males, I will not circumcise them. If any of my friends have boys, I will do whatever I can to educate them. When I hear friends speaking derogatorily or jokingly about intact penises, I will speak up. I will learn more and spread that knowledge any way I can, in any appropriate venue.

It's not much, but it's a start.

I write this ranty post not to offend or insult cut men, either those who like being cut or those who loathe it. These are my experiences only, and represent what I alone have seen and felt and experienced... but I do stand by them.

I love my partner, but neither of us expect to be each other's "one and only." All I can say is that I hope that my future partners will be uncut... but on this continent, that's playing a losing game with statistics.

Hopefully, with better education and awareness, one day it will be a universally winning one. Hopefully someday more women and men will be able to experience the fluid, natural joys of an intact penis.

- Melissa in Manitoba, Canada
March 5, 2006

"'I had no idea they took off that much'"

I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful information on your website. Miraculously, since ending my relationship with the partner I wrote about in my first letter (my first intact partner), BOTH of my subsequent two partners were intact... and considering they are American, where circumcision rates for our generation were higher even than here in Canada, I feel incredibly lucky.

My current partner is the one I expect to spend the rest of my life with. Knowing that the chances of him being intact were somewhere under 10%, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the man I had fallen in love with was likely not going to be intact. And it was hard for me to accept.

Imagine my surprise and total delight (even joy) when we first became intimate. I reached down to hold his penis... and instantly noticed that beautiful, pleasing, intimate feeling of a foreskin in motion.

After we made love, I rolled over and said, "so... you're not cut?" He sort of mumbled, "oh, um, I don't think so." I started laughing -- "You don't THINK so?! You're not!" I was so thrilled that the love of my life also happened to have a beautifully intact and healthy penis, and I made that clear!

I think he was surprised -- he didn't know there were women like me out there, that actively love and prefer the natural penis to its mutilated counterpart. After that he started talking about it more openly... no more "um, I don't think so!"

Unsurprisingly, even as an intact man he hadn't been exposed to much information about the foreskin or the process of circumcision. Yesterday we again got on the topic. I showed him your site... including the photos of some of the many damages and complications wrought by circumcision... and we watched some videos linked on your site of circumcisions. He was horrified. "I had no idea they took off that much," he said, face screwed into a look of disgust.

So there's the point of this long letter -- even for those of us who are well versed in circumcision, your site still provides an incredibly valuable service in helping us educate even our intact lovers about how wonderful the natural penis is and how brutal circumcision can be. I hope as time goes on I can use your site to help educate my lover, and anyone else who crosses my path, even more.

Thank you so much.

- Melissa in Manitoba, Canada
September 27, 2007


I couldn't really connect to them


First I want to congratulate you on your site. I learnt a lot from it. Thumbs up for the side-by-side comparison!

I have some experience related to your subject; maybe you'll find it interesting:

Iím 28, female, from Slovenia (used to be the northernmost part of Yugoslavia and now it is a member of The European Union). Routine circumcision is absolutely unknown here. The procedure is only done for so-called medical reasons or out of religious tradition (we have a small Muslim minority and an even smaller Jewish one, though, as far as Iím informed, their members sometimes do not get circumcised at all if they are born in Slovenia).

Circumcision is not a norm anywhere in the EU and I used to take foreskins for granted.

However, I wasnít lucky enough to remain oblivious. I have had six partners and only four of them were intact. Of the two circumcised men, the first one was Jewish and born in the UK, and the second one was a local, unlucky enough to have had phimosis as a baby. As for the latter, I did not know he had the procedure done before we became intimate; if I had, I probably would not have had sex with him.

Now, the nasty thing here is how these two men sexually compared to the intact four. First of all, circumcision does make a difference in sexuality, at least from a womanís perspective. Both circumcised men obviously needed more friction to be satisfied - they both remarked my vagina lubricated a lot and they climaxed more easily when I used my hands on them. My other four partners were ecstatic over my natural responsiveness to stimulation. I don't used condoms as I prefer testing for STD and then praying the man wonít stray, so my partners do come in contact with my fluids and it is not very nice if they donít like it.

Moreover, the circumcised penises felt somewhat weird inside me; maybe it was due to their lack of movable skin. In addition, I admit Iím not so sure how to properly jerk off a man with no foreskin.

Now, oral sex on my two circumcised partners: their penises were somewhat rough and they did not lubricate at all. No fluid, no taste. Just like sucking on a dildo! And I needed to apply so much pressure that my jaw hurt afterwards. I was not happy with their lack of physical sensitivity. I broke off both relationships rather early after consummating them, in large part because I couldn't really connect to them sexually. I never told them this.

These days Iím preparing to get married to my (intact) man, so I most likely wonít have another sex partner in my life. However, if I do, he will not be circumcised.

I described my experience with circumcised men to my fiancť and he was not too sure circumcision had anything to do with my dissatisfaction with them. I showed him pictures of keratinisation on your site and he changed his mind. He was rather shocked actually, as he previously thought circumsition was harmless.

Thatís all. Thank you very much. Do continue your work. Best wishes,

- Eva in Ljubljana, Slovenia
January 14, 2006

[P.S.] I didn't mean to be so harsh on circumcised men, I realise it is not their own fault. It's just that they compare so poorly to the intact ones when it comes to intimacy. However, thanks to you, I know now that circumcision is partially reversible and if I eventually happen to end up with a man sporting a brutalised penis, I'll motivate him to restore/de-circumcise.

Again, I really appreciate your work. You taught me a lot (Europeans tend to be illiterate when it comes to genital mutilation - the whole concept is rather exotic to us). Now, do continue teaching the world that body parts are not to be routinely destroyed.




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