January 1, 2016 -

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From deeply disturbing to truly horrifying

Marvellous site. One can never cease to be astonished at the peculiar mixture of asinine stupidity and opportunistic deviousness systematically displayed by the proponents of male circumcision (I'm intact) in their war against the foreskin, the prosecution of which finds them resorting to increasingly sophisticated methods of deception. The videos of these wholly unnecessary surgical procedures on newborn babies and boys go from deeply disturbing to truly horrifying and collectively constitute important evidence of organized criminal behaviour. They also massively contradict circumcisers' ludicrous hype about "safe, quick, painless, efficient" slicing and cauterization, not to mention the sheer amount of bleeding that cutting into the penis necessarily incurs (the injection by circumcisers of anaesthetics into babies prior to circumcision is itself a sign and an admission that a violent assault is about to begin). The whole issue remains an extremely daunting puzzle where an influential bloc of American clinicians continue, with extraordinary tenacity, to justify the unjustifiable and religious hardliners worldwide continue to hide behind highly questionable holy writ and insidious mystical dogma.
All best wishes,

-John McHale  in England
September 28, 2020


Proud to be uncut!

I am a Canadian and I come from a British expatriate family, I live in Quebec and here the circumcision rate is very low, around 10%, so like 90% of Quebecers I am intact and very proud to be so. I am a homosexual man and my spouse is also intact. To be honest, I have never had sex or even seen a circumcised man in my life. My partner and I love having fun with our foreskins and it makes us happy. It's one of the many things a circumcised man can't do. My man has had a relationship with a cut man before and he didn't like it because the feeling is not the same. It's limited to oral sex and traditional penetration, but good sex is much more than that, which is why all men should be able to keep their foreskin. Parents, don't make this stupid decision to remove part of your child's anatomy. Those who say that an uncircumcised penis is dirty, repulsive are ignorant. Neither I nor my spouse have ever been told such a thing, or even anything negative about our foreskins, quite the contrary. If I'm erect, just seeing a circumcised penis in a picture makes me flaccid because it disgusts me. Long live the foreskin!

- Yan in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
September 22, 2018


If they want it or not

Why are you so anti circumcision? I simply love my circumcised penis! And I got my two sons done to. I experienced both. Till I was 25. And afterwards my sex life got way better. Not the feeling anymore I was going up and down in my own foreskin during intercourse. I got finally rid of that nasty wet penis head. And no dirty smell any more. And it looks a lot nicer. I'm 100% pro circumcision.


My both sons are very happy I made that choice for them. And those art pieces with a foreskin I think it looks disgusting! If it was up to me I would cut those nasty foreskins off. A perfectly bare penis head looks so much better. Then a nasty ugly foreskin. And it looks also looks so much better in my swimming breefs. You can see the outline of my head perfectly. And I think a circumcised penis looks a lot more manly. Then one with a foreskin. I think it looks ridiculous and childish. If it was up to me every guy in the world would get the snip done. If they want it or not. I totally can find my self in the ideas and theories from doctor Brian Morris.



- Robert in x
September 17, 2018


Hostile feedback

Every man should be Circumcised!!

Sent from my iPad

- Jkiser1436@aol.com
October 18, 2017


Iím not spectacular, just unmutilated

Your website has completely transformed my life.

Iím an almost-intact American man. An unfortunate trait runs in my familyís men where a tight foreskin traps urine and causes infections (which my father still regularly suffers from in his middle age), so I was partially circumcised at the age of 4. I still have an intact ridged band, and can stretch my foreskin to almost the tip when erect, so I count myself as basically uncircumcised even though my foreskin retracts to behind the corona most of the time. Since my father is a Hindu from India, circumcision is heavily stigmatized as something only Muslims do, and Iím ecstatic to have escaped the fate of eighty percent of my peers (I was born in the American Midwest, had recurring foreskin-caused infections, and am Jewish on my motherís side - this is pretty much a worst-case scenario for genital integrity, so Iím relieved my father was able to rescue me from ritual infant castration).

Women have always complimented me on the size and performance of my member, and I never questioned it until coming across your website. Now I realize that Iím not spectacular, just unmutilated. I used to feel intimidated by white American men... but since reading up on how much sexual function theyíve lost, I [no longer do]. My friendships have improved since I got over my fear of white men, and I canít wait to start sowing seeds of doubt in my female friendsí minds that their boyfriends might not be satisfying them the way they deserve.

Iíve been playing with my dick so much over the last few days, mentally crying happy tears at how much I have, and Iíve decided to purchase a ManHood device to hold my foreskin in place so I can feel what a more sensitive glans feels like.

Itís horrifying that I, a man who had a partial penile amputation for a medical condition, feel sexually superior to the vast, vast majority of the men in my country. Talk about the one-eyed man being king in the land of the blind! I canít stop staring and laughing at menís cocks in porn now. Turns out that big pink patch is a scar?! Holy crap!

I hope to use my new-found knowledge to ... providing [women] a superior sexual experience, and then convincing them to leave their future sons intact. You've given me a new purpose in life, and my days are suddenly so much happier. When white Americans say stupid shit, I just remind myself [of what they're missing] and suddenly all my resentment evaporates, replaced with condescending laughter.

You and your website have improved my life so much. ... Words cannot describe the gift youíve bestowed upon me.... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Dan in Northern California
June 19, 2015


How lucky I am

I live in Croatia; almost all boys here are left intact. (On many " Circumcision maps", my country is usually shown as "no data", unfortunately, but you can trust me - even some Muslims are left intact here.)

I discovered your website dedicated to intactivism, the genital integrity of all humans, in January 2013, but I decided today to write to you.

I am very Grateful to your work; these pages helped me a lot to understand how Lucky I am actually; I am Intact, but there was a possibility of Circumcision in my childhood; one good doctor spared me! smile- animated

- Krizanic Kovacic in Croatia
January 11, 2015

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