Penis Day

1. Hounen Matsuri (Japan)

[2. National Penis Day (New Zealand)]

Hounen Matsuri - Penis day
People of the town of Komaki, about 250 miles south of Tokyo, celebrate a fertility festival called Hounen Matsuri each year on March 15. The mile-long processional route to the shinto shrine of Tagata Jinja echoes with the sounds of bamboo flutes and the chant, "Hoh-sho, hoh-sho!" of men carrying this giant, erect and obviously intact penis. It was carved from a single cypress tree trunk by a 90-year-old man, and is is offered at the shrine as a symbolic prayer for hounen, a fruitful year of abundant harvests and growth for all living things.

- from The Penis Book

The wooden penis can be identified as intact from the two ridges of unfolded foreskin behind the corona glandis.


2. National Penis Day (New Zealand)

National Penis Day was celebrated in September 2002 and 2003 as a promotion of safe sex awareness by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. The Foundation itself got in trouble in 2002 with a signboard showing men's torsos with visible penises.

NZ Penis Day billboard 2002

The biggest event was a promotion by a Christchurch radio station that gathered a number of men - and a much larger number of observers - in Cathedral Square.

National Penis Day NZ, 2002 National Penis Day NZ, 2002 National Penis Day NZ, 2002 National Penis Day NZ, 2002
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Clearly, most young New Zealand men are not circumcised.

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