A Gallery of Very-Probably-Intact Men

This page is aimed at people who may imagine that all the men they see are circumcised. It is not certain that the men shown are intact, but because of the times, places and circumstances of their births, the probability is very high that they are.


Duke of EdinburghDalai LamaMahatma GandhiBenedict XVIPope Francis


Yuri Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington

Born in rural England in 1976

Russian Santa
Russian Santa


Einstein"The fact that Albert, born in Ulm on March 14, 1879, was, contrary to Jewish tradition, not given the name of his grandfather, shows that his parents were not dogmatic in matters of religion. Although they never renounced their Jewish heritage, they did not observe traditional rites or dietary laws and never attended religious service at the synagogue. Hermann Einstein regarded Jewish rituals as relics of an ancient superstition and "was proud that Jewish rites were not practiced in his home," as Albert's son-in-law Rudolf Kayser ["Anton Reiser"] wrote in his biography of Einstein.

- Max Jammer Einstein and Religion:
Physics and Theology


Swedish tabletennis champ
Ulf 'Tickan' Carlsson of Sweden,
European tabletennis champion, 1996


Danish gymnasts
Danish gymnasts


Scotting Rugby League team


Gondolier Italian Men's epee team
Italian epée team af the Sydney Olympics
Kristian Ghedina, ski champFlorentine fashion modelFlorentine fashion model
Kristian Ghedina,
skiing champion
Fashion models, Florence


George Best - portrait George Best - kicking
George Best
Bosnian and Italian soccer playersBrazilian soccer players
Bosnian striker Elvir Balic
and Italian Fabio Cannavaro
River Plate's defender Diego Placente
and Brazilian forward Vagner in Buenos Aires.


Matador 1

Spanish matador 2


Zulu warrior
Zulu (prior to 2010)


Adriano Moraes, champion bullrider
Adriano Moraes,
champion bullrider, Brazil

A reader comments: "The same patriarchal society that thinks it is okay to mutilate the genitals of girls and boys is the same patriarchy that oppresses non human animals." These pages do not endorse rodeo or bullfighting.

Gauchos, Brazil


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