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January 17, 2017ZIMBABWE: Youth tries to cut off his own foreskin after being teased
January 11, 2017CHILE: Officials oppose 'normalisation' surgery of intersex children
December 27, 2016MALAYSIA: Boy loses penis-head in botched medical cutting
December 25, 2016KENYA: Boy faces loss of his penis after botched medical cutting
December 15, 2016KENYA: Knife-rapists go door-to-door 
December 7, 2016 EASTERN CAPE: 9 male genital cutting deaths so far this season
December 5, 2016 JAKARTA: Why female genital cutting is so common in Indonesia
December 5, 2016 COPENHAGEN: Danish doctors come out against infant male genital cutting
November 30, 2016 KENYA, UGANDA: Men regret being cut, denounce campaign
November 29, 2016 ISRAEL: Racist mohel sends novices to practice cutting on Ethopians
November 24, 2016 GEORGIA:  Government may make [female?] genital cutting criminal
November 22, 2016 LONDON: 2 doctors face FGC charges over consented "designer vagina" ops
November 22, 2016 PLEASANTON, CA: Publisher won't retract Morris male-cutting  article, editor resigns
October 21, 2016 ISRAEL: Father fails to protect son from genital cutting
October 20, 2016 BOTSWANA: Men refusing genital cutting
October  18, 2016 ISRAEL: Father rescues son from genital cutting

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