Condoms and the Intact Man

Until recently, condom design took no notice of the fact that the normal penis has a moving part. They were - and many still are - designed as if a penis were the shape of a broom-handle. Shaped condoms such as Durex Conture are an improvement, but still only take into account the flare of the glans. Now Ansell has designed a condom that seems to be intended to allow for the movement of the foreskin, the Easy-fit.

 Ansell Easy-fit condomNature imitates art ...
Rocketship X-M cover
(A B-movie of 1950)

All Ansell regular condoms are Easy-fit.

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation gives away sample condoms with instructions that include:


P L A C E   T H E   condom on the head of your hard cock and squeeze any air out of the tip.
  • I F   Y O U   are circumcised (cut), roll the condom all the way down to the base of your cock.
  • I F   Y O U   have a short or medium length foreskin, pull it back before rolling the condom on.
  • I F   Y O U   have a long foreskin (and the skin covers most of your cock-head when you're hard) you need to leave your foreskin forward, or the condom could slide off when your foreskin slides back into place.

(Men born in New Zealand after about 1970 are more likely to be intact than circumcised.)

The NZ AIDS Foundation has uploaded a video aimed at gay men (NSFW) of a live demonstration of how to put a condom on (an intact penis).

At British gay venues, freedoms.org.uk gives away free condoms, whose instructions include "Pull back foreskin" on the assumption that users will have one.

A drop of lubricant on the tip of the glans before unrolling the condom, and leaving plenty of overhang, enable the foreskin to move normally in intercourse. This makes it a moot point where the foreskin should be placed when rolling the condom on.


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