A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 7



AthleteAthlete's penis
Rugby player
Sean Lamont has
an average foreskin...
Sean Lamont half-coveredSean Lamont's half-covered
...with a small
Athlete from aboveAthlete's penis from above
...on an abundant penis.


Man with driftwood   Man with driftwood's penis
The vein looping around the surface of this man's penis
takes no notice of any distinction
between "foreskin" and other skin.
It is only circumcision that has created that distinction.


Blond on beach
Blond on beach's penis This man's foreskin is shorter than average.


Man in front of Jackson Pollock   Man in front of Jackson Pollock's penis
This is at least average.


Man with tangled hair in waterMan in water's penis

Not "redundant", abundant - more than average.



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