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A pretentious name for some audio, artwork, and animation in the cause of abolishing involuntary (male) genital modification.

  Dripping ''C''ircumcision:   26'' countdown clock
The figure is of course an average: the National Center for Health Statitics gives a figure of 1,204,000 circumcisions in the US in 1996, an average of one every 26.21 seconds.
If your browser supports background sounds, the "Circ-dirge" you can hear has a similar message. Otherwise you can hear it once by clicking here. Deaf click here here for the text.

This logo, originating here, was used on the steps of the Capitol, Washington DC, during Genital Integrity Week, 2001. The full-sized image (twice this diameter, 6kb .gif) would be dramatic on a baby's singlet.

' IRCUMCISION' in a red 'NO-' circle, 'C' lying under, both bleeding

And the same in Swedish:

' MSKÄRELSE' inne i röd Ø
Större / Bigger

Cafepress.com advise that products bearing this image may not be sold in the Intactivism Shop:

So it is now freely available for printing not-for-profit on T-shirts etc., dark-coloured backgrounds, badges/magnets and bumperstickers.


Here is a soundfile with some common sense on circumcision - from an apple tree in Munchkinland! (63KB .wav file. Deaf: Here is the text.) And here is some, more direct, from South Park. (A 38 KB .wav file. Its text)

A New Zealander celebrates being intact in a television documentary, "The Naked Penis" (103KB) (text).

One of the commonest "reasons":

Son looks like father with eyepatch, hook, wooden leg

You can go from here to see an animated postcard illustrating the size of the foreskin (and a static one illustrating its innervation), or an animated graphic illustrating the ineffectiveness of circumcision at preventing Urinary Tract Infections, or a static one illustrating its ineffectiveness at preventing penile cancer.

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Text of the soundfile from a New Zealand documentary:

"I'm just real glad I've got a foreskin, eh. It's a primo little thing."