A Comparison of Intact and Circumcised Penises


The following images are for the benefit of US women and others who have never seen an intact penis erect. (Because they were made for erotic purposes, they show penises that are rather bigger than average.)

An intact penis does not have to be erect for the foreskin to retract and stay retracted:

flaccid, retracted


flaccid, circumcised
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On erection, the foreskin does not always retract completely by itself. It can usually (but not always) be passively retracted the rest of the way.

Intact penis erect, foreskin partly retracted Intact penis erect, foreskin partly retracted 2

It is commonly said that circumcised and intact penises look just the same when erect.

Anyone would think this penis was circumcised...
erect 8bClick on the thumbnails
to see larger images.
erect 8b
...if its owner didn't hold the skin
forward as well as back.

Even without that clue, there are several visible differences:

The intact foreskin commonly falls into folds behind the glans, exposing the ridged band, which joins the glans at the frenulum...
intact frenulum

intact frenulum

intact frenulum
...while circumcision removes the folds to a greater or lesser extent. It always removes most of the ridged band ...
frenulum left

frenulum left

frenulum left

... and may remove ridged band, frenulum and all.
intact frenulum

intact frenulum and ridged band
frenulum ablated

frenulum ablated

Circumcision with a PlastibellTM may add a dark ring, where the skin went necrotic (dead):

Intact penis showing ridged band Circumcised penis showing Plastibell ring scar

The intact glans is glossier and more purple,
Intact penis with glossy purple glans

Intact glans
not having been keratinised by exposure.
Circumcised penis with matt pinkish glans

Circumcised glans

Covered, the glans remains soft.
Covered glans
The exposed glans becomes dry and rough.
Exposed, dry, rough glans
The line of this circumcision is also uneven.
intact, glans coveredcircumcised, dried glans
Circumcision reportedly shortens the penis -
but not this much.

Circumcision disrupts the outer blood vessels of the shaft:

Intact penis showing veinsCircumcised penis showing blocked veins

- and inevitably removes all the veins of the foreskin itself:

veins of the foreskin
Not just "a flap of skin"!



Thanks to VD in Paris who has sent these four pictures of his intact penis "average in both size and shape" for comparison. (Click on each thumbnail to see an enlargement.)

Flaccid penis, foreskin forward Flaccid penis, foreskin forward
(235 Kb
Erect penis, foreskin forward Erect penis, foreskin forward


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