Circumcision in Law



1. Settlement for brain damage in Alaska
2. Settlement for botch in Western Australia
3. Investigation of death in Sweden
4. Landmark article: Legality of circumcision doubted in a legal journal
5. Landmark case: suit for uninformed consent in North Dakota
   More recent items about this case
6. Suit for lack of consent to circumcision during heart operation in Louisiana
7. Prosecution for inadequate consent in Sweden
8. Sexual discrimination in US Law on Female Genital Mutilation
9. Recommendation for an eventual ban in Sweden
10. Settlement for circumcision contrary to parents' expressed wishes in Texas.
11. Article argues circumcision is contrary to Canadian law.
12. A book on ethics argues doctors may be guilty of malpractice even for "properly" performed circumcisions.
13. Landmark case: suit against a "successful", parentally-consented infant circumcision.
14. "He doesn't need this procedure"
15. A judge rules against circumcision in a landmark British case. (in re J)
16. Parents settle out of court - New Jersey boy will stay intact.
17. Funding applied for in Canada for a court challenge to extend Charter protection against genital mutilation to males.
18. $1.4 million settlement for botched circumcision: legal summary * news story
19. Man gaoled for circumcision of son
20. Circumcision regulated in Sweden.
21. $80,000 settlement for circumcision without (parental) consent.
22. $725,000 settlement for removing tip of the glans.
23. French law would outlaw circumcision.
24. $1.5M settlement when penis lacerated (more than usually), clamp blamed.
25. Use of Federal Funds for Medicaid Non-Therapeutic Circumcision is Unlawful - Letter to Pediatrics
26. A Canadian lawyer reviews the law of Canada as it applies to the circumcision of male children.
27. Offsite: a class action at SueEasy.com
28. German jurist declares circumcision "injury"
29. Judge's ruling that a boy may refuse to be circumcised at 14
30. Genital Mutilation Bill in Massachusetts
31. Federal law to derestrict circumcision across the USA. (lapsed)
32. Lawyers specialising in circumcision cases
33. Landmark talk: Infant male genital cutting is already illegal
34. Germany - from ethical/legal to political
35. Circumcision is unethical and unlawful - in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
36. A judge rules against circumcision in a landmark British case. (in re  B & G)
37. A judge rules against circumcision in a landmark British case. (in re L & B)

38. A law professor, a lawyer and a doctor rebut Brian Morris, argue infant genital cutting is unethical and  illegal.
39. Infant male genital cutting is fraudulent (Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy)

40. AAP sued for fraud (Lavine v AAP, 2021)

41. Judge rules 21-month old may not be cut now, may choose later

The law and other body modifications: piercing, docking dogs' tails, FGM, hair-cutting, castration, organ theft.



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