A Gallery of Circumcisions

6. Unevenness



This is the least serious kind of circumcision damage, since it has no additional effect on sexuality or health - beyond that caused by the circumcision itself. It poses a serious challenge though, to the claim that circumcision makes the penis look better, and the psychological damage may be immense.

Peter's mother was unsuccessfully coerced to have him cut when he was born. He grew up with a megaprepuce, but at 25 was diagnosed with phimosis (which is minor and could have been treated less severely). Seeing the outcome in 2021, a urologist was appalled and asked why on earth they had done that to him.

before and after cutting for "phimosis"
unevenness-JL-dorsal unevenness - JL     unevenness-JL   

The rest of these images were sourced from gay erotica.

Uneven 8


Uneven scar line Uneven 7
Pigmented skin shows up the wavy cut line. The first man has also had his frenulum completely excavated.
Uneven 6


Uneven 3


The uneven cut may not be responsible for the 30� bend to the side, but it couldn't have helped. Bent
This belongs to a gay porn "actor".


bent 2
Again, it can't be certain if this would have been straighter if it had been left intact - but the scar line suggests that it might.


Uneven 18


Uneven 19


Uneven 20


Uneven 21


Uneven 22


Uneven 4


Uneven 9

The glans seems
to be included
in the damage here.


Uneven 10


Uneven 5


Uneven 14


Uneven 17 More than half the exterior skin has been removed, well over 2/3 of the total.


Uneven 15


Uneven 13


Uneven 11-g31


Skin-bridges Skin-tags
Scarring Unevenness
skin removed
Varicose Veins Malapposition
Wound dehiscence
For further complications see
the list of Reasons Not To Circumcise
and the Complications page
which includes death.



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