Circumcision Wound Tearing - One Man's Story

The first time I had a "real" erection (night), after what I gather must have been a growth spurt, I had copious bleeding from my frenulum. This happened during a wet dream -- the first one I remember --- it was burned in, so to say. Things were very, very pleasant and then it was like hell had happened to my penis.

I was one of those lucky to have most of the frenulum or remnant thereof left but my cirk was so tight that I woke in pain and bleeding from the tear. I thought I had ruined myself. It was a really frightening thing for me. (It wasn't until I was about four years older that I remember having nocturnal erections or wet dreams.)

I was so embarassed that I had hidden my underwear and not said anything in front of my Mom. My Dad was intact and had no idea what had happened. He took me to the Dr.

The doctor treated it rather nonchalantly [Because he often treated such cases?] and gave me some salve and instructions. I did not know for years that this was not usual for other guys. I never knew that this was not something that happened to every cirked boy.
[And who knows how many it does happen to? Who's counting?]

Jane Fonda told Jay Leno that Richard Branson had told her the stitches from his circumcision broke while he was watching her in Barbarella, indicating (not only that she was very sexy in 1968 but) that it was too tight.

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