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This article is a mass of misinformation, apparently written by someone very unfamiliar with the intact penis. Additional emphasis and comments are in red.

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Army Medical Center

Hygiene and the Uncircumcised Boy
by CPT Niel A. Johnson, MD

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What is a circumcision?

The circumcision is a minor procedure done to remove the excess foreskin from the penis. [Absolutely wrong. Circumcision is not minor. The foreskin removed is not "excess".]

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Does everybody get circumcised?

Although the general opinion of the medical community favors the practice of circumcising newborn males, [Wrong, no medical organisation in the world favours routine infant circumcision.] not everyone has it done. [Only in the US, Israel and some Polynesian countries are even a majority of babies circumcised.] Circumcision safely [if he's lucky] removes that small portion of the foreskin [Absolutely wrong, it removes all the foreskin] which has a tendency to become infected during childhood, thus minimizing that risk. [No part of the foreskin "has a tendency to become infected" any more than any other part of the body.] It is also believed [wrongly] that circumcision reduces the risk for penile cancer later in life, as well as reduces the risk of cervical cancer in their female partners later on, too. [Again, this is wrong.]

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What are the symptoms of an infected foreskin?

  • painful tip of the penis
  • redness [Some redness can be perfrectly normal. This man is scaremongering.]
  • swelling [Swelling need not be a symptom of infection.]

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What causes infections of the foreskin?

Bacteria trapped in the folds of the excess skin of the foreskin are allowed to multiply and lead to infection. [Just as it can if bacteria trapped in the "excess" folds of the labia can lead to infection.] Improper hygiene is a risk for this infection.

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Will my baby suffer if he is not circumcised?

No. [Of course not! Most of the world's men today, and even more in the past, have gone through life intact and without any problems.] Other than increasing his chances of infection and not benefiting from the other benefits of circumcision, there is no significant risk by being an uncircumcised male. [The proposition that the foreskin may be beneficial is not considered here. There is no mention of its functions, erogenous and protective, and none of his right to ownership of his body.] Cleanliness of the baby's penis is possible in uncircumcised males too. It just takes a little more patience and practice. [Not even that.] The foreskin will naturally fold back by the time he is an adult, thus reducing that space for infection. [This makes no sense. The author apparently does not understand that the normal infant foreskin is attached to the glans, making infection there unlikely, or that the adult foreskin usually stays forward.]

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What is the treatment for foreskin infections?

Treating foreskin infections involves cleaning the area thoroughly (see below) and possibly using antibiotics. Fortunately, these infections are usually minor and easy to handle. [Give him credit for not making circumcision the first and last line of defence.]

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How do I care for the baby's uncircumcised penis?

Gently fold back the foreskin when bathing your baby. [ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is a recipe for disaster.] Use a gentle soap and plenty of warm water to rinse off the lather. Carefully wash out any creamy-white debris that appears tucked inside the folds of the foreskin. [This is appropriate treatment after the foreskin has separated by itself from the glans, NOT for a baby.]

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For what reasons should I follow-up, call the clinic, etc.?

If you notice any signs of infection, such as those listed above, you should call for an appointment or stop by for an evaluation. If you wish to have your baby circumcised, you should also make plans to come in and discuss it with your doctor.

[What an extraordinary throwaway line! This is the kind of thing that perpetuates circumcision in the absence of any medical need or rational reason. How did humanity survive for millions of years if the foreskin is so dangerous?]

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This patient information handout is produced by the Community Medicine Service, which is under the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, Georgia. Information is current and correct [Rubbish!] at the time of the last revision. This information is not intended to replace an evaluation by a competent medical provider, but rather to supplement the treatment plan outlined by the patient's health care provider. Moreover, much of the information is intended to be of a general nature and it cannot be assumed that such information will necessarily apply to specific individuals. Opinions and facts do not necessarily reflect that of the United States Government or its subordinate agencies. [Thank God for that!] Questions, comments and corrections should be forwarded to:

Patient Information Sheet Editor
Community Medicine Service, SHC #4
22nd and Barnes Avenue
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[They have been, they have been.]
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