A Gallery of Famous Intact Men

This gallery is particularly intended for young intact ("uncircumcised") men, who feel they are "different". Take heart! You can be very sure that you are the same as -


Michaelangelo's Adam
Adam (if he lived)...
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For a more scientific look at how ancient the foreskin is, see the Chronology


the Buddha

Buddhist scripture lists 32 signs of the true Buddha.
The tenth reads, "His privates are sheathed."
(Some translations say, "His male organ is fully retractable,"
or "well retracted".)

and Confucius, Lao Tsu
and all Eastern sages,including
Bahubali - head
Bahubali, son of the founder of the Jains
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Pharoah Ahmose II

Pharoah Ahmose II
hieroglyphic: ''Ahmose''

[This was established by X-ray of his mummy]
(and maybe more ancient Egyptians than people think)


detail from the painting by David

(and Plato, Euripedes, Sophocles and all the other famous Greeks, with he possible exception of Pythagoras, said to have had himself circumcised in order to study mathematics in Egypt. Aristophanes' comedies made fun of the Egyptians' penises.)


Julius Caesar

(and Brutus, Mark Anthony, Claudius, Ovid, Vergil and all the famous Romans. The emperor Hadrian outlawed circumcision on pain of death.)

Julius Caesar


Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
(and all the other famous conquerers)
He cut the Gordian Knot - but only that - with one blow of his sword.


St Nicholas
St Nicholas (Santa Claus)
and all Christian saints after about 100 CE


and all the other famous Renaissance artists

Sculpture by his pupil Daniele da Volterra

(For the status of his David)


Every King of England before Edward VII
and all other European kings*, good and bad.
The last Tsar of Russia, Nicolai,
and his son Aleksei are on record as being intact,
and of the living, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.
(Pictured - Henry VIII)

*including Louis XVI: in his article, Le phimosis de Louis XVI (1754-1793) aurait-il été a l'origine de ses difficultés sexuelles et de sa fecundité retardée? Prog Urol. 2002; 12(1):132-7, [the article in English] G. Androutsos demolishes the myth that Louis had to be circumcised before he could father children.


William Shakespeare
(and most of the other famous male writers)


James Cook
James Cook
and all the other famous explorers
(except perhaps Columbus)





(and all the other famous classical composers*)


*with the probable exception of Mendelssohn, whose father converted to Christianity after Felix was born.



George Gordon,
Lord Byron

While he was dressing, Baba, their black friend,
Hinted the vast advantages which they
Might probably attain both in the end,
If they would but pursue the proper way
Which fortune plainly seem'd to recommend;
And then he added, that he needs must say,
"'T would greatly tend to better their condition,
If they would condescend to circumcision.

"For his own part, he really should rejoice
To see them true believers, but no less
Would leave his proposition to their choice."
The other, thanking him for this excess
Of goodness, in thus leaving them a voice
In such a trifle, scarcely could express
"Sufficiently" (he said) "his approbation
Of all the customs of this polish'd nation.

"For his own share -- he saw but small objection
To so respectable an ancient rite;
And, after swallowing down a slight refection,
For which he own'd a present appetite,
He doubted not a few hours of reflection
Would reconcile him to the business quite."
"Will it?" said Juan, sharply: "Strike me dead,
But they as soon shall circumcise my head!

- Don Juan, Canto V, 69-71



George Washington,
all the Founding Fathers,
Abraham Lincoln,
and every US President
until the mid-20th Century.
(JFK was intact
until he was 21.)



Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
(and all famous scientists
to the end of the 19th Century)


Thomas Eakins (self-portrait)
Thomas Eakins
American artist
Walt Whitman (by Thomas Eakins)
Walt Whitman
American poet
"If anything is holy, the human body is holy"

As well as painting both their portraits,
Eakins had both himself and Whitman photographed in the nude. (NSFW)


In other words, most famous men outside the Middle East before the early 20th Century.

This page, which may seem strange to Europeans, arose from a remark by a US author that the composer Schumann was not circumcised, as though circumcision was routine in all other times and places. In a few cases there is indirect evidence. The artist Dürer left a nude self-portrait. Beethoven made a rude remark about giving a Jewish patron "a circumcised sonata" in return for his "circumcised ducats". But for the most part, the intactness of the above men is assumed by default. Where a famous man was circumcised it is usually a matter of record, as when explorer Sir Richard Burton had himself circumcised in order to pass as a Muslim when he intruded into Mecca.


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