A Gallery of Famous Intact Men 4

US sporting greats



Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle

A nude picture has appeared.


Joe Dimaggio Joe Dimaggio at the bat
Joe Dimaggio
"Joltin' Joe"

Associated Press photos
"When we got together in the bedroom, it was like the  gods
were fighting; there were thunderclouds and lightning.... Doc,
Marilyn [Monroe] told me that no man ever satisfied her like 
I did."
- Dinner with DiMaggio, by Rock Positano, his podiatrist


Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey
Joe Louis
Joe Louis


Chuck Connors


Richard Petty Richard Petty

   Cale Yarborough
Cale Yarborough

European racing drivers


Hank Aaron
All-time home run king
Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron hitting a home run


Ted Williams at the bat Ted Williams portrait
Ted Williams
Red Sox

Associated Press photos


Lee Smith at the bat Lee Smith

Lee Smith

'...Greg Maddux, ... as a rookie in Chicago,
was asked by a reporter what the most impressive thing
about his rookie season was. Maddux’s reply was
“the fact that Lee Smith was uncircumcised.”'
- Baseball Digest Daily


Joe Pepitone catching Joe Pepitone portrait
Joe Pepitone

“One day Joe Pepitone inserted a piece of popcorn under his foreskin
and went to the trainer claiming a new venereal disease.”
- Ball Four by Jim Bouton quoted by Kevin Frisch,
on GatesChiliPost.com, September 27, 2010


José Canseco
José Canseco

Cuban born,
(very few Cubans are circumcised)
nude pictures of him have been published.


Alex Rodriquez
Alex Rodriguez

Born in New York of Dominican parents,
nude pictures of him have been published.

Jake Arietta
Jake Arietta

- an intimidating selfie (NSFW) has been leaked


Joe Namath
Joe Namath


Andrew Andrew

Andrew "Fuzzy" Lavane

In fact, it can be argued that the genesis of the most beloved Knicks teams was a 1945 steamy shower scene in Rochester, when Les Harrison, owner and coach of the old Royals, couldn’t help but peek as a newly signed player lathered up.

“I thought you were Jewish,” he told the uncircumcised Levane, out of Brooklyn’s Madison High School and St. John’s University. “That’s why I signed you.”

“What are you talking about?” said Levane, whose given name was Andrew. “I’m Italian.”

New York Times, May 3. 2012


Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal


Jimmy Kimmell (2:20): This is your book and it's called, Shaq Uncut - is this about circumcision?

Shaq: Actually they didn't have big enough tools to circumcise me, they just - they just said -

Kimmell: That's probably true. (Quickly changes the subject.)

Robert ''Tractor'' Traylor
Robert "Tractor" Traylor


He looked at us and flashed a lopsided, toothy smile. And [th]en he did something strange: He took off his towel. He wasn't getting dressed or anything; he just took off his towel and let his large, uncircum[cis]ed penis hang there for all to see. He looked at us, as if to dare us to say anything, and, knowing full well we wouldn't, said, "Okay, whaddya got?"

- Will Leitch, God Save the Fan, quoted on The Realests, February 18, 2012

Jamal Murray
Jamal Murray
Denver Nuggets
- a girlfriend, Harper Hempel, has published an explicit video (NSFW)


Mickey Hargitay
Mickey (Miklós) Hargitay

"I saw a nude photo he did back in the fifties." - a correspondent

Quincy Taylor
Quincy Taylor

He appears in an amateur porn movie (NSFW).


Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger
The All-American American
Evan Bourne
Evan Bourne

- "My friend ... at a WWE (wrestling) event
... was ... in the locker room.
 ... there were a few wrestlers walking around naked.
... Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne are definitely intact
(which is awesome)." - a correspondent.


Oscar De La Hoya defeats Chavez, June 7 1996 Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar De La Hoya
"The Golden Boy"


Ricardo Moreira
Ricardo Moreira,
ultimate fighter

"A friend told me that she was intimate with him and that he is not cut."
- a correspondent
The Venezuelan footballer of the same name
is almost certainly intact too.


Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni
Martial arts fighter

- in the context of a groin injury,
showed it to this interviewer
who made a snide remark
in this YouTube video


Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen
Mixed martial arts

"I'm a groupie chick. ... Chael Sonnen the fighter [is] uncut."
- a correspondent

Jason ''Mayhem'' Miller
Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Mixed Martial arts

" Last week he worked out in a gym in Houston that I go to
and then hit the showers after. Wasn't expecting that!"
- a correspondent

Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy
Olympic skiier
English-born, he said he was "uncut" in this interview
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
A nude selfie (NSFW) has appeared

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