If you can't spell it...

Russell Crowe: ''If you can't spell it, don't do it.''

- Russell Crowe on Twitter, June 9, 2011 quoted in the Daily Mail, June 19, 2011


"Circumcise" is derived from the Latin word meaning "to cut". It is nothing to do with sizing, nor with the "-ize" that means "to cause to become". The spelling with "-cis-" is as mandatory as in "incised", "incisive" and "incision", "decisive" and "decision", "concise", "precise" etc.

It might seem picky to pillory people who misspell "circumcise", but when someone says they've "done their research" without having picked up the spelling, something is wrong, as Russell Crowe pointed out.


For example:



Those are the commonest. 

Hereafter, alphabetical:




spell - (curcumsized), cercumaizion

''cercumsized ... cecumsized'

spelling - "cercomzied"






spelli - ''circmcision's ''

spelling - circucizion

spell - circumcisim



(The only correct spellings, circumcise, circumcised, circumcising, circumcision, go here.)

spell - circumcisezed





''circumed sized'

spell - circumferenced




''circumed sized'
spelling ''CIRCUMCSICED''



spell-circumsied, again


spell - circumsiscin





spelling: ''circumssion''


And of course...


spell - circumzied






spell ''corcumcized''


spellin curcumcisied
spell ''curcumcisized''






spell- surcumsis
(66 different misspellings)



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